tRump is completely insane


i think biden has figured out
to let tRump talk himself right on the crazy train



presentidential debate
already a train wreck

the country is a disaster
pretty much
any way you look at it

(breathe deeply)

(iza) beth bish

repeated reading rewards

uspol (zhuangzi) 

"people would only pay attention to what they already know and dismiss anything else. thus they say whatever agrees with them is right, but whatever they dislike they call wrong."

from ch. 27 (trans. m.palmer)


into round 2 of my language learning experiment (1 month each)

+ spanish
+ esperanto
+ toki pona

(blissymbolics sprinkled throughout)

future is multilingual
also, maintaining mental malleability ...

(so good so far)



more harm than good

uspol (myopia) 

yes usa gets way too much attention (i blame marketing)

both within social media (and outside it)

but this "election" is like watching a train wreck (and collision only begining)- it's difficult to look away ...

of course, most of the world is not american ...


uspol (acab) 

what "an excellent" way to respond to protests over police brutality toward BIPOC

more police brutality toward BIPOC

it's as if the police were drug addicts using more drugs to solve their drug problem


uspol (biden) 

"violence is never acceptable" biden says about protestors out after beonna taylor's police murderers avoid accountability

but isn't it violent for white police officers to kill a black woman sleeping in her own apartment?

(i know logic irrelevant for uspol)

uspol (breonna taylor) 

no justice
no peace

[in usa] "black people are blamed for their own murders."

uspol (RBG) 

maybe i'm amazed
jewish (memorial) service telecast on national teevee

jesus nowhere to he seen


RBG continues to benefit nation from beyond the grave


local news story:
rats spreading throughout city
(of boston)

these aren't the end times, nothing to see here ...


uspol (RGB) 

she spoke at the university not too long ago.

her frail voice
patiently logically
making her points

the most delicate tiny human





voting for usa president
like picking which
old white man
gets to help his friends
make a lot of money

neither saviors nor devils
just front men for oligarchs

prolly more helpful to strategize about survival afterwards either way

"Would I support one candidate against another? Yes, for two minutes—the amount of time it takes to pull the lever down in the voting booth.

But before and after those two minutes, our time, our energy, should be spent in educating, agitating, organizing our fellow citizens in the workplace, in the neighborhood, in the schools."

social media patterns:
people who write toots
in a series
(worse, numbering them)
not getting it

you have 5 seconds
that's it

(make the most of it)


uspol (("patriotic") education) 

it would be laughable if so many did not follow ...

(t.jefferson (rapist) quote on "cornerstone of democtacy" relevant)

3 thoughts come to mind

1. patriotic education: neither
2. patriotic education: idiotic education
(and finally)
3. patriotic education: fuck you

(tRump running on racism and voter supression)

got pinebook pro laptop
(old one is going to fail soon: already down 1 usb & battery)

while setting up
(new linux, exploring hardware)
makes me think,
"laptop == work desk;
(like a monk setting up copying table for illuminating manuscripts)"

comparison falls apart eventually


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