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Shall I also do an ?
I’m a . A very handsome one, you’ll agree. I’m 10, male, a bit grumpy, but also the Best Cat in the World. I live with one human and one other cat (both female) in tiny Luxembourg. My life is pretty good!

Miaow! Have reactivated this profile, as well as my human one @clarissawam. Awaiting the demise of Twitter...

This little creature, for instance. How is this perfect cat-shaped being in MY HOME? I dunno.

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(breaking character)
Do you have any idea how much I love my cats? How are they so perfect! So so very perfect. (purrfect, I know)

Little paw sticking through a window. This isn’t me, it’s Squish. She spent 3 hours stuck in a tree after an evil dog chased her. Now she has no claws left on her hind paws at all. She’s also pretty traumatised. Poor Squish. Stupid dog.

Some nights I sleep in the lounge.
Some nights the human comes & gets me to sleep in her bed.
And some nights I impatiently wait for the human to get ready so I can jump in bed with her.
(Tonight is one of the latter 😻)

Sometimes I feel like this whole house belongs to me.

This thing lives with us, too. I wish she didn’t tbh. But the human loves her. 🙄

what are cats?
[is kneaded by a smol one]
we just don't know

I’m like a floppy sack when my human comes to take me to bed with her. Usually I’m like “lemme go”, but I know when it’s bed time. Like a half asleep toddler. 😸

Cat art! 

My human has a lot of cat-related art. Here’s some of it.
She also liked rainbows, would you believe it! 😸🌈

Mastodon: The most advanced cat sharing protocol on the internet

For those of you who like my typewriter posts, please follow @clarissawam on 😁

For those who hated them, rejoice! They are now on! 😆

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