been using fedilab on android
it's nice (enough)
although, account switcher been acting up on me

maybe there's something better out there ...

any suggestions?

uspol (death penalty) 

SC brings back firing squad for death penalty

(one more time)

SC brings back firing squad for death penalty

death penalty:
+ doesn't work (no proven deterrent value)
+ more expensive
+ applied disproportionately to BIPOC
+ draws out suffering for all

+ just immoral

and now that (even) the corporations that manufacture parts of "killing cocktail" have stopped making them (lawsuit fears) the state responds by going even further backwards in murdering prisoners


amy tan
american master (i prefer "gifted" or "icon" (but "master" prolly more apt for 'murika))

never read a page of hers
also mother/daughter not among my crucibles ....

still enjoyable to learn about successful creative artifact workers

she's not nearly as arrogant as leguin, but there is something similar about their disciplines (and intellectual outlook)

(half-) recommended
(should be a half hour shorter)


uspol (vaccine) 

pfizer made more than $1 billion/month off covid vaccine in early 2021:

(what kind of health is most important?)


more phone bullshit (+) 

fixed local wireless to use 5Ghz band with lineageOS oneplus6 (801.11ac)

stock android 12 dev pixel4a on 2.4Ghz band because google
(also, it's work phone so usually on work network (eduroam))

weirdly satisfying to optimize tech to my whims

also, seamless sideload lineage 18.0 upgrade (nice work team lineage)


TIL chinese americans lynched just like black americans

thinking about buying ginsberg's "death to america" or (more likely "collected poems" < $10. on ebay)

then i look at my pile of unread poetry:
marianne more
mary fishman
cantos (pound)

hmmm ...

uspol (media) 

sometimes i look at

i would be among the first to state ALL media outlets are also propaganda outlets (to some degree).

but you don't need to have studied ,_manufacturing_consent_ (or even know what it is) to see the political/social program they push

+ white privilege (ignorance)
+ nascar/baseball
+ law enforcement will save us


uspol (racist mascots in MA) 

wakefield (near boston) votes to keep town high school "warriors" mascot (indigenous american looking man in a war bonnet)

94.5% white
0.1% indigenous

media interviews supporters making typical remarks about "tradition" ...

(yes, (white supremacy) racism *does* have a long history in boston (for instance, it took until 2021 for boston mayor to not be a white man) ... but can we (please) let that shit go?)


pandemic year an endless retreat

all around


uspol (nonviolence) 

having (re-) watched several episodes of "eyes on the prize" recently; criticism's of king's non-violent ministry by malcolm x, stokley charmichael (as he was called then), and many others are bouncing around in my mind

having watched several incidents of police killing black brothers recently; criticism's of king's non-violent ministry by malcolm x, stokley charmichael (as he was called then), and many others are bouncing around in my mind


been doing sysadmin stuff

+ firewall updates all over
+ new freebsd file server running
+ moving files off of old laptop (preparing to decommission)
+ turned off ipv6 on local net
+ local nextcloud server brought up (phone backups)

everything seems to be working ok


"the deepest feeling always shows itself in silence;
not in silence but restraint"
-m.moore (quoting her father)

and so ... social media


sounds come through my (open) window:
* humans singing quieter "end of party" songs (interspersed with occasional drunken shouting)
* birds welcoming daily cycle


uspol (white people) 

i keep getting the sense that a mob of ignorant white people is going to start an armed insurrection within usa

since their nativist fever dream is completely resistant to realities of both demographic variety and wealth inequality, it seems fated to wear itself out in a violent spasm (as guns are a key part of the mythology).

how much (more) harm can be done by these privileged idiots?

(bad vibes from the future)

greta thurnberg doc on PBS
basically a young scientist
coming to grips:
with political influence over science
with her own being


bleeping media 

video of police shooting black american
(ma'khia bryant) gets expletives bleeped out but not gun shot on local (boston) teevee

(of course, boston has a long history of censoring this or that)

but it begs the question:
what is obscene?


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