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oof. Just noticed URL for my avatar picture was truncated, so I'll put it here and pin.

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last boost, final product of my process for tying a single-use plastic bag for easier carrying around & re-use.

phone apps weren't playing together nicely, so that isn't properly threaded, but hopefully one can still get the idea

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OK, getting some more tooling lined up for using this account.

Have profiles for this and for @emittingstate in tootstream so I can load up one or the other and make toots in my editor of choice instead of thumbing them in on the phone.

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Glad to finally have a couple of accounts here, this one (@idlestate) which I expect to use like a normal fediverse account, cutlivating a list a mufos, watching the timelines and all that, and the other account (@emittingstate) in which I plan to come when I feel like being noisy and put some topic on long-form blast.

Food prep (+) 

Bought a cabbage this morning.

Got it shredded, salted, and into the crock this evening. Same day!

Now we wait.

physical health (~), vaxxen 

Pfizer-receiving arm definitely more sore than the flu-receiving arm.

Beginning to feel a bit more tired and perhaps a little more sore than I might otherwise expect given my level and type of activity in the last day.

Took a 500mg acetaminophen so we'll see how it goes.

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"The anger is, I have no power, but I'm filled with opinions."

-- Fran Lebowitz "Pretend It's a City"

physical, mental health (+), vaxxen 

got my 4th COVID innoculation (original 2, then 1st booster, all Moderna; this time Pfizer) & my 1st flu vax in quite a long while)


Wordle 462 2/6


In two! First try, first letter correctly placed, last letter out of place.

wanted: an undo key combo for changes in GUI state.

eg, no, I didn't really mean to resize that window, I was trying to select some text but inadvertently "grabbed" the edge of the window.

First fall Friday here in my hemisphere now.

A lot cooler today, but clear again.

Dark clouds and scattered rain blew in pretty quickly yesterday afternoon in what has taken me decades to learn to identify as a "cold front" moving in.

It's not always obvious to call it a cold front in the hotter months but it sure was obvious yesterday.

started closing windows, alas

As with the sky, my mood. So maybe I can get back today to where I started yesterday.

To force the password prompt back to the terminal itself when issuing something like gpg -a -c one can add these entries to this file:

$ cat .gnupg/gpg.conf

pinentry-mode loopback
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it's a cool, clear morning here

may the change of seasons bring good things for you

depth-first cleverness


breadth-first cleverness

too early to declare victory, but I might have actually used git annex to wrangle a >100GB chunk of files so that I don't have big overlapping-but-incomplete portitions of that chunk scattered hither and yon across various of my block devices.

What would it take to switch federation from

Allow, Deny


Deny, Allow

little bit of an operation note here for whomever it might help:

When I return to my desktop tab for (glitchsoc) in its own container after using a mobile client in the intervening time, I've found that just duplicating the tab, closing the old one, and using the new duplicate clears out whatever cruft causes it to become very ... slow like cold syrup, but I don't actually have to log out and back in or anything.

contrast that with the deliberate withdrawal of the Cartoon Network collection recently, where the content is definitely not open, such that the withdrawal directly perverts (certainly in the US) the explicit intention of copyright and folks' hands legally are tied.

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Thinking about all the hand-wringing I saw about this move and how I'm just ... agog at how little a change in hosting should matter.

If who hosts it is that big a deal, what kind of "open" is it, really?

cf also the ongoing "self-hosting" versus "self-hostable" discussion, but where, instead of individuals you have a massive network of institions with significant resources that apparently just can't be bothered

long quote on realized dystopias 

Once again reminded of this upon reading Douglas Rushkoff's account of his being hired by 5 billionaires to bluesky about how they might ride out the apocalypse:

"Riding around Port-au-Prince during the day, seeing the sheer biblical scale of the destruction, this could definitely put you in an apocalyptic frame of mind. "Poor Haiti," people say, "So primitive, so backward, so far behind the times." I've been hearing about how backward Haiti is for as long as I've been going. But how about this, what if Haiti is ahead of the times? It seems to be on the leading edge of so many current trends, environmental degradation, serial ecological disasters, crumbling infrastructure, a population that exceeds resources, plus a skewed economic order that channels vast wealth to a privileged few while the great majority of people stagnate and struggle. By any objective measure, Haiti appears well-advanced on the track that the rest of the world seems hell bent on following."

Can You Defy Betteridge's Law By Making A Futile Individual Gesture To Fix Decades of Policy Failures?

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