At an event about digitalization and democracy: opening speaker holds up paper sheets with graphs to the audience in front of several huge, unused screens

My room mate got me an Alan Turing graphic novel.
"It's about computers and gay stuff. I hope you like it."
I sure do!

hackday: coding and working on a new playlist to listen to while coding 🎧

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If you live in Germany, and you ride a bicycle at all, it would help if you could spare 10 minutes to answer this survey (available in DE/EN):

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So Leute: wir haben an der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin drei EntwicklerInnenstellen zu besetzten. Drei Jahre, E13, Schwerpunkt: machine learning. Bitte Bewerben, Weiterleiten und oder Boosten!

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dank-selfhosted: playbook for self-hosting your own email, web hosting, XMPP chat, and DNS records using OpenBSD

– automated solution for hosting email, web, DNS, XMPP, and ZNC on OpenBSD

#openbsd #xmpp #dns #email #webhosting #selfhosting #privacy

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"A surprisinging amount of biographists don't seem to have noticed that manipulating objects is a hobby, whereas manipulating people is a character flaw." – From a wonderful talk "Richard Feynman. Dick.", as held by Scary Boots (aka Schrodingers Kitten) at EMF Camp this year.

They also have the absolutely best intro slide. Watch it here:

It is and I didn't realize 🙈 and two days is not enough time to make something now ... womp womp

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Wer noch beim Übersetzen helfen möchte (Englisch - Deutsch) bei #Funkwhale ist Deutsch bei ca. 78%. Ist also nicht mehr viel.

#FreieSoftware #Übersetzen

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#Google has dropped plans to open a large campus in a trendy district of #Berlin that were strongly opposed by local campaigners.

n September activists occupied the building it was to be located in for several hours.

They also put up stickers in the area with slogans such as "Goodbye Google" and "Google is not a good neighbour".

Some were against what they said were Google's "evil" practices, such as tax evasion and the unethical use of personal data.


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Stream verpasst? Die Präsentationen von gestern und die Lightning Talks vom Samstag sammeln sich bereits nach und nach hier: #jugendhackt

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Someone on G+ shared this:

It's kind of the or of the Fediverse, from what I can tell, but maybe a bit more informative.

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Exciting talk at #RadNets18 this morning:
"Decentralization and its Discontents"

@isthisanart_ asking what decentralization even is, whether (and in which aspects) we want it, and what the limitations are.
Extremely relevant to my part of Networking as well :)

Ich habe Workshopmaterial zum Thema Passwörter und Smartphones für das Festival zuammen gestellt. Viel Spaß damit!

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MACHT.CODE - das inhaltliche Programm bei #jugendhackt Berlin! Mit u.a. Aram Bartholl, Julia Reda, @mspro, Fiona Krakenbürger uvm.

Große Vorfreude!

I wonder if YouTube will release a most portem of sorts? I'm very curious to know what brought it down

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Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets except it's Twitter execs reading tweets Twitter claimed didn't violate Twitter standards, to their moms

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