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oof. Just noticed URL for my avatar picture was truncated, so I'll put it here and pin.

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last boost, final product of my process for tying a single-use plastic bag for easier carrying around & re-use.

phone apps weren't playing together nicely, so that isn't properly threaded, but hopefully one can still get the idea

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OK, getting some more tooling lined up for using this account.

Have profiles for this and for @emittingstate in tootstream so I can load up one or the other and make toots in my editor of choice instead of thumbing them in on the phone.

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Twitter was already very terrible, but people kept making their excuses to keep using it.

Sure, like always, people are going to kick some fediverse tires. Some of those will make accounts. Many fewer of those will actually stick.

It feels big because Twitter is big, and the fediverse is small.

One will be slightly smaller, now. The other? Probably a little bigger. We'll just have to see.

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Glad to finally have a couple of accounts here, this one (@idlestate) which I expect to use like a normal fediverse account, cutlivating a list a mufos, watching the timelines and all that, and the other account (@emittingstate) in which I plan to come when I feel like being noisy and put some topic on long-form blast.

celebrity death 

I've seen a few toots about this, but none CW'd so far, thus nothing I was willing to boost, so:

Andy "Fletch" Fletcher of Depeche Mode has died. He was 60.

Lines, lines
Everywhere there's lines
Fucking up the scenery
Breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you see the line

food fedi running rampant 

horsey sauce in one thread, humans as burritos 'n' corn dogs in another what is happening weekend fediverse


our in-house style guide dictates they be referred to as

"insufferable creep Ted Cruz"


"smirking zero Greg Abbott"

no comma is used in either style; each is presented as a close appositive

been playing a little Super Retro Mega Wars on my phone from @fdroidorg

wild stuff

I rant, therefore I am:

(a rant on starting out learning sysadmin skills, in which I recommend shell accounts before VMs or VPSen)

Title of that page is "The creator of Atari 2600 game Wabbit has finally been tracked down"

The slug or subtitle I don't know what you call this brief description "Wabbit was the first console game to star a female protagonist. The Video Game History Foundation finally found its creator: Texas-based programmer Van Mai."

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I couldn't reach epicyon from this account prior to the server upgrade, but now I can. Yay!

Marking items on a voluntary survey as "mandatory" makes no sense.

The survey isn't mandatory, thus no component of it is mandatory.

If you try to force me to answer an item that I do not wish to answer, you get nothing but data skewed by those compliant with your nonsense.

If a survey is optional, then every question on it must be optional.

When the exercise is not mandatory, then no part of it is mandatory.

If I find an item I do not wish to fill out is "mandatory" for going forward I ... just don't go forward.

You don't get my data and what data you do get sucks all the more for it.

welp, that was fun.

Logged into my desktop for the first in a couple of days and the session just totally glitched and restarted, dumping me out of all GUI appllications I had running (and most of their state, though some Firefox tabs have come back).

Fortunately, the persistence and state that really bothers me to lose was the tmux session, which was intact

ordered enough RAM to max out this box but ... this should not happen.

@woozle still looking for a Markdown editor?

finally remembered to look:


got a little caught up in 'splaining things to a cousin-in-law, connecting the dots between present-day toxic waste sites that used to be 19th century manufactured gas plants, through Fritz Haber's rise & fall, Sylvia Plath, and why food costs are going up because natural gas remains the favored feedstock for driving fertilizer production

sparky got our new 30A circuit in so washer & dryer are running

wish I'd caught who said it when I first heard it:

"freedom of speech is distinct from freedom of reach"

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racism--especially white-fragility, anti-black racism or anti-semitism--as well as sexism (TERFism or SWERFism included), fascism ... no one has any right whatsoever to use someone else's resources to promote or spread this.

Not just these things, but some folk seem to have particular trouble seeing these in particular rejected.

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