"i am back on my bullshit" i announce, as though i ever stopped being on my bullshit

uspol, cummings 

crow comic 

Spain Politics Catchup 

What do you get if you replace your teeth with avocadoes? 

Those of us who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it, but the logistical problem is that there's just too much history to learn it all before we start doing things. Things need to stop happening for awhile so everyone can get caught up. Can we just take like a 10-year break from events?

my clumsy fingers informed me that post is an anagram of stop

money (-), help needed 

re: foss, systemd, contempt, uncaptioned video 

foss, systemd, contempt, uncaptioned video 

ableist public transport 

ableist public transport 

rhetorical question, labour exploitation, racism 

lennart poettering, foss bad-isms 

lennart poettering, foss bad-isms 

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