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Hello all! I'm Jessica, and I've joined this instance because a) it looks nice and b) I've been curious about the Glitch-Soc variant of Mastodon and wanted to join an instance that had it running :) My old/other account is @jayeless, which I'll probably keep around for more political content.

Here, I'll probably post on a range of topics, including technology (I'm interested in and adjacent topics, like the and ), and , I read, the occasional thing about or other forms of entertainment, pictures of and , life in general, and stuff about the city I live in (Melbourne, Australia). As well as English I speak Spanish, and I've also studied Catalan (I did an honours thesis in , on the Spanish Civil War in Catalonia). Gonna leave you with a couple of pics of me and my beloved cat Gidget ❤️

We took Gizmo on his usual Sunday beach walk yesterday afternoon, where he had a blast enjoying the sunshine and befriending other little dogs 😊

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lol a news site started just selling ads themselves instead of using targeted bullshit and made so much more money

This past week I had some work that took me to the southern part of the Frankston line, a section of which has just been grade-separated (lowering the railway line below road level so cars don't have to wait at level crossings). I took some pictures of the newly rebuilt Bonbeach Station (and a shot of the view towards the beach from there, just because 😊). (full post)

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Lots of anti-bird posting on my TL today. Need I remind you that

• RAVENS will take pieces of bark and literally WIND-SURF on thermal updrafts in the mountains
• HONEYGUIDES are so named because they will guide humans to beehives containing DELICIOUS HONEY
• GREATER BLACK-BACKED GULLS can swallow a WHOLE RABBIT without chewing

All this (and more) just goes to show that birds are

• cool as hell
• helpful and friendly
• but most importantly, if YOU choose to mess with them, they CAN and WILL fuck you up

So please think twice before you disrespect birds on this federated verse! 🙏

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Wish I had more to post about at the moment but I’m just so tired. Feels like every day I’m either working and working, or busy doing yard work (or other chores) 😪 All the recent rain has made my mission to fix up the yard really slow going. Gradually getting there, I guess.

Blogged: AncestryDNA Kits

Basically, Vivian bought these two DNA-testing kits. And despite my cynicism about that whole industry, he's really excited about it, so I'm going along with him 😛 The post also goes into how I think oral family histories are more meaningful than DNA test results, though.

Blogged: Hot Weather People and Cold Weather People

Spoiler: I am 100% one of the hot weather people 😅

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This is Gidget’s “please don’t go to work, mummy” face. Been booked for the first time in months, today and tomorrow. So heartbreaking to leave her home alone though 😭 (

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The best thing about playing with a cat is letting them drag the toy around the house afterward like they did a Big Kill

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Tired: NFTs aren’t real

Wired: money and finance aren’t real

Inspired: our whole system of human value was historically constructed through the use of power, and can be reconstructed

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Yesterday one of our neighbours (with prior warning to us) tore down our shared fence, but then it started raining, so their guy didn’t put up the rep­lace­ment fence until this morning. It’s now up… and it’s probably the tallest fence I’ve ever seen that isn’t like, the Berlin Wall or something.

I’m thinking it could be nice to set up some trellises right in front of it and plant some climbing plants (I do really like jasmine…) to soften the look of it a bit. (original post)

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