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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

In a sure sign I'm Decrepit, I've been thinking I started in my current department in 2010. I didn't, I just found documentation I wrote in 2009 after I started here. Happy decade-versary to me, I guess! (I *know* I started in January.)

OSHA, and I'm not exaggerating here, is, by far, one of the most successful legislations ever made in the US. Serious workplace injuries and illnesses dropped from impacting 11% of workers to less than 4% since it's inception.

Deaths per year were 14,000+ at its creation, now they are less than 5,000 (still too high). It's safe to say over 100,000 lives have been saved by a fairly simple regulatory act.

And so, it really sucks to see an act, originally enacted to keep workers safe...(+)

I think even after 6 full years, my middle-manager-brain isn't fully developed. I can easily justify to myself spending an afternoon mucking about with some highly technical work, but it feels like I didn't get much done on other days when I spent the same afternoon discussing an incident, writing a meeting agenda for us to discuss a post mortem, and taking rough stabs at staff performance reviews. Worded like that it seems silly but I can't help it.

ph~ mh- 

and about 45 seconds after that he fetched his squeaky mousie and dropped it on my foot for a game of fetch.

OK, sick for three days means it's about five hours to catch up on routine business that I missed (and stay caught up with new stuff coming in). And my staff did a pretty good job of keeping up with operational things. Checking email whilst on vacation really is more "so I don't spend my first week back catching up on the last week" than FOMOW. :(

A student here described a phishing email as "a cheating letter" - I quite like that description.

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind


i sent this pic to my wife with the comment:

milks gone bad
how do you know?
opened the door and it threw a snake at me

and then laughed at it so hard for ten minutes straight i dislocated a rib and woke up my daughter from across the house

Me selling paintings I made, boosts help me find clients 

Mason wants to know if it’s gooshyfood time yet. (cat eye contact)

tfw you expected to occupy your Friday afternoon doing something and it only took 10 minutes. tangentially, cloudflare-ing a personal host to see what it looks like from either end for work-research purposes is stupid-easy.

Co-worker describing a former co-worker to The New Guy: "he was... unusual, and he did things unusually, so I'm not sure how useful that report actually is."

I know several of you on my TL are looking for new employment. I simultaneously hope you get what you want and decry the need. <3

Update: rather than pass along my very clear and concise description of what was wrong with the packaging, along with notes on how to fix it, the support rep is arguing it's clearly a permissions problem and I need to be superuser when installing the package. The fact that the logs he looked at to make this claim don't get written unless I installed as root are irrelevant.

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