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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

Selfies, EC, boost me you cowards 

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Petition to add an "aw fuck :(" button on mastodon for when you want to show support but dom't have much to say and a like seems inappropriate.

would like to have back all the time in my life I've spent staring at POST screens waiting for that two second interval where you can hit Fwhatever to make it boot from some other device, or to hit Stop-A and debug, kthxbai

Nearly speared one of my staff at lunch today making an emphatic gesture that catapulted my fork into his shoulder. That would have been a fun injury report to make.

shoutout to my brain for making weird ass tv for me to watch while i’m sleeping

Millenials and zoomers mock GenX all you want for us giving y'all nothing, but we gave you Ted "Theodore" Logan yw send toot

sorry for being obsessed with the phrase "one hundred million" i just think its so stupid that it even exists. who needs to count that high. who needs to have or even think about one hundred million of anything


why have monuments to Confederates in the South when you've got Dolly Parton

I bought more books. Someone save me from myself lmao

Advertisement: Kids having a snowball fight.

Asterisk: Dramatization, do not attempt.

Table: Flipped.

My wife asked me if I wanted like a stand for my room so I could yeet my jeans up onto it when I'm changing and I think that might even be the correct usage? Being GenX in a millenial world means I'm never sure of my vocabulary.

the cool thing about being a pessimist is i'm hardly ever wrong, and it's actually the worst

If you are trans, in any way, shape, or form, Graham Linehan wants you to *not exist*. Full stop. He thinks you do not deserve to be in this world and will do whatever it takes to make sure you stop existing.

His new fediverse instance is

Do not allow his kind of hatred to thrive here.

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round cat is the most affectionate creature i've ever known. #cats

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