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intro! cause about time.. 

In true aqua/Aries fashion, bored again so dyed my hair green yayy

Had maaajor wake up call yesterday to get my ish together. Life’s like that sometimes sigh.

"you're only right, right now, for you" - @/jilllouisebusby on ig

aaah mainstream social media is exhausting as hellll

Been wanting to make some foods besides my bomb pancakes but this month I’m already running low siiigh :blobcattilt:

not sure why i'm always super hesitant to take up space online /sigh.

all i wanna do is dance to LH's "Doo Wop" at a carne asada with friends/family, but stuck in this racist capitalist bad dream instead , rude

re: tech; whiteness/racism in tech; 

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tech; whiteness/racism in tech; 

i resent my inability to stick to a single productivity app/single physical notebook/single sketchbook.... my scattered brain is awesome but also hindering as heck

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#NotreDam #Dogwhistles 

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sigh whenever i get to do activities/actions in community that are soul-expanding and push back against the oppression we face daily on any degree, i realize how contracted this society keeps our hearts.. like damn. feeling the walls/shackles of this emotional/psychological oppression /etc

re: intro! cause about time.. addendum 

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is it cool that my aspirations for music are just making covers of songs i love? like... maybe 10 yrs from now i;ll write some of my own music but for now, this is all i want *shrugs

i'm thinking about cultural appropriation and how if you were really in tune with your spirit, your roots, you'd know that whenever you take something that isn't yours (ie, somethng you and the ppl before you havent grown up with, that isnt part of their identity and being), there's plain and simple a different feel to it. like putting a sticker on or something? idk
too many of us are & have been knees-deep in the fantasy of colonialism to identify this feeling; tho whiyes are def the worst..

also keeping it to myself cause that stuff isn't about recognition/spectacle....

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