social media is community infrastructure and requires ethical, accountable governance as much as roads and bridges do.

re: software governance 

a benevolent dictatorship is neither ethical nor accountable, much less benevolent; BDFL is a joke of a term, used to disparage fragile or jealous governance. it is a tragedy that we are so alienated from governance to feel dictatorship is somehow wise.


re: software governance 

@garbados i mean… just looking at world history for the balance of shite dictators vs platonic philosopher kings *should* be an indicator.

or that undisclosed contemporary example for presidential systems being too much power in one person’s hand to be stable against authoritarian subversion.

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One reason people have an easier time accepting a BDFL in free software is that it's easier to fork a software project than to fork a country. The existence of this sledgehammer check-and-balance puts off implementing more fine-grained checks and balances.

Only the most forward-thinking project leader understands that project longevity means working hard on being able to abdicate.
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