Hmm... I wonder if I'll get any more traction here than I have on that other microblogging site...

I've been thinking for some time that I'd like to create a worker-owned co-op, doing open source hardware and free (libre) software products.......... and lots of other stuff, with a mind towards taking over the world and bringing the communist revolution.

Anyone interested in collaborating? My thoughts are bigger than my abilities.... alone. ;)

Personal struggles with mental health and housing insecurity 

Depression is bad, and I've been asked to leave my current housing situation by December 15th. I'd like to buy a house... If I can find something reasonable for low-mid 5 digits. Is that a thing?

I don't know, because the prospect of searching is seriously challenging for me given my particular patterns of trauma history, plus just plain old depression, adhd, etc. So... I'd love it if I could find someone willing to help me navigate everything. Anyone know someone they could send my way? Or want to do that sort of thing yourself? Willing to pay for labor, and/or a finders fee for either a helper or a house.

Potentially open to communal housing options as well... I like living that way... but stability is very high on my list right now, so a place I can buy probably feels safer. But... happy to explore options if they're sufficiently in line with my ideals.

Well, I'm not yet hooked on mastadon, not that that's surprising. But here I am checking in on it again. :)

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In commemoration of the second hundred kilodeaths from COVID-19 in the US (which is either happening soon or possibly has already happened, depending on your source), here is a revised & snappier version of everyone*'s novelty favorite, "Mister Virus"!

* @Harena and about 3 other people


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