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Hello all! I'm Jessica, and I've joined this instance because a) it looks nice and b) I've been curious about the Glitch-Soc variant of Mastodon and wanted to join an instance that had it running :) My old/other account is @jayeless, which I'll probably keep around for more political content.

Here, I'll probably post on a range of topics, including technology (I'm interested in and adjacent topics, like the and ), and , I read, the occasional thing about or other forms of entertainment, pictures of and , life in general, and stuff about the city I live in (Melbourne, Australia). As well as English I speak Spanish, and I've also studied Catalan (I did an honours thesis in , on the Spanish Civil War in Catalonia). Gonna leave you with a couple of pics of me and my beloved cat Gidget ❤️

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Covid-19 Vic lockdown discussion 

Victoria's lockdown restrictions will be easing slightly from this weekend as we hit 70% of adults with a first vaccine dose. The 5km limit on movement will be increased to 10km, two adults from different households will be allowed to exercise together, and groups of 5+ adults, plus dependents, from two households will be allowed to socialise outdoors if all of them have had two vaccine doses. On a macro level, I guess I'm concerned about how much spread will result from people realising they're very unlikely to have to prove their vaccination status and just catching up regardless… but on the personal level, I'm excited that I might get to see my family again. It'll be late October before Viv and my sister get their second doses, but even being able to catch up with one family member and take Gizmo for a walk on the beach would be awesome 😃

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I love the way that English speakers crave irregular verbs, and if there aren’t enough of them, we just make up new ones.

Like “snuck” as the past tense of “sneak”. This is so common now that if you say the historically correct “sneaked”, people look at you funny.

Or “wrought” as the past participle of “wreak”. Different verbs. “Wrought” is the past of “wring” (cf. “bring” and “brought”). The past of “wreak” is the plain regular “wreaked”.

Viv got an exciting phone call today -- a job offer for an ongoing full-time position that he applied for, and interviewed for, a couple of months ago. And we don't even have to move to Canberra! The position is here in Melbourne. Until now he's only ever had contract or casual gigs, so permanency is a big step up for him. Super excited 😃

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LB: Zero-day exploit on all kinds of Apple devices. Update them all now to protect yourself.

Tonight I found Gidget rifling through the crap on my bedside table because she realised I keep hair ties there. She kept coming back to rummage through it some more each time I carried her away! So one of the hair ties is hers now. We’re playing fetch with it 🐱 (

Covid-19, nswpol, funny 

If anyone else missed this piece in The Shovel, it's a good 'un: Gladys Daily Presser Cancelled After Poorly Received First Season

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A single Bitcoin transaction consumes more electricity than the average American household does in two months.

Gidget doesn’t seem to remember the time she was almost devoured whole by our old printer, so she decided that on top of the new one was the best place to keep me company today. After all, she’s not breaking my “no cats on the desk” rule when it’s the printer on the desk… (

Wrote a lengthy progress update on how I'm going switching back to the Dvorak left-hand layout! If you're not really interested in keyboards then the highlight of the post is this photo. Gidget thinks "keyboard on the lap" = "lap is vacant" and insists on plonking herself down and making me reposition the keyboard around her 😛

auspol, light-hearted (WA secession) 

Vivian told me he bet 50¢ on WA seceding from Australia… 🤦🏻‍♀️ What gets me, though, is that the amount he’d get if he won is just 87¢! Something that unlikely and those are the odds? 🤯

Now he’s trying to give me all kinds of further justifications for secession, like: If WA seceded, then the AFL would instantly achieve its ambition to preside over an international sport, because the West Australian teams would now be from a different country. I don’t think anybody’ll be employing him as a political strategist somehow…

Viv went and got his first dose of Covid-19 vaccine today! He had been somewhat “vaccine-hesitant”, but the news that unvaccinated people will not be allowed to go to cinemas, restaurants, etc. once we start reopening tipped the scales for him, to my immense relief. Once he’d made his decision (on the weekend), he just wanted a vaccine ASAP and didn’t mind which one, so he looked for AstraZeneca appointments and got one within a few days 😄 (original post)

Gidget’s ayah (that’s Vivian’s mum) sent her this great new box, a worthy successor to her last box that I cut up and threw away months ago 😂 She thinks it makes a great perch from which to watch Cat TV. (original post)

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I am happy to announce you the release of ox-activity-streams, which is a orgmode publish back-end to export the files as activitystreams objects. It allows to interact with your publications from the fediverse and only requires static files on the server side.

An example of the exported post is the top message of this thread. You can reply to it directly 😉

#emacs #orgmode #activitypub #blog #fediverse #activitystreams #linkeddata

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More people should have a personal website. #indieweb

I got the chance to try out the “Merlin Bird ID” app that Miraz mentioned yesterday when I took Gidget outside this morning. I thought that the bird squawking at us angrily was a wattlebird, and even with my dodgy silhouette picture the app confirmed my thinking: its best guess was “little wattlebird”! 😄 Cool stuff. (original post)

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