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donation begging stuff for gf again again
luna needs help again
she's good people and

i'm sorry if it feels like im just a broken record over this but she seriously does need help getting food and stuff and i dont have enough money to support her and me both

have 7 mystery video game boxes coming in the mail from a friend, drop a favorite or whatever if y'all would like to see an unboxing and rundown and stuff once theyre all here

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hey uh remember last time i posted about luna
she's having trouble with food again due to assumptions that she'd have a temporary source of food to help out along with the money
she did not
i hate begging people for money because i dont have enough to spare but uh ;_;

please help her
even boosting or etc is help


*Sarkeesian Effect Joke* 

@b we should totally share that one game idea we have with the fediverse sometime low-key

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retoot if you love smashing capitalism, and being a bit gay

I'm getting Movie Theater Popcorn cramps again, however.

An old joke around my circle of friends was something like, "Luna doesn't like film. It gives her cramps."

I'm quite fond of that.

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Went to see Get Out, it was a pretty excellent symbolic account of modern racism, amongst other things.

Oh, and there was Cherry Vanilla Mr. Pibb in the fountain machine.

so big ups.

Developing for the DC sounds like hell.

CW for Politics 

Dad's finally turning on Trump. This guy's done.

"help," she shouted from the blankness of her mind, "help me!" Of course, nobody was there.


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