uspol (inaugural verbage) 

nice to be touched by a new generation
nice to see attention paid to a poet

very nice to hear her work


uspol (feminism) 

madame vice president ...


uspol (1619) 

stunning of tRump team to release "1776" report whitewashing american history (systemically excluding voices of POC) on MLK holiday

then again-
it's completely "on brand"

tRump's "garden of american heroes" would include:
Grover Cleveland, Walt Disney, Whitney Houston and Dolley Madison all next to each other, flanked by Kobe Bryant, Louis Armstrong, Neil Armstrong and Theodor Geisel aka "Dr. Seuss."

(how many ways can you say crazy train?)


from someone who works at dating site (no more trustworthy than anyone else (on that site))

"Messaging reply stats around race and gender will destroy your faith in humanity."


uspol (MLK) 

stevie wonder writes to dr. king about "apartheid america" (my phrase, not his) getting no better in 40 years (since holiday created)

uspol (racism) 

watching _i_am_not_your_negro_
(for the third time)

i am struck by the beauty of the black faces

and the exposure of the profound (hostile) emptiness at the center of (white (capitalist)) mainstream america

the 3 strands coming together in a tragic braid: medgar, malcolm, martin

doris day
ray charles


uspol (militarization) 

i expect the fight against the capitol storming mob will be used to increase both the military occupation[s] and the overall surveillance of the american population.

(same as it ever was)


i think there's a squirrel
climbing on my car
eating a scrap of pizza

(there goes the neighborhood)

why is it so good to read poetry
(if you read at all)

because being alive is not all prose

despite the horrors
(and the reasons for those horrors)

despite the many lives that have come before any of us
(and the learning that comes from knowing the details)

laying in bed
sound[s] from open window-
deep time

(only poetry)


uspol (walls) 

tRump (finally) got his border wall completed

it's around the white house, not the southern national limit ...

promises kept


religious intolerance 

woman artist on trial in poland (plock) for producing this (lovely) image ...

catholics find it offensive
(to which i say, "don't look at it")

uspol (genetic testing) 

on _finding_your_roots_ there was a particularly noteworthy revelation

via dna it was found that skip gates (a black man) is related to nora o'donnell (white woman)

(his father has an irish ancestor (prolly via rape but possibly not))

out of those mysts (maybe traumatic), we find two very different looking people actually are part of the same tree ...

i find this incredibly hopeful (in a weird way)


there is actually a
"nutter law firm"
that advertises/supports boston PBS

apparently no brits were consulted on the naming

(i actually like the name, it confirms some of my biases ...)


usol (insurrection) 

the last gasp of a dying (fascist) breed
a new (fascist) future

most likely neither

also, perhaps:
+ white on white fighting ((ex-)police/military battling each other)
+ armed encampments
+ hunger/disease widespread (already happening)

then again:
+ fizzled out
+ finger pointing
+ fools


another world (filled with calm and nurturing communities) is possible

parler (apparently) hacked open

imagine this:
poor application security around password reset

(yes, chud karma. still, good idea to imagine everything you post will be read by humans without your best interests in mind)



this is what systemic racism looks like


there was a killing
in the national capitol

and the virus is raging
and the climate is changing
and the police are complicit
and the russians are watching
and the racism is ignored
and the speaker is praying

and the broadcast continues:
myopic comments
hour after hour


uspol (racism) 

what might have happened if these protestors were dark skinned?

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