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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

remembering how an old acquaintance would use some shitty antivirus's free 1 month trial. when the trial ran out rather than simply getting a crack, purchasing a license, or going without it, he would wipe his hard drive and reinstall windows. every 30 days he did this

Addressing SWMBO as "Mz. Firstname Lastname" in my instant messaging texts and signing with "Sincerely, Myfirstname Mylastname" and driving her to rage-quit the instant messaging text window FTW.

After dropping too much $ on a Ubiquiti Amplifi "Whole-House" router, I am down too much $ but up pretty decent wifi coverage for my,,, whole house.

google play music, owned and operated by google, the search company, has a hard time surfacing the musical artist "The The" via a search query, probably because the band name is all stop words.

You'd think a search company would have a code path in place for exact matches regardless of natural language processed indices.

If they cared.

mastodon is like Sesame street where a muppet announces the word of the day and the whole town loses their shit over it

faculty member, upon first contact with help desk for a minor networking issue: I demand to speak to the head of IT for the university

also faculty member: nickname is set to "Professor Firstname" as if they're totally not the type who is going to immediately demand to speak to your manager

Love to have this lazer beam zapping my eyeballs from the side.

All my co-workers who were all "this will be great, we'll have windows!!!!1!" can have this poking them in the face all day. At least in an hour or so it will have moved on. Remains to be seen if in the winter I'll get the bounce from the shiny building behind us to the windows of the one you can see in the foreground and then into my eyeballs again.

If I thought my employer thought about me that much, I'd think maybe the never-cleaned windows is an attempt to ameliorate my pain, but instead I think it's just "welp, that costs money and staff don't need to see outside."

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A reminder of the importance of callbacks on known telephone numbers, rather than taking peoples' words who make your phone ring about whomst they are:

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Oh, no, 'Linux' is just one part of the operating system. The whole package that you're thinking of is actually called GNU's Monster.


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anyone keep a spare pair of shitting shoes at work so you cant be IDed in the stalls?

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I was at my grandmother's house when the drought of 1998 finally broke. She had a big window over the kitchen sink and she stayed glued to it, watching the clouds grow darker and heavier. When it finally started raining, she raised both her hands over her head triumphantly and screamed "Let it rip!" A second later, lightning hit her house, causing the fridge to blow out, a ball of fire narrowly missing my startled mother

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