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i highly recommend setting the option for mastodon to send you emails when you're @'d, assuming you have the spoons to like set up a filter and folder so it doesn't clog your inbox

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please think about dragons, of any size or type, for me. thank you

the fear panic is simply a type of panic fear

if you squint you may see little shimmers bubbling up and away

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kitsch doesn't leave a trail of destruction.

destruction leaves a trail of kitsch

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My housemates and I are in a REALLY rough spot financially, and need $7k to cover the cost of decontaminating the room with a moldy A/C + other expenses we're struggling with:

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAidRequest

Please help if you can, and please boost. 💜

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it's an ugly skirt but i'm going to keep it. thanks pashmina

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a villager in New Leaf gifted our "male" character (created pre-transition, now wears girls clothes & hair) a skirt in the mail. i didn't know that could happen!

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kitsch 1: "we suck."
kitsch 2: (fondly recollecting) "yeah..."

gender nonsense 

type of girl who everyone thinks is a girl

💬 oh yeah i definitely blame you for this. i will come to your house and give you an evil fruit basket as anti-thanks

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spent far too much time on this mewtwo doing a kickflip at the skatepark outside north station you see via the commuter rail

theres a process drawing video but u gotta tip me on kofi to see it!

clicks the "Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise" option

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i make unimpressive noise and slightly less unimpressive noise and also octopus arms sprout out of nearby objects around me

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.