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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

I had lunch with a co-worker who is also a single mother yesterday, and we were talking about our houses. I said we got a bungalow, she said that's smart so we won't have to move when we get older (which is exactly the reason). I also said it was driven home when we were in a 3-story townhouse and my wife was bedridden for a month and I went home every day to give her lunch and make sure she was ok. My co-worker said "most husbands wouldn't do that" and my heart broke a little for her.

All this "Lizzy was secretly this" and "what you didn't know about her" sounds a lot to me like "Dumbledore was gay actually" and with the same sorts of author too.

I know at least most of y'all ain't too sad over QE2's death but speaking as probably one of the few here who actually swore an oath of loyalty, collected her shilling (well, CAD) and served in a Royal regiment with herself as Honourary Colonel... I won't miss her either.

The thing they thought was interesting was actually that the way the walls are set up is kind of fucked up, barn board / gap / barn board / brick, which to me is actually just normal for having a 130 year old house that's been renovated umpteen times, and is exactly why I would not want to live in such a house.

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My staff member: so the electrician was over and we found something interesting


Part of the reason I can't really say much more publicly is my boss once told me I shouldn't reject tools by a certain infosec "rockstar" who helped a neo-Nazi try to publish hate speech because what if the tool is actually good.
Mmm, hard no.

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I can't say this somewhere people might be able to more easily guess who I am, but... we've had Cloudflare compete for our business a handful of times over the last six or seven years and each time I've been secretly relieved when they failed to measure up technically.

Fuck that company and fuck their 'leadership' twice a day and five times on Sundays with a rusty chainsaw. I'm sure there's some good people there who need the paycheque, but otherwise, ugh.

*Jughead voice* Mastodon, once a safe, decent, innocent place, had become a noir town, like the setting of a Raymond Chandler story filled with dames to kill for, postmen who like to ring twice and more mobsters than a Scorsese retrospective at the Bijou. We were a decentralized social network of lost souls, each of us wrestling with demons, each of us with secrets we were trying to keep...

Oh, I missed the big 4x4 on the rear quarter panels too. My man, you don't need four by on that thing, it's never seeing anything deeper than a rain puddle. I bet you park it in the winters too.

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Suburban warriors be out shirtless at 8am, carefully polishing the "chrome" on the front bumper of their extended cab shortbed F150, with their Tim Hortons cup sitting right on the hood.

Last night my usual gaming group allowed me to take better advantage of the new gamerboi rig by playing something other than our usual (2013 release Payday2, 2016 release Killing Floor 2). We took a cue from a comment I'd made, "every time I play Borderlands 3, I wish I was playing BL2" and we played 2012 release BL2. New GPU being put to great use!

Employer: hahaha fuck yes we got them back in the office this rules

Employees: what the fuck why is it so hot (or in some buildings, so cold)

Employer: HVAC is hard mmkay and anyway we're short-staffed and you have to understand pandemic has changed things

Employees: If things have changed why are we mandated back to the office and anyway you keep this up and people will quit


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Employer: It's safe to come to the office! Isn't it *great* being in the office again?!

My desk: I will be 28C at 9am when it is 17C outside.

I'm not going to say I judge people when I discover their browsing habits on their work systems on accident (in this case, reviewing logs of SSL certs we've seen).

But I definitely don't _not_ judge them.

Unrelated, watching Irishman finally whilst doing dishes (finally it's not 29C and humid, just 23 and _really_ humid) and it's unfair the talent Scorsese had to work with.

I copied 3.4TB of data from a scratch drive to its destination last night, verified everything copied fine, then deleted the destination instead of the scratch so I have to do it again.
How's YOUR Sunday going?

Thing that will make sense to exactly no more than 3 followers...

Co-worker in another group: I need to figure out who/what is still using (departmental) mail server

Me: You could spend the rest of your career doing that. Adrian did.

(Said co-worker is under 35.)

re: covid 

Maybe I should have had a bit more faith, reading 420-450 right now. We'll see what the day (and more people) brings, I suppose.

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Very much looking forward to bringing my new CO2 monitor to the office tomorrow. I'm already positive our Safety Office has been playing fast and loose Languaging to assure us how Safe our office is, the question is: how much?
We don't believe their claims about good circulation: in summer 2019, my row was regularly 25-27 air temp, never mind all the glass and east-face. Next row over was 17, staff were wearing toques.
I guess it is a *bit* different now from then; now we're BOTH 25-27.

Life of a SOC analyst: somebody forwards an email they think is a phish. We think it probably isn't, but we ask for the original as an attachment just to be sure.
The attachment they forward is the email we'd sent, requesting the original as an attachment.
This happens often enough I wonder how we could make our request more clear, but I've no idea how to improve the wording.
It still kills me every time. :D

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