link wray
sun ra

electronic art music
in america


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first really nice meditation at work
(after years of trying)


latest league extraordinary gentlemen
so layered
i'll need to read
several times to begin to understand

even after reading all preceeding volumes
moore + o'neill's astonishingly detailed and intertwined imaginative narrative
taxes my imagination
(helping it to grow)


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"a hundred trillion cosmic nets of diamonds"


"what are pointless issues?
whether the world is permanent or impermanent, or both, or neither;
whether oneself and sentient beings exist or not, whether they both do and do not exist, whether they neither do nor do not exist;
what the very beginning of birth and death is, what the very end of birth and death will be-"
(enlightening beings fifth treasury of learning)


i no longer have any excuse to stay in bed

(well trained worker)

watching stadium feed
from various NBA venues-
my fellow americans


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check out my new china cymbal + aux (jam block, tambourine) set up


just noting all the half read books around my room- i can't help thinking, "why do i watch teevee at all?"


NPRs jazz album of the year:

wayne shorter's
(no space)


started reading
the buddha in jail

cried often:
empathy, recognition

highly recommended
(cuong lu, OR books 2018)


"the spell of nonobstruction of inexhaustable meanings of boundless words and phrases"

- aid to enlightening beings' good teaching practice
- social media 5K1LLZ


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