tales from the university 

when talking to a co-worker (a clever one, european immigrant) at the university, they say something like, "paris is no longer paris- it's overrun with middle-eastern people"

and a few minutes later comes the deal killer: "black on black crime" ...

i guess if you listen while chatting with people, you can learn some things about them (even if they are things that one would rather not know).


a bs tract boosted

"She told me that she didn’t call herself an anarchist because she didn’t feel that she deserved to—she didn’t do enough. I asked her if it was OK for us to call her one. She said she’d be honored."


Happy birthday, Ursula Le Guin.


tRump's new "truth" social network is apparently a mastodon instance of one sort or another ...

hopefully it will soon fade away like his other attempts to create a (new) propaganda network

music without songs
songs without words

words without meaning
( ... )

uspol (death, media) 

colin powell

i keep remembering the lies he told
that were used to justify the slaughter and displacement of millions of iraqi citizens

it's all not his fault, but he was absolutely critical in building public support for the war

and i think his role there was not mentioned until 6 or 7 paragraphs down in the long obit-ish feature i read (filled with platitudes for his (military) service and his (unique) status as a dark skinned american political leader)



we're going to have to fight the fucking civil war again, aren't we?

people are going to be killed (needlessly) fighting this war against ignorance against opression against greed

(also, the climate will force a whole new population of refugees to seek shelter outside of their (newly) inhospitable homelands)

welcome to the future

also ankiweb account expired due to inactivity ...

esperanto study takes a back seat to other activities (for now)

tiel ĝi iras ...

sysadmin friday:
instantiating local git archive from several sources

drudgery, true, but important for self-organization (and backup)

also deleting crap

maybe local gittea one day, but for now ssh access works fine


autumn walking
around harvard square, cambridge common-
smells like weed everywhere


so much (virtual) ink spilled on supply chain issues with the christian soltice holiday ...

i guess that the "buying" part is the most important part of the event (far more significant than any quaint cheer from "peace on earth, goodwill to men" (or even annual ecclesiastical pageants)


saw high ranking GOP congressman on teevee being unable to say whether he thought the presidential election was stolen in 2020

i live in a bubble (mostly), so to see the (transparent) "obfuscation" (to put it mildly) that political leaders within the empire regularly require to try to hide their minority rule conspiracies is disheartening while (simultaneously) unsurprising


"downgraded" bluetooth settings on my phone which allowed a far better airpod experience on android (lineage)

(issues: audio dropping, also milliseconds of delay between chanels, producing completely unintended "spacial" effects)

it's nice to fiddle with settings and actually improve things ...


on the porch

light fading earlier
sweatshirt on
music playing louder
only beatles

cannabis and water and music

(bearing time)


zuck says whistleblower claims don"t make sense. and that he is an actual human with a viable social life not based on the gazillions of dollars within his control.

no war but class war


class war

a good idea to keep in mind when considering "the news" (from any source)


did a meditation this morning


i have usually been happy representing myself with a circle (or sphere)

a pattern, not a coincidence

marianne moore ("half deity") writes a sentence about a butterfly (also, (somewhere) mastodon removes initial spaces, so i cannot fully reproduce this excerpt):

"... What zebra
could surpass the zebra-
striped-swallow-tail of South America
on whose half transparent wings crescents engrave

the silken edge with dragon's blood, weightless?"


just finished _the_disspossesed_

yes, the ending is a bit contrived (deus ex machina), but it's literature (and everyone loves a happy ending) not journalism

as many others have said, an extremely well thought out exploration of an anarchist utopia

there are many deeply moving passages about individuals and groups and properties and dreams and freedom and even more

i'd say it's worth the time to read

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