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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

LOL at our identity & access management system changing somebody's primary email from 8 to 28 characters, so they also had to log in to things with the untruncated username.

Software is silly, especially when there's 10,000 rules people keep globbering on to the old set to handle this one edge case or that other small set of cases.

i like how microwave manufacturers invented the popcorn button just so microwave popcorn manufacturers could include "do not use the popcorn function of your microwave" in the instructions

As somebody who has never been to an Olive Garden nor is likely to ever go (it's only south of the Laurier-Roosevelt line and would apparently be an approximately 13.5 hour drive to the closest one and it's illegal for me to travel there anyway), what is it? Shitty Italian, yeah? For those who've beento both, how does it compare to, say, East Side Mario's? Inquiring minds etc.

reddit was a website in the early 21st century which popularized the acronyms TIL (today i learned...) and AMA (ask me anything), and added nothing else of value to society

someone called Risk of Rain "Threat of Wet" and now i refuse to call it anything else

Uber, Canada, good news 

Also I love the VERY simply worded summary designed to let as many Canadians as possible read it:

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I think a certain one of my followers would appreciate last boost quite a lot.

I put a web page for a vanity/test domain I have behind Cloudflare so I could see how setting it up worked and how easy it was. (It's very easy.) I'm now getting emails from Cloudflare about how I can buy tooling from them to look at cache hits/misses.

Here's the entire site:

I'm thinking their analytics can't be great if they don't know I couldn't possibly care about cache misses.

We picked up a weighted blanket for me to try (15lb). It was actually cold enough last night to try it out. I can't say that it made a huge difference either way for me, but Mason sure likes it. I don't think he'd like crawling under the covers with me with that one though.

re: food, diet, alc mention 

I don't know how I'm going to change that if I "go back to the office" because that's the habit of a lifetime. But I'm going to have to or I'll be on insulin the rest of my life.

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food, diet, alc mention 

Now that I've started tracking what I eat more carefully, the wonder isn't that I "only" put on about 15 pounds in the last 20 years with a fairly sedentary lifestyle, it's that I put on any weight at all. I'm routinely in the 900-1100 calorie range.

I'm suspecting more and more the diabetes is caused by starving myself during the day (forgetting to eat) and then dumping in 6-800 calories+carbs in the form of pasta, rice, etc.

"Detail-oriented" doesn't mean "observant and catches small mistakes", it means "I will spend the entire day fiddling with LaTeX macros to get things looking juuuust the way I want them to

Happy Birthday Alan Turing, the computer scientist and pioneer of cryptography exploitation - he was born on this day in 1912. His historic papers and work are synonymous to many in the computing science fields, Turing was persecuted by the British government for being gay and poisoned himself tragically at the age of 41. No other life has helped shape the world we live in today as beautifully and no one should ever forget the fate men like him suffered at the hands of the UK state.

Jeep: I'm ugly as fuck, underpowered, and prone to rollovers

Bombardier Iltis: hold my IMP

I can't believe somebody spent their own money on this. This is also in the best shape of any of these things that I've ever seen.

Oh look, US police departments *know* that racists are infiltrating BLM protests in order to incite violence against the police, but somehow that's not anything they're saying much about. We're all so very surprised.

It's almost as if governments prefer "everybody" thinks that violence at the protests is caused by protesters, not by cops looking for (and then causing) fights, or fuckwits instigating.

Love to have a nearly two year old ticket about security issues closed with "we can't fix this now but we will in the next few months" with no discussion or comments in the intervening 23 months.

tired of getting in to the same argument, so I'm reposting this.

"We've just grown to the country with the 3rd highest level of online supporters of white nationalism while alberta's passed legislation criminalizing protests and the cries for communities to be alleviated of mercury contaminated drinking water or even just for the RCMP to stop brutalizing and murdering people are being ignored because it's easier for liberals to say "at least we're not American" than to make concrete changes"

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