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hello, dear people!
i’m raphael, and this is my toot over here. :)

i like a variety of things (python programming, rock climbing, puns, dark wave, drawing, archery, tea, cats, chocolate…), tend strongly towards the nerdy/shy, and am coming to this instance from

hey y’all! <3

nothing quite like having told co-workers that a specific, fine-grained markup for a certain case would probably come in handy in the future, then being told ‘oh no, it’s fine enough as free text, we need the unstructured freedom’ and a couple of years later, getting a wish list from the same co-workers that would benefit greatly from having the markup to provide the meaning that i now have to parse from free text.

i took my brush pen for a walk and did some random doodlings while listening to a podcast.
when the dude to the left started looking a bit revolver ocelot-y, i drew some more mgs characters to keep him company.

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why aren’t the elder scrolls games addressing whether or not khajiit randomly expose their booties as a normal part of conversation?

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step 1: a couple seconds of chat at gym spawns t-shirt idea. should be no hassle to draw quickly.

step 2: get lost in researching ISO norms for hours just to make sure it looks right enough.

oof, apparently there was a childrens’ birthday (or similar gathering) at the gym today and it made the session so much less productive.

i’m happy to see kids at the gym. i want them to have fun. but bouldering has risks. way heavier people do sketchy moves above kids’ head level. they can fall without warning and when kids just run about aimlessly, they’ll get hurt. parents, please go climb with your kids, but always be watching. no group chitchat as if you were in your back yard plz

tfw you think today’s was a bit of a useless dud, but then you sit back down afterwards and notice you feel like you weigh 20 kg less.

you know what’s neat about this place? i feel i could just say that as long as my choice is between apple and google, both running on unsustainable and unethical hardware, i’ll just not have a mobile phone, and y’all would just be ‘i can see that.’

@Jo jo, have you looked at the nancy drew comic whose tpb just came out? kelly thompson wrote it and jenn st-onge did the art, so it feels pretty jem-y.

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