Happy Friday, please enjoy this photo of my sister’s kitten basking in the sun

recommended instance block: raki.social 

hellloooooo if you run an instance (especially an unusual/joke instance) on mastodon, you should email me at gita.jackson at kotaku dot com. would love to ask you a few questions for a story.

This is a subtoot, because I can’t reply to the original toot without getting a headache, but it also works as a PSA:

Do not post blinking gifs without marking them as sensitive media and hiding them behind a suitable CW (e.g. “stroboscopic”, “blinking lights” or “seizure warning”).

Look at this selfie I took at my therapist office this morning .

maybe dumb question, but for folks who are using both twitter and mastodon, are you using anything to cross-post? or just doing it manually?

going back to routine feels kind of nice though.

I'm daydreaming of the rainy fall work days ahead spent coding by my window 💙

first day back to work AND therapy appointment after a 2-week vacay

it's like, a lot of mental stimulation for one day

feeling more sleepy after having coffee somehow

I got this possum ring yesterday and it makes me smile every time I look at it

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