Pretty sure my gender is not computable in polynomial time. You could say I'm NB-complete.

✘ rich text

✔ collective ownership of the means of text production

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OH "I put all my files under /path/to/ because that's what everyone's directions say to do"

“The man who wrote one of environmentalism’s most-cited essays was a racist, eugenicist, nativist and Islamaphobe—plus his argument was wrong” by

This week I prototyped a piece of software to assist in packaging other software.

"autobake": Create build recipes through automated trial and error.

it's 4:20pm here and I'm writing documentation for something I call "autobake"

@er1n we are pretty sure that adulthood was a myth all along and everyone is still just kids hoarding blocks, but with way more power than before

It's been a productive weekend! I managed to prep the RCSG Python supplement *and* get The Recompiler science issue online

"Why don't browsers allocate bigger stack?"
Because shitty online games which rely on stack overflows for obfuscation are breaking then, that's why. For reals.

no scotsman implicitly convertible to a non-zero value in bool context

OH: "I'm leaving this company to go run Reed College's nuclear reactor." "So you're going somewhere that will be better for your health?"

@paulfree14 in *many* places, if you put on orange warning vest (or over your street clothes), or hi visibility jacket you can often do these things during broad daylight in plain sight, as 90% of passers by think you are just from the maintenance department, also there is so much subcontracting and outsourcing in building/maintenance work that councils/building owners rarely employ their own workers directly 😉

me: well thanks to that picture of the black hole I think im finally religious

my family, weeping: does that mean you'll go to church with us again?

me: no no no I just worship black holes and darkness now. rejoice! light will die

writing a memo about why I want to use Rust for our rocket's firmware :D

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