Tooting from the Open Source Bridge session on Python Packaging, led by @brainwane

For overview and tutorials on current standards, see

Recommends Dustin Ingram's recent talk "Inside the Cheeseshop" for a history of Python's package repository over the years:

PyPI is the Python Packaging Index, pronounced like "pie pee eye."


For distributing *applications*, rather than libraries, there's probably a post from dsufft about it on

[which *might be* but this editor isn't sure.]


Important side note:

There's a fan-cut music video for Lady Gaga's "Telephone" but based on the action show 24.


Other important side note:

Read 17776 for stories about sentient spacecraft:


The thing you use to *upload* to PyPI is `twine`

(not to be confused with the tool for authoring interactive fiction)

There is a `` to test your packaging / upload / distribution process before giving it to PyPI for real.

devpi is a thing you can use to host your own private package repository.

For a caching interface to the repository, see bandersnatch:


You (and/or your company) can help PyPI stay running with a donation to the Python Software Foundation, earmarked for the Packaging Workshop, through the "Donate Today" link on the bottom of

You can set up a regularly recurring donation!



For background on what the Python Packaging Authority wants to do for package signing, see the 2016 PyCon talk on TUF from Ying Li and David Lawerence:

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