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Ich würde gerne in #Berlin eine Art Aussenstelle von @computertruhe betreiben. Wer von euch Lust hat mit zumachen meldet sich bitte bei mit unter oder hier. Ich würde ab jetzt ca. 1-2 Wochen warten und wenn genug sich Gemeldet haben ein Treffen Organisieren.

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The only part that is surprising about Stallman's resignation is why he was tolerated for such a long time.

People have been bringing this up for years and privileged people chose not to listen.

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I'm moving to Greece in a few months so I'm going to try and ultralearn Greek. As a first step I've created a little tool to help me learn the alphabet. Meet Foni:

Also, submitted my game on time. Curious to see how well it will do

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Apparently, the TLS certificate Deutsche Bahn used internally for their hotspot portal on their trains has expired.. and they’re unable to update it remotely, because the certificate for their maintenance portal has also expired 🙈

Rumor has it the “updated” certificate chain will have to be installed manually.. in every train. All of them.

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I am glad people are talking about the rms stuff over here and not just on twitter. I hope we an all have a more nuanced discussion about the future of something that is very important not just for the fediverse but for the future of our civilization. By that I mean the health of the “free culture” movement. Having someone as careless with their words as rms is seems to be counter to that. Regardless of their place in history and what they have achieved.

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wired: no gods
inspired: no masters
compiled: no celebrities in floss

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Menstruation apps have asked their users when they have sex, about their contraception methods, their mood, their health history, their lifestyle, their habits… And they shared it with Facebook.
Today we shed light on their data sharing practice.


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Adäquate Reaktion auf die absolut bescheuerten Kampagnen der Bundeswehr 🙄

TIL a lot about clip-path and that has a very nice clip-path editor built in

I call Musical Monday, starting with Cabaret and "Money makes the world go round"

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"On this day in 2002, Kelly Rowland texted Nelly via Microsoft Excel and got mad bc he didn't text her back."

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behind every proud dignified woman is another proud dignified woman chanting dooo it dooo it doooo it

Anyone remember that scene from FF7 where an Avalanche member (and I can't remember who) screams "The planet's dying, Cloud!" Feels very relevant and I think I want a sticker of that

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Open Call for contributions

Eclectic Tech Carnival 2019

8 - 13 October in Athens, Greece

Halt and Catch Fire

/ETC is a gathering of feminists, who critically use/study/share/improve everyday information technologies in the context of the free software and open hardware movements.

We strongly believe that an empowering event is one in which everyone actively contributes to its realization. For this reason, we would love to receive plenty of suggestions for activities, presentations, workshops etcetera.

We invite you, women and FNTI persons (females, non-binaries, trans, intersexuals) to kindly submit your proposal by Monday, 2 September 2019, at whatever time zone is comfortable for you.

Please send an email to this address:

Looking forward to seeing you in Athens!

More information for the open call:

Also, I think I have a fun idea for a game for and the challenge will really be staying under 13kb this time

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hey y'all remember when I encoded the hit film Hackers (1995) in 8M? and how it was entirely unrecognizable, low resolution, low framerate, and had no audio?

well, since then, Mastodon has upped its media limit to 40M

so, I present to you: Hackers (1995) in 40M, with sound, at 24FPS and full resolution! encoded with state-of-the-art tools and codecs for your viewing pleasure

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