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Uh hey does anyone here have book recommendations that include

fighty librarians or dangerous libraries

(I rly like the Clayr librarians like Lirael, with swords and "ofc we deal with scary things, i mean it is a library", and I like a lot of aspects of The Invisible Library, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some other examples but yeah, fighty librarians and dangerous libraries are what I'm looking for)

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so apparently you can actually solar sail towards the sun

you will always be pushed outwards but you can angle the sail so your orbital velocity is reduced at a faster rate than you're being pushed outwards

it'd lead to some funky trajectories, but hey, it works!

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@grainloom One of my many draft blog posts that I haven't figured out how to finish is about the need for capturing facts about how hardware works in some way that is not C and not OS-specific, but that can be used to mechanically verify that a particular implementation in a particular OS is correct. I really like the ideas of termite2.org for that purpose but it doesn't quite do the job…

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I had a dream last night that I came up with a really good joke about a professional wrestler that had a bunch of cats, and all the cats had names that sounded like they could be professional wrestlers but also could be cats. I can't remember the cat names now so you'll just have to imagine the joke I would have made here, hypothetically. This is the best I can do for you

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Hey all, welcome my friend @AstroKatie back to the fediverse! She's well-known on that other site as AstroKatie and is a super dope astrophysicist who can tell you how you're going to die (if you are a universe)

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At the time, Einstein was still predicting the wrong value (0.87 arcsec) for the deflection.

It wasn't until 1915, with a deeper understanding of relativistic gravitation, that he realized his mistake. His corrected prediction of 1.75 arcsec was verified during the 1919 eclipse expeditions to Sobral and Principe.

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A team of German astronomers led by Erwin Freundlich and funded by the arms manufacturer Krupp journeyed to Crimea to measure Einstein's predicted deflection of sunlight during a solar eclipse #OTD in 1914.

But WWI had just broken out, so it wasn't a great time for a group of Germans backed by an arms manufacturer to be in Crimea. The group's equipment was seized, and some were arrested as spies.

This was a lucky break for Einstein.

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How Rust’s standard library was vulnerable for years and nobody noticed, medium.com/@shnatsel/how-rusts.

The title is click-baity, but the content is worth reading.

#rustlang #safety #everythingisbroken

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It's been a bit since I've plugged it, so:

Go check out Extreme Meatpunks Forever. A video game built by the fediverse's favorite inexplicably sentient polygon, @HTHR

Visual novel with what one reviewer referred to as "lo-fi sumo wrestling" tossed into the mix.

In it you can:
- Be Gay
- Punch Fash
- Pilot a giant pile of meat
- Be Really Gay
- Fuck Up Real Bad
- Give HTHR 10 bucks.


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Hey, can I just say, because capitalist propaganda is so hard to unlearn:

If you have a job, any kind of job at all, I'm so proud of you. This shit is hard. Working, period, is hard.

And if you don't have a job? That doesn't make you lesser than the people who do have one.

We all deserve the same level of respect as human beings. Capitalism fails to uphold what should be a law of human rights.

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Anyone know how hard it'd be to add a "boost with CW" feature? There's a lot of stuff in my timeline I want to fave+boost but it should really have a CW on it.

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meta / how to make friends and be good people in the fediverse Show more

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honestly robotic cranes stacking and unstacking useless concrete weights for all eternity is the surreal dieselpunk energy storage solution earth deserves qz.com/1355672/stacking-concre

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I think hooters would be more successful if the premise was *everyone* has boobs. i.e you're given breast forms at the door like how they give you shoes at a bowling alley. please fund me

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boost if you enjoy being nice and being treated nicely

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Just a reminder to new Mastodon folks: if you want to join an instance where the only letter you can use is "e", I run dolphin.town and registrations are open!

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Really confusing to read about how millennials killed mayo and then see a ton of it in the grocery store.

Like, do I have to wait until current stocks run out for it to fade into the realm of cursed memories?

Also, can kill something better than random consumer products and chain restaurants? Call me an idealist, but I want to get to toppling some power structures ASAP

My cat is acting like a dragon, sleeping on a hoard of cables and notebooks