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Warning, I fav and maybe boost every. single. cat. I see.

Hearing in the same day that my new recruitment will be posted next Wednesday and that a company with which I interviewed would like to schedule a follow-up next week is a bit weird, but I'm ok with that. Either I get more help, or getting more help x 2 will become my director's problem.

Like, there was full rear-al too, but it somehow didn't have the same effect after that.

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When I saw the "nudity" warning on the new Kids in the Hall, I have to confess, I wasn't expecting that to mean David Foley and Kevin McDonald jumping up and down full frontal with their hands on their heads.

no one:

if i were a superhero, my sidekick would be called Glocktopus; an octopus with 8 guns

@Blakely trying out for providing fun animal facts on the tour around the zoo and only describing every animal as "very good [adjective relating to animal] dogs" and being reprimanded but standing firm in my belief that they are still all very good dogs

What if I had, say, gone for a walk, as was my habit in 2020 and which I need to pick up again, and took cover in a sudden rainstorm? Although in that kind of storm I would have figured I'm as wet as I'm going to be and just kept going, there's still randomness.

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Today I learned what a derecho is. I very much would have preferred not learning what it is in the current context. Counting myself very lucky that the worst that happened to us was a theoretical: what if I had NOT been parking the car closer to the house to avoid maple spinners and goop falling directly onto it as opposed to, say, half a tree.

It's possible it was _testing_ instead of a _drill_ (that building had scheduled drills almost a month ago) so maybe I'm letting him off the hook.

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Love to hear our president was giving a public presentation, fire alarm went off and he didn't evacuate because it was a drill.

Leadership from the top!

In which georgieboy (re)discovers that part of being middle management is helping new hires figure out how to interact with their line managers since I've known said managers for over a decade and they, well, haven't. Current new hire is used to a very regimented environment whereas ours is the opposite of that, and a month or so in they're figuring this out and exploring how to work without guardrails.

Last boost: I do not and have not since I was a teenager, which might explain many of my decisions since.

people always wanna know how I post so good. it's simple: I still have my wisdom teeth

I read a review of the Firestarter remake that claimed it was better than the original.

I haven't seen the original in a while, but having just seen the remake... no. The best I can say for it is if you're going to have a character who is First Nation, it's best if that character is actually played by such an actor. No spoilies, but the ending was obviously setting up for a sequel and it was not good at all. The original wasn't great, but it was still better.



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