I've only done one goblin this #goblinweek, but it was a quick and fun monastic goblin linocut.

here's (apparently) the most well-known asl translation of jabberwocky, btw and it is AMAZING videocatalog.gallaudet.edu/?em and an essay about it web.archive.org/web/2016092204 which points out that "[a]s deaf education grew in 17th and 18th century Europe, the rational structure of the spoken and written word supplanted gestural expressions [...] such developments were not limited to sign languages, as numerous bourgeois societies developed taboos against excessive gesturing during speech"

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

imagine a world where Signal Desktop more than just kinda sorta works

The demon appeared in the summoning circle, foaming at the mouth.
"I am busy!" it roared, waving a toothbrush.
"Oh! I'm sorry!" the warlock said. "Uh... I'll call you again in ten minutes?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Yeah, I'm thinking about using a thing developed for NASA to automate my fridge

do not let slip the dogs of war, there is a lot of traffic about. instead, pet the dogs of war and pet the bellies of the dogs of war. consider giving the dogs of war a treat or a toy, but do not let them slip

They came to his deathbed, took his hand, and whispered in his ear.
"Now we can let you know: you were the chosen one. You worked hard, became a good person, and you did enough. Thank you."
They stayed with him as he passed away, then moved to the next deathbed, to do it again.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Nothing I am into is valued by capitalists. Sucks

Every single person on Mastodon is an anarchist trans girl from Portland, Oregon who works in infosec. In fact, I am an anarchist trans girl from Portland, Oregon who works in infosec. I wish I had found out sooner.

when is social media going to implement the "take your friend aside for a time and gently help them work through their anxieties and traumas that are putting them in a place of hurting and being hurt" user story

pls do not be mean to yourself, mew :<

i like you!

whenever you are mean to yourself imagine i am sitting in front of you going "no! i like you! you are a good!"

that paper where they scraped Mastodon and found cauliflowers 

Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need

All homeless receive a small apartment and counselling – without any preconditions. 4/5 people a make their way back into a stable life.
All this is cheaper than accepting homelessness.


I'd like to see you try

I'd love to see you succeed

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