uspol (sports, prisoners) 

the silence around brittney griner within us empire massive sports media industry is deafening

she owns a big part of the wnba record book (+ many ncaa records)

just think if tom brady were being held by a foreign government

is it because she's:
+ black
+ a woman
+ gay
+ uses cannabis
+ the intersectionalities of these attributes of her identity
+ something else

her current ongoing imprisonment really highlights the injustices of our "advanced" civilizations

uspol (racism) 

the only restitution EVER paid out by the us government for its immense profits on the labor of enslaved people were paid out to white slave owners who had "lost their property" to emancipation

uspol (apartheid cylde) 

ICYMI, clyde recently said he was going to abandon dems and start voting GOP which shows an utter naïveté (or is cynical propaganda)

"The issue here is that the Democrat Party is overly controlled by the unions and by the trial lawyers – particularly the class action lawyers”

o yeah- nothing goes wrong when the wealthiest class is running a nation ... isn't that called feudalism/colonialism?

dems worthy of many criticisms (better ones available than reworked "soros" tropes, but i digress), but GOP is party of white supremacy (apartheid) ...

ah- now i see the attraction

saw pbs biopic on grace lee boggs (again)

a philosopher able to hold my interest

she thought revolution requires reflection, imagination- not just anger

she (too) saw that other (possible) world

i ordered one of her books (_revolution_and_evolution_) to help me think about it better



someone put a follow request in a special group for me to review- mille grazie!


started watching SOKO Potsdam on PBS ("luna + sophie") ... not quite (belgian) professor T but quite nice anyway

and it lets me dream about living in europe (prolly better as a dream)


took a look on federated timeline and seeing viel mehr deutsche Sprache

i'm not a german speaker by any measure, but did pass an (open book) german exam for one of the (too) many degrees i have been awarded

maybe time for a refresher course

slavery (grenada, bbc america anchor) 

bbc is imperfect

l.trevelyan (sometime) anchor for us bbc edition went to grenada to talk about slavery because her family benefitted from the slave trade (generations ago)

she asks grenadian students about whether her family should pay reparations to descendants of enslaved people ("yes")

also broadcasts a thrashing of the royal family (and british gov't) by a local political leader for their profits from the slave trade

nice work!

cambridge MA 

driving into harvard square
(for a band rehearsal)
i stop at a red traffic light
on a shady side street

a "wild" turkey crosses
on the crosswalk
with the light
as if they were just another human

then (after successfully crossing)
continues on
oblivious to another stroller
of a different species


well ... (apparently) installed lineage 19.1 successfully ...

I have to say
I just feel better

(it's all in the mind)


Sexually progressive cultures gave us mathematics, literature, philosophy, civilization and the rest, while sexually restrictive cultures gave us the Dark Ages and the Holocaust.
-- Alan Moore

#anarchism #quote #bot

for some poets
it's all (ways) about mirrors

+ their craggy emotions
+ their mystical visions
+ their regal observations

(throws a rock)

living within the empire effects affect
(despite my best efforts)

i need to take a walk

uspol (only fragments) 

POL party: d-evolution ... inj-UStice[s] ...

"'tis of thee"




a few words on rewiring genesis

+ thank you for the pointer to this nice version (even if indirect)
+ i prefer gabriel as singer (d'virgilio fine (”no accounting for taste"))
+ broader instrumental palette helps (mostly)
+ clever arrangements throughout
+ a bit less testosterone in the rewiring would have helped give more prominence to fantastic elements in story
+ obviously, a project of love



not seeing (or able to access) image descriptions in new (official) mastodon android client

looked in settings
tried long presses


any suggestions?

more phone tech "adventures" lately

+ updated to lineage 19.1 on my one plus
+ booted, but rebooted about 20 seconds later ( loop)
+ moved SIM card to backup phone hardware
+ phone works fine (except no SIM within)
+ tried "downgrading" to lineage 18.1
+ same reboot loop
+ restored one plus firmware (android, google, spyware, tracking)
+ works

so i've been doing enough phone tech work for a while

will try lineage 19 on another release ...

i keep looking at IPFS

good hype
good name

and yet i keep wondering if the reliance on blockchain tech means running it is just another means to cook the planet with computer cycles ...

(i'd rather not)


tried "official" mastodon android client- supporting only 1 account? on (distributed) fediverse ... (😖 disappointing)

fedi-lab imperfect, but better than that!

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