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infotainment high-five apophenia markup language support system


why are they square.

there still seems to be hidden components to the layout algorithms that dev tools in firefox & chrome don't show you. Yes, they'll tell me it's 272.35 pixels, but in that muted gray that means “you can't drill down in to this, and no, we're not going to tell you how we decided on that number.”

If "theatre" is pronounced as "theater"
and "calibre" is pronounced as "caliber"
is "libre" pronounced as "liber"?

Alternately, do you have any recommendations for how to make the knowledge in a Discord more web-discoverable?

A naive bot that just dumped incoming messages to static HTML would be super easy. But I think privacy and anti-spam concerns make write-once archives a bad idea. Are there any implementations better thought out?

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Some recent toots imploring people not to use Discord, because it's a black hole for knowledge compared to other things with web-searchable archives.

Point taken.

But they were suggesting using web forums, and, well, our forum runs on some neglected host beyond its supported lifespan with no easy upgrade path, and… 😩

Nobody uses FidoNet or Usenet or wants to join mailing lists anymore.

What would you recommend as a forum for an project? Ad-free with minimal (preferably zero) infrastructure maintenance requirements.

Today I learned that 292 years is the amount of nanoseconds you can fit in 63 bits.

This fun fact brought to you by Docker and golang.

thank u ☁️

binary gender 

Here a paper from Stanford featuring the autism spectrum, fMRI scans, a Deep Neural Network with eXplainable AI, and gender binary:

I've figured it out!

If you mint NFTs for ♂️ and ♀️, nobody else can have them, and people will have to get their own genders.

Alternately, you can release the genders under an open license, and then _everyone_ may use them as they wish.

I went to go write a blog post on stuff.
Wrote few words.
Spent many more hours on tweaking the CSS for edge cases that are nice-to-have but far from critical.

And as a bonus, I managed to repeatedly freeze up Firefox in the process!

The American Dialect Society's Word of the Year selections are in for 2021.

Word of the Year: insurrection
Most Likely to Succeed: antiwork
Most Useful: hard pants
Political Word of the Year: insurrection
Digital Word of the Year: #​FreeBritney
Pandemic-Related Word of the Year: boosted
Financial/Economic Word of the Year: supply chain
Informal Word of the Year: yassify
Most Creative Word of the Year: Fauci ouchie
Euphemism of the Year: unalive

How many Team members are paid for the work they do for the language or its ecosystem?

How many members of the moderation team were paid for their work for the community?

When making screenshots of an application for use in documentation, should one turn off subpixel rendering in the font system?

How likely is it that the subpixel ordering and alignment on the reader's display is the same as it is here?

Ooooh, you're moderating a channel, not hosting an instance, is that it? That explains things. I'd misunderstood.

For so long, “throw more hardware at it” was the cost-effective answer. More/bigger/faster servers for your own processes. Assume your customers next year will have faster laptops/phones/tablets than last year's did.

Now costs are rising, new stock is less available, even finding a replacement for a two-year-old model may cost more than it did new.

Is that enough to pressure the industry to make better use of last year's tech?

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“Laptop refreshes are on hold due to a supply chain issue” reminded me of my pondering from the other day:

Is the microchip shortage changing how software developers work? Is it forcing industries to give up their reliance on Moore's Law?

Trying out tools for near-real-time monitoring of metrics in a desktop application. JDK Mission Control does okay here.

`-XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=512M` appears to be the solution to my Java process's greed for RAM.

Some things use Direct Buffers. Those live outside of the JVM heap limited by `-Xmx`. But the allocator for them seems to be greedy, as if it assumes it should make use of the full capacity of the pool before it starts worrying about reclaiming space from discarded buffers.

The default size of the pool is not well specified. Maybe it assumes it can have its own share of memory just as big as that granted to the jvm heap? Maybe it assumes it can have _all_ the memory, regardless of your desire to have other applications running on this computer?

In any case, adding this to the java start-up options solved the problem where the process size continued to grow, seemingly without bound, despite the on-heap memory being well behaved.

A big chunk of tree came down in front of the house this morning.

For a town that named its soccer team the Timbers, it's surprisingly difficult to find a lumberjack when you need one on short notice.

pandemic, capitalism 

Because private medical R&D companies can't give away their proprietary information for fear of losing competitive advantage—even if it affects millions of lives—the World Health Organization has hired someone to reverse-engineer the production process for Moderna's mRNA vaccine.

I installed Seek from iNaturalist, but either I'm missing something or it doesn't have the progression mechanics to repeatedly provide interesting and achievable goals.

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