Janet is a Clojure inspired language for scripting or embedding buff.ly/2SDiIBy

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Lääkäri: "Määrään näitä lääkkeitä. Nämä auttavat."
🇧🇻 "Takk."
🇨🇵 "Merci."
🇩🇪 "Danke."
🇬🇧 "Thank you."
🇸🇪 "Tack."
🇪🇦 "Gracias."
🇮🇹 "Grazie."
🇫🇮 "Voiko näiden kanssa ottaa alkoholia samaan aikaan?"

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i found it, the single best ui page

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This is the greatest thing I have found today

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Arabic: ananas
Spanish: ananas
Dutch: ananas
Icelandic: ananas
French: ananas
Literally any language: ananas

English: fuckin pineapple

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Today’s tea:

) ) )
) ( ) ) )
_(___(____)____(___(__ (___
\ Isn't tea. / _
\ / |
\ It's coffee. /____|
\ /

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Happy Friendship Day everyone

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Parasta olla sitä sukupolvea, jolle matematiikan opettajat totesivat topakasti ”mutta ei sinulla ole laskinta aina taskussa”.

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Drink some tea:

) ) ) (
) ( ) ) )
\ Jeff Bezos alone can /
\ end world hunger / |
\ five times over /__ |
\ and still have /
\ $11.1 billion /
\_ in change _/

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"Bark!" the dog said.

"What? Someone pushed Timmy in the well?" he said.


So they ran to the well.

And the dog pushed him in too.

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Round boy turns to liquid

📹: cece.pomeranian

How is it possible that PostgreSQL used fsync incorrectly for 20 years, and what we'll do about it. fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event

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mitä jos korvattas urheiluruutu vaikka ilmastouutisilla @yleurheilu@twitter.com @yleuutiset@twitter.com

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A list of things that unionizing won't do:
- Fix executive pay & bonuses
- Stop company failure & layoffs
- Solve structural crunch & labor abuses
- End workplace harassment

A list of things that unionizing will do:
- Give workers unified leverage negotiating any of the above.

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