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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

We went from "yeah, shovelling is a real pain in the ass and 25 is now a good distance in the rear view mirror" to "we have a snowblower when can we go pick it up" in about 30 seconds this morning so I guess that's happening. At least I won't have to figure out what to do with what's left of the lawnmower gas.

ecology professor update: one of her parrots mimics the sound of the phone ringing. when she goes to pick up the phone, her parrot says "ha ha, it's the bird"

from local irc channel

"Whee! I got alpine working on o365 with 2fa"

This does not imply a whee moment to me, but hey.

Now she's recorded him going mrrrple and she was playing it back to make sure she captured it and he was aghast at his own voice coming from behind him

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First semi-real foray into Powershell today. It's so nice* to see Microsoft's got the same robust solutions to package management that every other scripting language does.

L is tossing Mousie for Mason upstairs and he sounds like thunder when he gallops

baby Wotan, warning: extreme cuteness 

Wotan was very smol once

Love it when somebody forwards a mail clearly marked as spam saying "I got this, submitting so you can improve antispam here"

re: ph ish, mh ish 

These posts brought to you by I actually took an 8.1k walk today for the first time in... quite a while, I guess, several weeks anyway.

I'm not doing the "right" things for walking, mostly, I do spend some time looking at my phone so I can play Pokeymans, but it's something, at least.

Those walks in June I could barely focus on anything that wasn't, like, six inches from my face, so I didn't do anything but walk and look at houses and yards as best I could.

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re: ph ish, mh ish 

The insulin really helped almost immediately, and so I went from having basically 6 or so hours of actually-awake time a day and another 5-6 hours of twilight, to both sleeping better and being more present in the time I was awake.

Despite having blurry vision the whole time and being worried it was going to be permanent or get worse, and of course pandemic worries, I'd have to say June-July were some of the best months for me in quite a while.

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ph ish, mh ish 

The photos I posted earlier were from a walk I took a few months ago, shortly after I got my beetus diagnosis and I was on half days. I don't like it enough to take half salary, but I do miss having the extra time to go for long walks almost every day (I was averaging 7-10km a day). It was so much the better because for the year+ prior I'd been struggling to stay awake more than 8 or 9 hours a day which in retrospect was obviously the disease. I'd thought it was depression.

Remember in 2015 and everybody was like phew, what a year 2014 was, so wild. And then again in 2016 about 2015, and so on and so on

Don't let me catch you saying that about 2020

not quite sure what's going on here, I do not think this is a duplex

when your house has more sleeping spots for cars than it does for humans

A pox on whomever wrote the alleged "format" that Exchange IIS logs get written in

Mastodon is a press conference with 85 people ambling around on stage, all waiting to stand in front of a podium with dozens of microphones to give their big speech, and literally nobody in the audience except one guy who showed up to the wrong room for jury duty.

On a mailing list where for some reason we're all meant to include our PII in our .signatures "so everybody knows who everybody else is", having your sig be "Yourname / Director & CISO" is not very helpful since almost everybody on that list who isn't me are also Director/CISO types

As a result of an unfortunate incident during our group video meeting this morning I am now writing a performance review for Jack Torrance

"Willing to self-isolate for extended periods of time for the good of the company. 4/5 good year, possible area of improvement: learn to type more than just 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' would help in career advancement"

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