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so, Mango Languages is a premium language app that offers a number of endangered languages for free:

* Chaldean Aramaic
* Cherokee
* Dzongkha
* Hawaiian
* Irish
* Potawatomi
* Scottish Gaelic
* Tuvan
* Yiddish

the fact that there are servers handling tons of confidential data built in a language that thinks [1] + [1] is "11" & [1] - [1] is 0 is horrifying

My daily routine:

9 am: wake up
9:30 am - 12:30 am: bruh moment
12:30 am: pass out on the floor

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There is no trans terminology that will ever be unproblematic and timeless because every new generation brings internalized transphobia that associates to the terminology they learnt in regards to trans people before coming out.

Hey: Depending on where you live, people on public assistance are going to get their money tomorrow, through about the sixth.

Please postpone your own shopping trips if you can.

(In hindsight I should've posted this like 3 days ago saying "get your shopping done now.)

In our state they do rolling distribution so we don't have this issue, but I know other states are different.

oh, so i'm supposed to 'separate the art from the artist' yet when i do just that, that's apparently burglary? where's the logic

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