"just as true thusness cannot be ruled or conquered, so also dedication of roots of goodness is not ruled or conquered by any delusive actions or erroneous theories"
-avatamsaka (t.cleary)

(n.b. capitalism == "erroneous theory")

to understand
benefits of detachment

a child playing
in a tournament
while having a bad game
(feeling the wrongness of it all)

i know no place is perfect
but watching NZ
respond to the attack on their muslim population
(a tiny percentage of the overall number)
brings joy

* ardern wears hijab
* automatic weapons ban
* human wall around mosque
* arabic ("sala(a)m") on front page of christchurch newspaper

there must be parts of the world where humanity strives to nurture itself (as opposed to 'murica where the society is set up to support rich white men at the expense of everytone else)


surveillance capitalism:
you are forced
to sign an NDA
before playing a few tunes
at a corporate "talent" show


now a singing trio with the lead in another vibrational frequency from the other two singers + uke


at a sucessful tech business
for talent show

free beer and pizza
(a bit different than the university)

talent so far mostly single white guys with looping rigs ...

just discovered mdou
(prolly not reciprocal)

traditional music in modern garb (again)


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i know it's idiotic
but it makes me so happy
to see lineageOS
booting on my pixel
(after months of running stock android 🕵🏼​)


"may all sentient beings develop the delightful way of enlightening beings which is free from inanity"


requiring persistence
(currently 635/1518 pp)

a lot of words left to consider

i still benefit
(even during extensive formulaic passages)


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seeing lineage startup screen
(after momentary google boot splash)


speakers mostly talk about themselves
even at a vigil for NZ muslim shooting victims

(esp white folks (surprise!))

huge turnout at MA statehouse
for student climate strike demonstration

nice work!!!

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