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stayed out a bit later last night
should not have had that last beer
(nothing awful, just an inch hungover)

otherwise, good to see and be seen
band was great (once (finally) started)
friends friendly


what's the use
of setting up a wireless network bridge
if it is not used

(mind stream current while tooting from the porch)

i'd like to join this band:
oceans of qualities of universal sounds

(universal sounds' qualities' oceans)

many have said it before me
reetha's signing voice is a gift to all humanity
(to remind us of our sacred nature)

πŸŽ™οΈ 🌌

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put on yankee hotel foxtrot ()
for the first time in many moons (moods)

still sounds good to me
(2 keyboards better than 1)
🎹 🎹

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listening to new tune for a new band
(beats antique)

letting it come to me
without thinking ...

(taking time to transfer)

⏳ 🎢 πŸ’­

doing some arduino programming
(a welcome change from website data slinging)

but the work now is cleaning up
a friend's code which is
dissapointing because his mind
(as evidenced in code)
is far more mundane than i previously understood


i have learned a lot
from my


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i'm beginning to understand
delimiting code blocks by indentation (python)

problematic at times

you listen to enough sun ra
and it becomes a comforting

even if it is marshall allen
(relentless alien squawking)

🎷 πŸ’₯ πŸ”Š

"it is through transformation of the of the world as well as the attitudes and actions connected with that vision that the world itself is transformed." -t.cleary

(mind vision (another world is possible))

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taking a look at
seems much less taxing on my web browser than the default web client
(although brutaldon's emoji picker is a step backward- the tradeoff seems worth it)


the experience of being alive
(for example, reading these words)

impossible to capture or condense
(nonetheless persist)


more expresso

not always a great idea
but currently seems so

CW is social media language innovation

like any linguistic container
human speakers will use it for all manner of unexpected effects

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