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Meanwhile, ClojureScript has had this functionality for ages, and if it didn't you'd be able to implement it yourself with just a few lines of code instead of having to wait for the language committee to include it. twitter.com/drosenwasser/statu

Googlen "juhlapyhät"-kalenteri tietää et ei tarvii enää viiden vuoden päästä muistuttaa itsenäisyyspäivästä. Pelottavaa.

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we found this weird looking gamecube and some games along with a cozy discord hoodie and t-shirt to keep you warm this snowsgiving season

like and retweet for a chance to win all of these goodies

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Tuhlaan avovaimon joululahjaan euron per tän twiitin tykkäys.

Toivon teiltä peliälyä ja ette tykkää jos 50 muuta on jo tykännyt.

Ei saat rt, kiitos 🙏

Need to build everything by myself because stupid transitive dependencies

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Programmers spend far too much time worrying about whether their stack will scale up, and far too little addressing the real danger of whether it can scale down. Small teams bet – and lose! – the farm on big tech solutions to banal problems all the fucking time.

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hey can y'all do me a favor and quote tweet/reply to this with something along the lines of 'I want this on a shirt', thank you

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YLE: Helsingin poliisi kieltää Kohti vapautta -uusnatsiliikkeen järjestämän mielenosoituskulkueen itsenäisyyspäivänä yle.fi/uutiset/3-11102179?utm_

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I thought this was a good question, so let's open it up: what are examples of tools or libraries you have in one programming language that you think are dramatically better than is commonly available in other languages and miss when using them? twitter.com/awesomeintheory/st

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WASI support landed in @nodejs@twitter.activitypub.actor over the weekend.

and since the PR was over 12k lines of C code that i'm sure most people didn't actually read... i included a virus in it 👿

just kidding

or am i?

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GraalVM now supports WebAssembly!🏆🚀
Read the announcement:

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❌Ei ole "Isis-lapsia"
🟢On vain LAPSIA!


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Microsoft: We're creating a new Rust-based programming language for secure coding | ZDNet zdnet.com/article/microsoft-we

> “Git encourages siloed development.”

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