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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

For those in the know, I showed LW how to use Qualys for his faculty reporting.

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It was nice to show somebody new to one of our programs around it a bit and he immediately started thinking of ways he could use it and that was a nice add to a week that's been otherwise mostly shit.

"We've always been comfortable with our vacation homes in the US until this year because we're wary of the polarised climate around vaccines" is peak White Canadian, holy moly.

I feel like I've bitched about this before, but if I did, IT'S THE SAME PERSON

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On today, this day the 598th of March 2020 you still don't understand you really should mute yourself when you're not talking, especially if you're the sort to snorkle and cough and sigh a lot, I think it's fair to consider this to be bad faith and uninvite that person from meetings forever. Which may just be giving them what they want but IDGAF

get you a latitude where it's not still nearly pitch black out at 0645h and it's still only October and DST doesn't fucking count

My mother tries to send us money for our anniversary, but always winds up late. She's just sent us some apologizing for being late again - it's next month. Our next call will be fun.

Cisco has gone from "we can't write software" to "we have HP ProCurve level bugs in data centre switches too" bad.

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My day wasn't great today, but at least it wasn't "I added a VLAN to a CR switch which then removed 40 other VLANs including the management VLAN and then crashed, taking out all the uplinks for an ESX host" bad.

Considering applying for a Director position and then in answer to the inevitable "why did you apply for this position?" question saying only "because I know it comes with a door I can close" and then leaving the room.

historian voice: 20th century people would urinate into a cup when they began working for a new employer. it is unclear what purpose this ritual served.

I opened the curtains that usually stay closed all the time so he can see the birds that made a nest in the giant loropetalum outside #caturday

Social call yesterday with two co-workers, one in their early 30s and the other their early 60s, and the younger called 'rona "the boomer remover" and the look on the elder's face was worth the internet bits it took to transfer (said boomer is actually very pro-vax so it wasn't at all personal but still lel)

There will never be anything funnier to me than "giant man walks purse-sized dog"

Can't tell if it's Alanis-ironic, following likely advice, or just plain funny to huck a book on organising your home, spine never cracked, into my donation box.

If nothing else, I know this week that I was able to help the girlfriend of one of my staff members to find a work placement due to my Connections (I have weekly drinks with some librarians and gave her name to one of them). It's not much and my Connection tells me that it's pretty shit work doing cataloguing, but that's what she wanted to do anyway, so yay for helping people.

He was but professed to not be able to do much, which is true since one of the reasons I'm irritated is our senior leadership are fucking idiots.

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Pretty sure he's going to be worried about me or my morale. Which is good, he should be.

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Me to my boss just now: I have decided to leave our employer $1500 in my will, but the condition will be they rename a toilet in one of the buildings the My Name Memorial Toilet, "so they can treat me in death as they did in life"

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