The fight for diversity, equality and inclusion is the fight for software freedom. Our movement will only be successful if it includes everyone. RMS does not speak for these values.

"enlightenment is ungraspable, enlightening beings are ungraspable, all things are ungraspable, sentient beings are ungraspable, the mind is ungraspable, action is ungraspable, the past is ungraspable, the future is ungraspable, the present is ungraspable, all worlds are ungraspable, and the created and uncreated are ungraspable"


another fun fediverse diversion:
pick a time line
find a pattern
("narrative" counts as a pattern)
linking sequential toots




there are lots of links to birdsite
that i come across

whenever i click one
and view the "discussion" therein

i am (once again) made happy
by my decision to leave that platform
and (once again) troubled
that so many willingly focus their attentions
on this train wreck of ignorance hatred and bullying

once again
(i blame) capitalism

greta thunberg 

uspol (memphis mayor) 

flint MI water 


late night light rain
mind sustains listening interest

(still sleeping preferred)

siri characteristics
(from apple via the guardian):

β€œin nearly all cases, Siri doesn’t have a point of view”

(of course, they left out the most important one:
"always listening")

i guess it's the capitalists dream assistant ...

πŸ“± πŸ•΅πŸΌ

is an alternate reality

(even if "populated" by many millions
(of course, this begs the question of the nature of reality, and/or its identity))

m.obvious (de rien)

one of the great things about the fediverse is that you can be as weird as you wanna, and inevitably, someone will message you that they have some kinda resonance with what you have put out there in order to manifest of your uniqueness or aloneness or hopelessness or bizarreness ...


self care:
spent a half hour updating mastodon instance profiles (boxen)


metaphysical knowledge spheres:
+ all times, all lands, all things, and all beings
+ undifferentiated true thusness
+ unobstructed reality realm
+ boundless absolute truth
+ unqualified space
+ objectless
(reformatted from avatamsaka)

(beyond being)


lovely this morning

as i was "coming back" to my mind
(even without going anywhere)
the timing bell rang
more or less when i was ready for it


today (after months of effort)
read up to, then beyond p.1000
of avatamsaka sutra

+ 500 pp. to go
+ additional 100 pp. of commentary
+ apparently enlightenment not found by reading (only)


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