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extraneous bitching Show more

left work
walked to my car in a driving rain

much better than staying in the office
for even one more minute


there are many book piles
waiting 2 b read

i keep picking

healing psychic wounds
(without a request)

there is only one
(identity is empty)


"summer bummer"
lana del rey

enjoying machine sounds
(something about humidity)

sometimes i feel most
staring straight
into empty blue of open sky

thank you
filling dark hours

(others thinking)

dolce expresso
perfect after dogfish head 90

(good music just extra unexpected joy)


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Hey everyone,
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please boost!

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

always good

filed down anxiety spike
during last bit
waiting for timer


three whispered words Show more

sun ra:
that's some out there shit


each time i look at it seems more and more troubling
("pravda" / fake news)

flaming dumpsters of autoritarian capitalist propaganda
(also support for ruling class, military, ...)

most cannot look away
πŸš‹ πŸ’₯ πŸ‘€

having an extra beer for dinner
because it's my (fuckin')

yeah yeah yeah

your language matters
also are important
(facets of your mind)

and yet: i don't know U


"The function of the State
in the world is
to give plausibility to values
prevailing by immediate chance
than by ultimate necessity"


playing coltrane (resolution)
on my porch

more birds appear


when i got back from italy
i bought sparkling water to drink with dinner

forget the demise of this nation
remember the tastes of


awkward moment 143:
after watching "won't u b my neighbor" with my (struggling) adult son
i see my ex-wife (who refuses 2 speak with me) with two mutual friends
pretty much exactly upon exiting the theatre
and they supposedly sat RIGHT BEHIND US for the entire movie

i am still stunned an hour later

what makes someone act this way?