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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

Every manpage should have an EXAMPLES that shows how to do the very basic, most obvious thing with the command line tool or library function.


Talk now cancelled, I expect the reddit crowd to take this calmly.

"We were not aware of the issues" oh boy.

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Campus computer science club is hosting RMS for a talk in 2020, the kids are not all right

oh, and they have a vanity userid as well, probably one they insisted on when they were hired. I mean, not the worst offense, but... why bother if you're going to just forward to and use your firstname.lastname at gmail address anyway?

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> receives email at institutional address
> forwards to legacy mail server
> has a rule there to forward to gmail
> somehow still has 12GB of email on the legacy server

Sends email directly from the gmail address, probably complaining we don't let them spoof our domain too. Faculty members gonna fac, y'all.

re: alc mention 

Not that I'm drinking at work now! But I do have the occasional after-work social and my Wintendo is right next to it, so...

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alc mention 

If you'd told me a year ago that one of my biggest annoyances about my work desktop would be that it has the occasional hard to see / harder to clean / always annoying little splits from opening a beer too close to the display, I'd have been... well, a bit surprised, since the only time I drank at work was office parties or a beer at lunch out.

(Too close in this case is "within about a foot and a half" - flip top bottles of wheat can really spray, apparently.)

"Coalface perspective" twice in a single sentence arghhhhhh

Fuck I was talking to somebody about keeping notes on things and forgot the word then was looking through open tabs on my iPhone and saw what I meant was "Personal Knowledge Base" and that wasn't what I told them it was called and now I can't remember who it was but thanks to @natecull for originally bringing that term to my attention like a year ago (oh, it was May 2020, which only FEELS like a year ago)

Us: you have 1100 public IPs in this building already, why are you asking for another 500?

Them: but you have some networks that aren't fully allocated, look, I spent some time and found a treasure trove (a couple /24s that are only 2/3 allocated) why won't you just do what we want

yay faculty IT

"Options are being considered and a path forward is being plotted" is a sentence I just read and sigh

Me: how2 use library access to O'Reilly again? this is what happened

Librarian: oh, it's changed to something new-stupid from the old-stupid, it will fill in a code apparently?

Me: oh. yes, some gibberish appeared in a field that said "enter your institutional email address" so I deleted it and put in my address and it barfed, but I tried again and left the code and it worked

Librarian: huh, well, if you did that so will others, so I'm going to try adding a note to each of our ORA holdings

I am reliably informed that past me thinks present me is also a real fucking jerk and what was I expecting treating him like that, so fair play I guess.

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I just found a fairly sizeable bug in some relatively paths of code we use hundreds of times a day, which I last touched 6 years ago. Like, "major features just plain don't work" bug, but we didn't notice because we never use those features. They presumably used to work but I have NFI when I broke them.

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