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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

I temporarily lost a VM with 1TB of disk. How embarrassing. :( (Hush b.)

implied violence 

It's nice to be appreciated for asking point-blank tough questions, even if I sometimes have to go outside my organisation to get that appreciation.

A sales rep and I were commiserating about various things like expectations around WFH. I described the forms we had to sign, which initially said "Must have a door to close" and how I'd asked why should I be required to have that at home when my employer has made it quite clear it's fine with my productivity loss due to not having that at work?" Him: "You SAID that? I need to ask you more questions because damn, you say things other people only think and think of things nobody else does!"

And I don't really want potential solutions, I just want to kvetch. :)

This can be in no way a demonstration of a phone failing 2.5 years after its acquisition and will in no way probably require me to tell my employer "the phone you gave me is harfing, so replace it early or, well, I won't be reachable by phone unless I'm at a desktop."

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool... woke up this morning, picked up phone at 100% battery, checked email, it rebooted and came back at 10% battery. I used it for a while, it stayed at 10%, then I plugged it in for a couple of hours, it went back to 100. Unplugged it, went downstairs for WFH day, it dropped to 80% within 45 minutes. Went upstairs to listen to a couple of short podcasts while I got some coffee going, and it dropped to 40% within 10 minutes, then was 25% after I went back down.

falling in love is easy, falling out of love is easy, falling because you didnt tie your shoelaces is easy - and as we know, all will result in feeling stupid and a very bloody nose.

how to get Roomba to stop leaving little Yelp reviews about how bad the dirt tastes

Me: wtf, I don't remember having this much work backed up when it was just me, why is being down 2/2 staff so painful now?

Also me: forgets he used to come in between 7-8 and leave between 7-8

When people say "dance like nobody's watching" they usually don't mean that I should wave my arms around pseudo-randomly, but that's what they're telling me to do

saving precious seconds by falling down the stairs every time instead of walking down

Capitalism: Communism would mean the death of ownership! Say goodbye to having any personal goods of your very own.

Also Capitalism: Sure, you have a right to what you own, but we never actually *sold* you a product, we merely provided a service/product on loan for which your payment has currently run out. *said about literally everything*

SMTP is a misbegotten protocol that should die a quick and nasty death.

Faculty member 1: You should filter all email everywhere regardless of how it comes into our systems.

Faculty member 2: You should never filter any email anywhere regardless of how it comes into our systems.

Both: This should work even if I choose to blindly forward all of my email to a third party system I may or may not control. Also ensure that all my emails both in and outbound are delivered quickly and perfectly.

Both: why won't you listen to me?! I HAVE A PHD! Also, fuck that other guy!

Also how do you get a cast like Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Kristin Chenoweth, Jean Reno, and even Beyonce, and make it SO. BAD.

Based on some previous discourse I was willing to believe that Jason Statham played Chev Chelios in every movie he's ever been in but then I realised he's in the 2006 remake of Pink Panther and yeah, no.

I also just touched his little fang sticking out a lil bit and yeah, he didn't care about that either.

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