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hello, dear people!
i’m raphael, and this is my toot over here. :)

i like a variety of things (python programming, rock climbing, puns, dark wave, drawing, archery, tea, cats, chocolate…), tend strongly towards the nerdy/shy, and am coming to this instance from

hey y’all! <3

re: PV 

i wish there was something constructive to say or do.

beyond taking serious that what you silently tolerate on your platform will grow and thrive on it – be vigilant. that marginalised voices will tell you uncomfortable things, but they do so from a position of knowing what the fuck they’re talking about – swallow your fucking pride and listen to them. and that the techbro mindset is diametrically opposed to sustainable community – root it out.

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aw damn, PV shutting down sucks so so much.

i can’t say i’m extremely surprised, because how could i expect people to take all that shit head on without eventually saying fuck it. and it’s not as if the growing frustration wasn’t plainly apparent.

but still, fuck.

birdside screencap, weebish capitalism shitpost 

am i too much of a weeb, or does this shit read an awful lot like ‘aaaaaaaaaah, sumimasen, market-sama?’

i just very roughly ran the numbers on how much tea i drink, aaaand i think i’m consuming somewhere in excess of 3kg/year.

metashitpost, character limits 

is it the ever-expanding character limits of social media that allowed us to wallow at the inefficient ‘shitpost’ instead of progressing to ‘poost’?

today is one of those days where i look at the code i wrote and pushed yesterday, got a co-worker message that it produced results she can’t make sense of, and immediately start typing an email that starts ‘in today’s episode of “sometimes, raphael is as smart as a medium-sized flock of bathtub plugs”…’

general covid frustration 

personal wellbeing spirits are on an all-time low today.

i’m pretty much a homebody and a textbook introvert. social distancing and staying largely at home is what i do without being prompted. but after over half a year of not being able to have anything like a life, it is getting even to me. i’m immunosuppressed, so i really, *really* can’t risk getting infected. if i get it, it’s a fair assumption i can just start digging the hole.

and while we did ok with the initial wave here – of course, we took longer than necessary to get our asses moving, and for way too long, there was a wait and see approach, lest we slow down ThE eCoNoMy any more than strictly necessary, but we got it under control eventually, and it started looking good enough that i might start my few regular outings to the climbing gym again – all under special precautions, obviously.

but no, we can’t have that. idiots *had* to have their vacations and just *had* to have their bbq parties and whatnot, and now we’re back up at levels prohibiting outside interaction.

and for no fucking reason other than randos not being able to endure being even mildly inconvenienced. that people like me can have *any* sort of life was thrown overboard without a second thought, because people just couldn’t bear not doing the dumbest fucking thing to do right now. that feeling of being seen as expendable is going to linger for a while, i think.

transphobic author mention, good book recommendation 

lifehack: instead of buying a kid HP and rope them into its comically bloated lichdom of commerce and also supporting that transphobic shambles of an author, buy them elatsoe by darcie little badger, her YA debut novel.

* does magic/supernatural at least infinity times better
* support an indigenous queer author who’s also a 10/10 good bean and spectacular nerd
* it has ghost doggos!
* it has an ace protagonist
* it has the most fucking badass how to deal with a vampire scene in forever
* lifehack also works for adult readers buying books for themselves. or friends.

our DM @owlbare came up with an NPC called sareen, a half-goliath bowyer that my halfling rogue was buying a bow from.

naturally, my headcanon says sareen looks like a tall and buff satine phoenix. alas, nathen nixed my headcanon (sareen officially looks like gwendoline christie, so thirst levels are unaffected) so i had to sketch it out to get closure.

smol update with visuals: green lines are problems i did, magenta ones are the likely next candidates.

the one on the top block will probably be way harder than the others – the somewhat parallel green line above it allows feet to be placed on the lower band, while the magenta one will require dragging a heel along the rock face as well.

the bottom block’s magenta line is probably going to be easy – about as hard as the two green ones, but my skin was way too toast to attempt it.

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i don’t think there’s an appreciable difference between a good apple that’s happy to get spoiled along with the bunch and a bad apple, is there?

all in all: nothing like the outdoors. <3 trees and rocks and wind and leaves…

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outdoors update: went out to the nice bouldering spot again. sent a solid handfull of problems. sandstone made sure i pay for each of them in skin.

hands are now ow ow ow. thank the gods for tape, for tape heals all.

but really, some of these boulders looked fantastic! one of them had a sharp triangular prow at ~my head level that a tree grew around. absolutely phenomenal stuff. and oh-so-abrasive sandstone.

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boulders at a new crag: found.
fun: had.
skin: gone.

in other rock-related news: a friend of my mother’s had some very useful access info, so outings to a new crag are going to be a thing. :D

i completely forgot posting this!

so, i very amateurishly dabbled in video editing. conclusions so far: me with a camera is a squirrel-brain obsessed with panning things into view, which me at home is then sighing about because it’ll look silly when edited together.

but also: yay here’s me going up a small boulder problem! and, i guess you can follow the geki boulders channel for further explorations in going up rocks and making video of it. hopefully i will improve at both of those.

aaaaand with today’s hangboarding session, i migrated to my hangboard’s smallest edge for my 3-finger open hand hangs. (was using it for 4-finger open-hand already, and tend to not go for the tiniest edge holdable with my half crimps because i easily hyperextend my DIP joints)

yay fingers slowly getting stronger. :)

re: live action AtLA fail important update 

so apparently the source of that article is complete and utter trash. (says

of course, the issue remains that netflix managed to present *something* that konietzko & dimartino found they could not compromise on, and the specifics from trash source still are too plausible for comfort. (also, i’d still be surprised if netflix didn’t insist on casting white actors.)

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