sorry, forgot to make last toot private, then re-set privacy and resent (in hopes of correcting my error)

my client (fedilab) does not allow me to add CWs to replies ...


3AM (wordplay) 

helicopter flies over city



don't love pelosi, but wouldn't want to go against her- she always finishes strong

capitol police testimony shreds GOP credibility on insurrection

also, while name calling doesn't help anything- minority leader mccarthy is making moronic comments about masks and science, so it's somewhat refreshing to hear pelosi refer to him as a moron (an evaluation i share)


usa public health (gambling) 

against my better judgement
i entered MA state vaccine lottery

(but then played "the dry cleaner from des moins" (joni, mingus) for good luck and/or to make an attempt to clear my karma)

"when in rome ..."

problems in our world mostly caused by systems put in place by governments and corporations

the same entities put out propaganda about individual choices resposible for society's ills

"bad apple" (cops)
"drug addict"

has not solved problems but takes the attenion off of sources of those problems

changing systems of control is what makes another world possible


my router may have been compromised
(weird brief outages for about a week; finally, today would not give an ip address to wired then wireless)

so it was pulled off net, hardware replaced, passwords changed

i blame "dynamic firewall" feature (no evidence but this is the only hole in firewall of which i am aware)

more cleanup left, but currently functional

no more firewall openings anymore for anything

we'll see what the future holds


if we think about the relationships between people through the metaphor of relationship[s] between integers

who would be a prime number?

any humans assigned a sufficiently low integer would be in a relationship with many/most others ...

the (full) metaphoric implications of zero continue to elude me


i keep watching midsomer murders
currently: season 6 (still nettles)

it's giving me an unrealistic view of the british country side: filled with sex-crazed upper class nutters, one of whom is inevitably a homicidal maniac ...

like "murder she wrote" might make you think maine is full of money chasing sociopathic businessmen, one of whom sees murder as a profit making activity ...

on each, i like trying to watching liars (hint: all) and what they lie about. it helps in professional life


white privilege (usa) 

levon helm (robertson too)

romanticizing the end of the confederacy
"the night they drove old dixie down"
(confederate flags)

beautiful music
impassioned singing

wives lives


idiot glee 

one of the things i like about watching british teevee
is how everyone gets in the passenger side to drive a car

space travel bullshit 

just heard privileged selfish gazillionaire branson talking about how people of all races will one day experience space travel

at the same time many of his countrymen pile racist abuse (instead of soccer skills abuse) on players who missed PKs in euro 2020

and many more of his countrymen are living in wretched housing, going to dysfunctional schools, living with food insecurity day after day

"hypocritical" just does not cut it


uspol (celebrity myosis) 

obama political commentary-
a unique perspective

obama "summer" book and music recommendations-

(political success not an accurate predictor of cultural relevance)

some have studied/worked in arts for as long as it took him to climb to top of american political heap; no one wants to hear their thoughts on current biden presidency ...


uspol covid 

georgetown researchers find 5 biggest clusters of unvaccinated people


all within defeated confederate insurrection (so long ago, and yet ...), all red (tRump) states, ...

clusters of willful ignorance more like it

(with apologies to actual performing clowns)


since day 1
the country is for rich white guys

"democracy" ... if only!

(for instance, USA among last industrialized nations to pass women's suffrage, to say nothing of how are darker skinned brothers and sisters are STILL treated at polls)


uspol (idiot WSJ headline) 

"Job Openings Are at Record Highs. Why Aren’t Unemployed Americans Filling Them?"

can't be anything wrong with wages, or employment offerings, or even (gasp) capitalism could it?

well if so, you won't read about it in WSJ ...


and if you want to read more about their analysis, you'll have to pay (of course) because that's the (only) game those fuckers play ...



looking at birb cam made me think, "winter around capetown much different than winter around boston."

uspol (supporting water protectors) 

a go fund me to support the fight against enbridge's line 3 pipeline (why is this one ok if keystone is not?)


religion (exclusivity) 

what if religions thought of themselves as one among many instead of the one true revelation?

like programming languages ... python good for this, javascript for that, react for the other, ...

i think this is the case elsewhere:
+ japan- buddhist funerals, christian weddings, ...
+ also "hinduism"

one being, many names


propaganda dependance day 

freedom & liberty
slavery & lynching

justice for all
chinese exclusion act

america forever
segregation forever



if only rumsfeld could die all the deaths he authorized

now he faces the greatest "unknown unknown" of all ...
(the known parts of dying may be a fraction of it, or may be all of it- unknown)


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