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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

also it's fucking hilarious to watch a dove try to stand on the posts on the smaller feeder and try to bend down to get their beaks in the hole

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I quite dislike mourning doves due to years of having them wake me at like 5am cooing right outside my window, but at least they leave the chippies alone.

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Happy #caturday! His new favorite thing is asking to be picked up when I am sitting at my desk

then a fucking cardinal comes along and stands on the high feeder yelling at the chippie and it's like jesus christ man, don't you remember what it's like when you let a sparrow drive you off?

spoilies: a sparrow did, in fact, show up about 5 seconds later, the cardinal flew off, and then so did the sparrow. so now I'm chippieless and neither of the birbs actually et either.

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I wish we could come up with a feeder that isn't so attractive to squirrels but is still usable by chipmunks and bunnies. Early to mid afternoon when the chippies visit, and dawn/dusk when we sometimes get a bun are my favourite times to be watching out the window.

George: jerry, there's a warbird out there

Jerry: put it on the screen

George: it is on the screen. you think I'm gonna tell you there's a warbird and not put it on the screen?

Jerry: it's blurred. it's a blurred warbird

George: there's another approaching. and another

jerry: a third blurred warbird?

Why are people talking about 30 year olds as though that is an Old Life Stage? Y'all know your 30s is still young

authenurl for the one person to whom this toot will make sense

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tfw a team requests certificate renewal on an authn service that should have been long-gone 10 years ago

This random rooster kept showing up in my yard today, so I set up the most Wile E Coyote-ass trap to get rid of him

scrollin' through your media tab to find kitty photos (yes this is a subtoot)

It's too fun to say 'raw dog syslog' it must be Friday and I must be 11 years old

Am I the only person whose throat closes up in sympathy whenever they're listening to is clearly about to cough? *Hand glass of water through the Internet* as a service please

Space Jam is for millennials

Space Jam 2 is for zoomers

BASEketball is for gen x

Did I _call_ bylaw (then or now)? No, I do generally believe in live and let live, and I have a basement to retreat to, but fuck

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and 10,000 times the too-loud music.

My wife: at least they shut it down at midnight

Me: I don't want to be That Guy, but bylaw says "if I can hear your music in my backyard, it's too fucking loud" and they're clearly antivaxxers so fuck them

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"Reopening" means our down the road neighbours with the "end lockdowns" lawn sign have 7 visitor cars instead of only the 5 they've had most weekends since about November 2020

I pronounce cursed as

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