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"You guys don't have popcorn no more?"
"No more popcorn, sorry."

I was waiting for my refill at the pharmacy, but it's not the pharmacy it was. The old branding is taped over while they put up the CVS signs.

Central Drugs, 1903 – 2018.

It was one of the last independently owned pharmacies I knew of in the city.

I didn't see Gary there, which is unusual. Did he retire from it when CVS took over?

I love what reactji, made popular by Slack, have done for text chat and I hardly know how to converse without them anymore.

The Slack I frequent most has made extensive additions to our emoji set. But today Slack switched to using platform-native emoji and it's thrown us into disarray. toot.cat/media/u2XQmRj0J_VZVRm

I’m collecting data about Web users who use page zoom and/or change their browser font size, to help make better accessibility decisions at work. Please fill out this survey and boost!


Once again, a critical part of my company's product's software stack (that we don't pay for! yay open source!) has approximately 0.05 maintainers with PRs for core functionality going unaddressed.

Despite the fact that I thought this was a very widely-used component. (*everyone* uses S3! Right?)

Wondering how we can make software outlive the attention span of its individual contributors.

I'm reluctant to post links to birdsite here, but this person is so enthusiastic about their vintage restoration work: twitter.com/_danilo/status/944

This is the best computer crime story I've read in a while.

Remember those record-breaking DDoS attacks of '16? I guess the botnet is named Mirai. The ones that Bruce Schneier said “it feels like a large nation-state.”

Turns out it was a few college students who wanted to corner the Minecraft server market:


Although the highest-profile of those attacks was against Dyn, and that specific attack isn't one they're charged with, though it was born from the same code.

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A thing that makes your mastodon account more discoverable to your tweeps: bridge.joinmastodon.org/

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This is not what we mean when we say you might have to use a polyfill when targeting older platforms: wmfs.net/youtube-pranker-comes

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