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The paper is full now so here if the final picture of this paper that I have now put on my wall

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Like this status and a robot will write your username on a paper in 7 days

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@ghlyffe Sounds like some old magic viking warhorn that some 1800s supervillain has gotten hold of and is using to do dastardly deeds with

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trans puns 

to avoid the unfortunate gendering of the term "transistor," trans siblings will now be classified as one of the following

  • masculine-or-sometimes-feminine-energy trans (MOSFETs)
  • just-feminine-energy trans (JFETs)
  • masculine-energy trans (METs)
  • indeterminate-gender-based trans (IGBTs)
  • binary-jettisoning trans (BJTs)

new types are constantly being discovered/invented

Time to get ready to go back into the arena of complete world domination (now with 100% more Brian Blessed!
Going live at the usual time of 7pm BST on

I am loving the new Evil Genius and just really hoping that the Emma and Zalika campaigns hold up to the standard of the rest of the game so far.
I am optimistic, for now.


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