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Facebook’s content moderation site in Tampa, FL, operated by Cognizant, is its lowest-performing site in North America. Three former Facebook moderators are breaking their NDAs and going on the record to discuss extreme working conditions theverge.com/2019/6/19/1868184

Valtiovarainministeriön julkisen hallinnon digitaalisen turvallisuuden ohjesivusto ei läpäise SSL Labs-sertifikaattitestiä ja Firefox-kieltäytyy avaamasta sitä. 🤔 @TraficomFinland@twitter.com

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I’ve never understood the “async I/O is too complicated, why can’t we just use goroutines?” criticism of Rust. You can! They’re called threads, and they work great.

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Do you enjoy:
👩‍💻 Working on something all day and then throwing it out because it’s honestly just pure shit
😒 Arguing with random strangers on the internet
🙇🏻‍♀️ Feeling lost/confused


(This is not a cry for help, just a fun joke)

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You can befriend a dog and then follow them on a treasure hunt in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Juhannukseen sijoittuvan dekkarin juonikuvio on pilalla kun twitter.com/HS_sanat/status/11

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Object.defineProperty(Number.prototype,"cats", {
enumerable: true,
get: function () {
return new Array(this*1).fill("🐱").join("")

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Palkkaa minut!

Saat luotettavan tekijän, jolla on kokemusta sekä myynnistä että markkinoinnista muun muassa taloushallinnon palveluiden parissa.

Opin nopeasti uusia asioita, ja olen hyvä havainnoimaan kokonaisuuksia.

RT, kiitos.

Korttimaksut alhaalla? @OP_Ryhma@twitter.com

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Hey folks, today lets talk about Cyberpunk, Japan, and the 80's.

Have you ever wondered why Cyberpunk as a genre is so steeped with Japanese imagery and references? Well it's not just flavour text, it's xenophobia! That's right, I'm here to put politics in your videosgame! 👺

Miten voisin saada oman sivun Teksti TV:stä? ..kaverille kysyn

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Going over the release notes for Scala 2.13 (github.com/scala/scala/release) I'm extremely grateful a long time ago I decided to abandon it completely in favour of Clojure. After experiencing Clojure's stability and simplicity it's hard to imagine going to back to this craziness.

“Pripyat sentään tajuttiin evakuoida, mutta Kouvolassa asuu ihmisiä vieläkin.”


”Devolver Digital's cinematic universe is so much better than DCs.”

⁦@devolverdigital@twitter.com⁩ youtube.com/watch?v=riNcPrsFYM


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