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this is a very good feature thank you glitch social team

i need to find what other new features we got from main branch and stuff too

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We talk about funding and capitalism on here (it's important!) so I wrote down some things people can do to help the projects they care about with fundraising. If learning how to talk to people about giving money is scary for you I would like to help

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It'll be interesting to see ...

a) how many people check out Mastodon during

b) how many stay

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mastodon is a better place for making friends and hanging out than shouting into the void imo

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Today marks the first anniversary of #Mastodon! πŸŽ‚

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag #MastodonMemory!

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Hello queer hacking people!
Do you want to share your hack in an article and receive a payment for it?
If so, this publishing project may interest you:
Boost appreciated.

@cyrinsong i was just meeting with a company i advise and suggested a terminology change from whitelist/blacklist to something else (tentatively "pre-approved" and "blocked"). the response: "good idea, thanks!"

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ah, I see we're utilizing discourse and marginalization as a means to control & attack without there being an actual, people-beneftiing goal at the end (the opposite)

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City Hall in SF, pride colors!

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I hadn't realized how much I'd gotten used to the idea of being harassed on the web because 'hands off' policies from inaccessible site admins were so common.

Being here on masto really made me think about how much the web-based cruelty I had come to think of as """"""normal""""" was in fact unnecessary.

Culture matters, in a visceral way.

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Hello, witches!

A few years ago I made a Tarot deck. It is queer, irreverent, and femmy.

This weekend I made a Twitter bot that posts a card and its description a few times a day.

And now I have acquired an account here. Which I will be teaching the bot how to post to soon.

#introduction #introductions #tarot

Q: is federation commutative?

A: technically, not necessarily. culturally, it's moving that direction.

Q: how to find info about federated instances?

A: has info.

A: most effective way is to use hashtags, ask questions

A: helps too

Q: groups?

A: GnuSocial has it, but not yet

Q: what about privacy?

A: tricky. when you send to another server, the privacy info is there; need to trust that they're enforcing it. basic functionality you'd expect: specific users, followrs-only, local timline, everywhere. when you send elsewhere, no guarantee they're enforcing it.

need to trust admins - they potentially have access to everything in the database. if you DM somebody on another node, you're warned that it's not safe

Q: what's the protocol?

A: based on Gnu Social, with some extentions (CW's). Moving towards activitypub. (audience: w00t!)

Q: how to decide what instances to federate with?

A: great queston!,, and had similar positions in the big brouhaha, realized they have similar interpretations. could go further and make an aliance - functionality that doesn't exist yet