decent meditation this morning

let go of what i could
some still stayed put

maybe next time
(or the next or ...)


when i cook
i always count (iterate) from 0
when adding ingredients

"2 cups of rice" == cupsOfRice[1]

i blame capitalism

"... an incalculable to the fourth power is measureless; a measureless to the fourth power is boundless; a boundless to the fourth power is incomparable; an incomparable to the fourth power is uncountable; an uncountable to the fourth power is unequaled; an unequaled to the fourth power is inconceivable; an inconceivable to the fourth power is immeasurable; an immeasurable to the fourth power is unspeakable; an unspeakable to the fourth power is unspeakably unspeakable; and unspeakably unspeakable squared is untold."
-avatamsaka sutra, "entry into the realm of reality," trans t.cleary

(i've had performance evaluations like this ...)

taking high blood pressure meds
with wild turkey

with medicine


the best (paid) writers
are the ones
with quickest manipulations-
keeping you reading


i'm in kind of a rut
using favorite on anything
grabbing (even tiniest bit of)
my attention

it's nice to favorite something
even if i have extremely superficial criteria for this designation

(any communication between humand only approximate anyway)


last time i saw him years and years ago
he was high at christmas-
didn't stay long
rumors were he ripped off his father and then left town

families ...

someone's gone
so it goes
those thats left
just carry on


(younger) cousin of mine
found dead in LA drug house

he was in and out of prison
homeless often

(just reminds me: each day a gift)


reading time 

MAGA variations 

MAGA variations 

bu boots boston anarchist bookfair at the last moment

i wonder why ...

in meditation this morning
i struggled to let go
of conflicts at work ...


mental work
money work


worked working work
(now) then rest


each word
each act

each instant

beyond measure



found old resume (finally) in mail archive from 2006


ok- now i'm going for the wild turkey

due to unforseen circumstances (and bad omens)
i am entering the job market (once) again

now remembering what a joy it is to edit a resume
(certain to only increase my bitterness at late capitalism)
πŸ“„ 😭

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