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initially I was going to tag this misinfo but apparently this is actually true Show more

so, yesterday, i put together a list of nazi instances i had blocked. that post has been boosted over 60 times. that's cool, i'm glad i did something useful.

but i can't do that kind of thing if i can't eat. my post about needing money for food has been boosted ten times.

if you appreciate and value the work i put into notifying everyone about where the fash are and you have some money to spare, please pay me.

if you can't give, please always boost.

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"time to go to work!" *pause buffers for 20 minutes and shoots straight into the sky at 800000 mph*

pausing repeatedly to clip right through my bed and get sent right to the end credits

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before word scientists invented "bad to the bone" people had to say "my skeleton loves doing crimes"

When you are rotating a cowboy in three-dimensional space, you have to account for Yee, Pitch, and Haw

The world: 🔥
Me: I just wanna make level 69 real quick. *Then* I'll go save the world. I promise!

have you ever wondered why the levitating businessman levitates? why, it's to catch the flying money 💸🕴️

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ive been riding public transit in this city for the better part of a decade now. union station downtown used to be a ghost town. now it is packed 24/7. why? because the city has massively developed its transit infrastructure.

this is a perfect illustration of the fact that when it comes to infrastructure, demand follows supply. if something is useful, people will use it more. a lack of people using public transit isnt an argument for not investing in it - its an argument for investing more

dude i don't give a flying fuck. i don't give a running shit. i don't give a rolling piss

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