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Pääkirjoitus: Peruskoulujen avaamista kannattaisi ainakin toistaiseksi noin tuhat koronaviruskuolemaa

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I thought the personalised message was for the driver not the pods 😂 oops

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Pass the strength, pass the courage , pass the love, pass the hope. Čájet Sámi Vuoiŋŋa! Huge thanks for the music: Emma Elliane - Atte munnje sáni saji Máret Hildur Stueng - Hilbes nieiddat Ylva - Weeo

Watch the full vid: youtu.be/TFhZlZbs7tg

The game called this outfit "visual punk", but it looks more like "kinky daddy" :D

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Somalit ”pyllistelevät” moskeijassa ja ”nokikepit” soittelevat torvea. Ennen tällaisia huutelijoita kutsuttiin kusipäiksi. Nykyisin he ovat perussuomalaisia kansanedustajia.

How an earth do people have this many dishware??
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Lockdown madness is setting in, I bring you Competitve Dishwasher Loading.
Post yours and I will rate it. Points for efficiency, neatness, aesthetics, flair.


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Americans will use anything except the metric system.

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Kellyanne Conway: "This is COVID-19, not COVID-1 folks, and so you would think the people in charge of the World Health Organization, facts and figures, would be on top of that."

Vähäks on upeeta selata Twitteriä ilman, että se ehdottaa ihmisten postauksia joita en seuraa!

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We're organizing ClojuTRE as planned. Health and safety are our top priorities, and we won't risk wellbeing in anyway. If COVID-19 requires, we'll modify our plans to provide live streaming for people unable to travel. On site or online, we hope to see you in October!

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Jos vaan mahdollista, niin tehkää hankintanne muualta. Älkää tukeko tätä tyyppiä. twitter.com/veitera/status/124

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Make your Zoom meetings a little bit more strange… just make sure you’re able to leave the Red Room (+ tag me if you end up using one of these virtual backgrounds!)

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