ideally i'd follow this up with the Return2Glory mix of Soil & Eclipse's "Exile", but i can't find it anywhere but spotify... and the web player doesn't work on chromium - no widevine :-(

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uh oh. is being sullen and uncooperative and has sent itself to coventry :-(

please every store should do this


There is a fellow introvert on the Sephora customer experience team who deserves A RAISE RIGHT NOW


it's so fucking cool that half the work people do is literally useless and we're still told that we're not productive enough to deserve to live

someone please take me back to the days when the X server had an actual configuration file, rather than preferring to write its own on the fly

also, to the days when services were activated and controlled by one script that could be found in one place

Boomers: write a full decade's worth of "Millennials are killing..." and "Here's what's wrong with millennials" op-eds

Everyone else: "ok boomer"


beginning to understand why some people stayed with perl 3

Upcoming Genocide, Roma 

uk pol, cover up 

wow, and this was literally just released by the looks of it

Biometrix ft Bolshiee - Shameless

i don't think i've used this account for almost a year... oops is just so cosy! but it's currently down for an upgrade, so here i am... for now

*cheers @egypturnash on from the sidelines*

(also, when did the character limit on go up to 1000?)

health mild - 

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