meditation 2 days ago: struggled to make it to timer
meditation yesterday: more moderate and customary effort required
today: on the opposite shore before i knew it


to learn (descriptive, expository) limits of language:
read ancient (mystical) texts


i covered "selfie" camera on my phone with tape

- surveillance concerns
- no self (image) interest

(it's all (in) the mind, innit?)


largest single number-word (so far)
within avatamsaka (english translation)


"Some say we are lazy and just want to miss school.
Some adults say it's bad we strike from school.
That we should study instead to make a difference in the future. The little fact that it will be too late by the time we've finished education they ignore.
To the adults that say that, we want to say:
Strike yourself instead!
Strike from work!
Go into the streets and shout!
Do something!
We need your help now more than ever."
Greta Thunberg, today.


"is it the keys to your freedom
or the bars on your prison?"
-joni mitchell
(context slightly shifted)


media reality
apparently supersedes
reality lived

plug in
turn off
your mind


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saw new american experience (pbs) documentary on emma goldman

as you might expect from MSM, anarchism portrayed as product of hopelessly naive dreamers ...

us govt repressive actions toward immigrants, (anarchist) political dissidents, labor activists presented in most benevolent context possible

offers glimpses of interesting discussions on political violence and relationship with political change, post revolution authoritarianism in russia

also, too much attention to melodrama of her love life, but that's often the case (sex sells).

nonetheless, nice to remind viewers about her ... and no matter how her story is skewed, it remains a lively (and inspiring) life

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"Quit the bitching on your blog and stop pretending art is hard
Just limit yourself to three chords and do not practice daily"

timeless wisdom from amanada palmer

merci pour

je m'excuse pour parler en anglais

can i have my account federate somehow?


10 stages

10 concentrations

10 acceptances

(decimal points)

"the buddha is in the house"


post dinner expresso
having the intended effect


school of honk
somerville porchfest
"rock anthem"
(abbreviated version)

dancers amaze!

all the most powerful beings
transcendent forces
dominion over space and time

cannot prevent my neighbor
from acting like a shit head


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