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hello, dear people!
i’m raphael, and this is my toot over here. :)

i like a variety of things (python programming, rock climbing, puns, dark wave, drawing, archery, tea, cats, chocolate…), tend strongly towards the nerdy/shy, and am coming to this instance from

hey y’all! <3

brexit idiocy, absolutely hilarious, birdsite link 

this entire thread about a british couple realising what brexit will mean to their holiday home in france is pure gold:

abuse, comics (+) 

holy shit, mike mignola just announced on his twitter that he’ll discontinue working with scott allie.

it’s late, given how open allie’s ‘secret’ was, but if we can get allie being dropped from that height, i’ll take it, even if it’s late?

life choices vs consequences, risk, death 

on a rational level, i understand that rock climbing is inherently laden with risk, and that consequences can occasionally be very high. most of the time, they are not – you don’t fall from up high while bouldering, you’re always clipped in when sport climbing – and when they are, the fact is usually very explicitly signposted – you know what you’re doing when bouldering a highball with a significant no-fall zone, or embarking on a trad route with bad protection and groundfall risk. and that free soloing reduces the margin of error to zero is the whole point of the exercise. and just as rationally, i know and understand that there is always the chance of a freak accident that puts this entire calculation on top of its head. it comes with the activity.

but it still feels entirely surreal and i’m reeling from hearing that luce douady fell to her death on the approach to a climb. she was just 16 and the kind of athlete to keep an eye out for, who was sure to make a stir at the 2024 olympics. she was also a young woman whose life was cut short way too soon. what an incomprehensible tragedy.

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elon fucking musk 

Elon Musk is destroying ground based astronomy, and frankly decidedly ruining the night sky forever. It will be a sad day when ground based astronomy, even casual astronomy, is blotted out by low-earth orbit satellites just so some other internet company can extract wealth from people like landlords.

Elon plans on putting up 12,000 of them by 2027. That's about 6 times the number of operational satellites currently orbiting Earth.

Sign this and tell Elon to kindly stop polluting the already dimming night sky. #FuckYouElon #SaveOurStars

@garbados hey, since we spoke about ttrpgs in python, look at my diceroll result/check classes! i’m semi-chuffed about them and their reporting of constituent elements. :3

podcast recommendation (physical/mental health, food habits, esp. in sport) 

the curious climber podcast is ran by mina leslie-wujastyk and hazel findlay, two incredibly good rock climbers from the UK. last year, mina wrote an article about being diagnosed with RED-S – relative energy deficiency in sport – that made the rounds. (

in the current episode, mina talks to ultrarunner charlotte gibbs, a fellow RED-S sufferer. it’s a really good deep dive on the interplay of how we, as a society, treat nutrition badly, treat fitness advice badly, can get trapped in really destructive thought patterns really easily, and incur very bad and hard to undo health effects from it. it’s really worth a listen, also to non- or amateur sportspeople, or people not suffering from RED-S specifically.

re: non-covid19 death, covid19 perspective, pol 

i don’t even know if any of this makes sense. it’s an entirely emotional response to an event that is, in the larger picture, inconsequential.

but if it affords me a half hour of reduced anxiety because their words don’t drive me up the walls in fury, and i get to appreciate the fact that i have a future to look forward to, i’ll take it.

there’s plenty left to get angry at.

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re: non-covid19 death, covid19 perspective, pol 

…the situation itself is dire. political response is too little, too slow in the better cases (here), or downright abysmal in the worse ones (UK, US). what would be a constant drip of infuriating bullshit driving me up the walls is suddenly reduced to the whining of small men.

their actions will still result in unnecessary death. i hope as much of that as possible can be averted by the actions of those forced to bear more than they should, and i hope these populist shitnuggets will all be held responsible for their (in)action eventually.

but their bloviating, for now, at least, is just the whining of small men, barely perceptible for its smallness.

i can’t really wish chris the carpenter all the best without it being just an empty phrase. but i can say thank you.

thanks, chris.

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non-covid19 death, covid19 perspective, pol 

aw man.

there’s a blog by an american woodworker i read on & off. he’s the principled sort. researching techniques, not taking shortcuts, thinking ahead to whoever will have to do repairs on the furniture he builds, and so on. he’s been battling cancer for over 2 years now. terminal. he decided to go hospice at home in early march. and, just as he chronicled his furniture builds over long and detailed series of blog posts, he chronicled his cancer history.

reading the last few entries, just of a person soberly describing end of life, how decisions in equal measure grow and decrease in magnitude, (consequences are dire and existential. but it’s also ‘only’ about a couple weeks of time more or less.) put so much of these times in perspective.

i may sit here, cooped up inside, missing what looks to be a good spring season. but the rock will still be there in summer or autumn. …

dang, it took me a while to start this. but a lot of fun was had, despite the first five or so ink drawings after getting in the swing of things always looking a bit laboured.

this is a from @Lyrilith’s original (see here:

wow, i just wanted to scribble a quick character portrait for an upcoming one-shot, and got completely carried away. that hasn’t happened in a while, and with digital art, too! felt good. :)

(done with the amazing @krita and @FRENDEN’s brushes)

sometimes, drawing is good, y’all.

i just looked at a ton of 80s jennifer connelly photos for reference, then did some perfunctiory face sketches, then experimented with adding weight to the face, and now i’m doodling chubby tiefling girls with bull horns, short hair and a jennifer connelly-ish face.

software, uni computing centre - 

mail from uni today:
‘since we’re all working from home now, there has been demand for a communication platform…’

sounds reasonable

‘…the computing centre will be providing microsoft teams’


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more free things to watch 

i don’t know how much y’all know this, but i’m really into (rock) climbing, and i’d love to share my enthusiasm with you – in case you want to try watching something new, i really believe there’s something there for many different people.

a good place to start for the sporty side is last weekend’s CWIF finals. CWIF is a legendary british bouldering competition, this year held without an audience.
bouldering means climbing low heights, but usually ‘problems’ of high difficulty. it’s a bit like puzzle solving, but with your body.
each problem being short means it’s also easier to follow and compare, the pace is rather fast, and the climbing tends towards the more spectacular.

in these finals, 6 finalists each get to climb 4 problems, 4 minutes time per problem. the winner is who finished most problems. (or reached most halfway holds, called ‘zone’s. or did so with the least attempts.)

here’s the link:


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free things to watch 

gary hustwit (of helvetica fame) is going to have one of his documentaries per week free here:

re: more free things to watch 

on the video streaming platform of choice, you can also keep a look out for a couple more high-profile rock climbing documentaries, all of them pretty good:

* valley uprising (2014): a look back at the history of rock climbing in yosemite valley. entertaining.
* meru (2015): chronicle of an expedition trying to climb an incredibly tough spire in the karakoram. rough and intense. (cw for injuries)
* the dawn wall (2018): tommy caldwell’s story and his hardest project; the attempt to free-climb the hardest stretch of wall on yosemite’s el capitan. (cw for abduction/violence and digit injury)
* free solo (2018): y’all probably heard about this one. alex honnold climbed yosemite’s el capitan (~1000m/~3000ft) without any protection whatsoever.

and finally, this tutorial collection i curate has a list of climbing youtube channels to watch. there’s tons of vlogs there, for more lighthearted entertainment:

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re: more free things to watch 

if the sports angle doesn’t do much for you, and you want to see other things than just strong people pulling on brightly-coloured plastic, the reel rock film festival is a good place to start. each year, they release a collection of short documentaries on all aspects of climbing – from limit-pushing bouldering to expedition mountaineering.

red bull tv has (almost) 5 years’ worth of reel rock free to watch here:

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