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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

Nobody will get this because my age group has been erased

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Listening to the 80s Pop station on Apple Music, and Welcome to the Jungle just came on. Throw some more shade, Apple!

you can’t spell “hot pockets” without “https”

Things I've learned working from home: my desk sucks (I already knew that but) and an Apple Magic Mouse scrolls much better when the cat doesn't have some tail fur between your finger and the scrolly part.

A university wide video message from our provost, apparently intended for instructors but sent to all staff, includes him quoting Winston Churchill. Given our large international student (and employee) body, I think he might have chosen a different person to quote (or maybe leave the inspiring quotes out entirely). Definitely have some ways to go in inclusivity.

I feel like they did at least try with this one. (Sensitive for gender mentions.)

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As a GenXer I'm used to my age group not being represented, but this is ridiculous.

Paraphrasing Adam Savage: having an unrelated cough during this pandemic feels like saying "no, I don't have a zombie bite, I'm just naturally pale and shambling"

Only thing giving me solace right now is this picture of goose sleeping in the sun

In trying times it's good to be a rat. Eat a cheerio and know nothing. Stick your head in a cardboard tube, maybe eat that too. Life is good.

Me, yesterday: I’m going to walk everyday now because I need the exercise

Nature: fuck you. 🌧 🌧

And hilariously, many people in our department chose the "nothing at all" route meaning there's a lot of overlap in initials. I don't know if the person I'm talking to is Jimmy Hoffa or Johnny Haffa without hovering my mouse somewhere.

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To my institution's credit, this year we made it a whole lot easier for people to change their display names, but apparently we can't choose how we want to look online.

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My favourite part about the departmental-mandated "use our corporate headshot or nothing at all for all things needing an avatar" is the headshots are nice and small and so when you join Teams meetings they get nice and big and grainy AF. Mine had been set to Travis, but apparently that's "unprofessional" so we'd rather have 20x20 icons of a bunch of middle aged white men that all look the same to me apparently at any resolution.

"This program exists to provide oversight on the various projects underway to leverage (vendor) products for campus to align with the (vendor) vision and expected benefit delivery."

why did I take a middle management position whyyy oh right pay rise and it was what I was already doing anyway but whyyy

Well I just successfully encoded my first ASN.1 structure with the help of a 3rd-party library and it only took me about 10 minutes to create the equivalent of [5] in JavaScript:

forge.asn1.create(forge.asn1.Class.UNIVERSAL, forge.asn1.Type.SEQUENCE, true, [ forge.asn1.create(forge.asn1.Class.UNIVERSAL, forge.asn1.Type.INTEGER, false, forge.asn1.integerToDer(5).getBytes())])

That’s WITH A LIBRARY. A sizable library. And why? To tell Let’s Encrypt: ocspMustStaple = true

ASN.1 is devil spawn.

All archaeology proves is that our ancestors were skeletons and they lived underground.

You can tell it really wasn't a harsh winter this year: the squirrels that are again out en masse are literally en masse, they still have their fall chonkysuits going. One nice thing about WFH next to the kitchen window, my view is squirrels and fallen leaves, not construction crews and students walking in front of dump trucks.

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