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hello, dear people!
i’m raphael, and this is my toot over here. :)

i like a variety of things (python programming, rock climbing, puns, dark wave, drawing, archery, tea, cats, chocolate…), tend strongly towards the nerdy/shy, and am coming to this instance from

hey y’all! <3

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racism, sexism etc. in fashion photography 

zhang jingna aka zemotion quit fashion photography, got asked to write about her decision for vogue singapore, and posted the unabridged version of the article on her website. it’s utterly heartbreaking and infuriating.

i just saw janja garnbret (competition climbing superstar. won practically everything there is to win, including olympic gold) voice a sentiment i think applies to a lot of things:

perfectionism slows down your progress.

once you start obsessing over the exact way in which every thing you did could’ve been slightly better, while you’re doing them, you won’t get anything done anymore. you don’t do any moves, you don’t finish any drawings, texts, programs, whatever it is you’re doing. you’re just getting hung up about every isolated detail, don’t get to a point where you can even see a big picture, and the being hung up itself will sabotage the next detail.

from which has louis parkinson do a really good job interviewing janja.

session: very short, weather good, 2–3 attempts to a first ascent of an undemanding (i’m thinking 5 or 5+ – so V1–2 for the anglophones) but burly for the grade problem that ended up requiring a solid bit of pain tolerance because of the type of erosion on the sandstone.

also, including a proper beached whale topout. XD

wtf, funny, hiking gear, body heat vs meal preparation 

so, apparently, some ultralight-focused gear manufacturer came up with a bag that you put dry/cold food and water in, and then clip into your trousers so that crotch heat while hiking warms your food. they call it the crotch pot.

it doesn’t seem to be a joke.

also, damn, there are so many ticks this season.

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i haz had first session of the year!

good thing there’s so much easy stuff on these new blocks because hoo boy, am i rusty. off season without access to a climbing gym sucks. :(

i finally got off my bum, went out, and cleaned 2 sandstone blocks around the village that i suspected could have problems on them. nothing hard, probably, but one of the lines might actually require a little oomph and trickery – traversing on underclings with mainly friction for the feet.

i was worried that despite weather improving, my stoke to start climbing again wasn’t anywhere to be found, but i think i just gave it a kickstart. :)

i just started darcie little badger’s ‘a snake falls to earth’ and i think it might already have won my favourite YA book of the year award.

i don’t know if i tooted about it before, but i *love* the ‘for the love of climbing’ podcast. its tagline is ‘this is not a climbing podcast. well, sorta’ and that is spot-on. it usually features stories of rock climbers, alpinists, and other outdoorspeople, but talks about emotional struggles, pain, and the being-vulnerable of talking about them.

it’s a new episode each start of the month, and the first episode of season 3 just released.

also, it comes with transcripts and trigger warnings.

musings, covid risk assessment 

to think, at one time, covid was seen as so scary by everybody that it caused queues at the wash basin in the men’s room.

in my close to 40 years of life, i have never before seen blokes line up because everybody took their time washing their hands right. and never have since.

talk for a minute:
dang, saladin ahmed’s abbott series. i read the first tpb a while ago and completely forgot how good it is. reading abbott 1973 reminded me.

1970s, detroit, black tabloid reporter woman confronts occult forces. written by a detroit-born muslim.

as the phenomenal margaret killjoy put it:

Judging gear based on price is complicated, and I’ve learned two things about that the hard way.
One: never trust rich people when they give you gear suggestions. They’ll always have very rational-seeming reasons why you need a $200 knife or an $80 belt. (…)
Two: conversely, sometimes you do actually get what you pay for. Certain things you can’t skimp out on. It’s just really hard to tell what is what.
(emphasis mine)

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here’s a mid-sized gripe of mine when it comes to websites writing about gear of all sorts. doesn’t matter too much which sort.

whenever you write an article about the benefits of a certain piece of gear, and list only recommendations that are god-tier priced, you don’t do your point any good.

an example: an outdoorsy site i read now & then tried to write in praise of the simple, no-frills wristwatch instead of outdoors smartwatches that track GPS, humidity, altitude, and so on. there are many good points to be made, such as them being way overkill for most uses and distracting from the experience of being in nature.
and then they pointed people whose curiosity they might have piqued at a list of watches that are at least several hundred EUR, not rarely four-figure sums. i’m sure they are very good watches, but what you need to do is inform people about the point where they’re not buying something so low-quality as to be useless, but also not so outrageously priced that it’s a big investment.

there exist fountain pens that sell for significant money, and you still get what you’re paying for. great! but these are not the pens for someone curious to see what fountain pens are all about.

quality advice has to be better than ‘this thing biggest number’. it has to understand needs and communicate which sort of item is good for whom. alas, that is much harder and much less glamorous than ‘look at how big this number is!!!1’

so delighted to see @nephelomancer arrive :D
i don’t know of many artists who have made my jaw hit the floor as consistently, and for as long, as them.

re: follow request sent on here 

@cara hey! just some context where the follow request is coming from: i’ve followed you on twitter in the olden days before couch-surfing games reporting happened, and on one of your earlier accounts on here.

if your f.c account is meant only for family/friends/otherwise personal connections, absolutely no worries, my bad.

covid, policy, eugenics fandom. (long) 

welp, just got into a spat on the birdsite in a thread where somebody wisely pointed out that covid is a policy problem at this point, and some rando actually went ‘how can it be a policy problem if we are having the best possible policy’. to which i replied with a couple of blatantly basic points that would heavily improve this supposed ‘best policy’:

  • appropriate restrictions on public interaction (because this is a global fucking emergency, your desire to behave as if nothing was wrong is fucking inconsequential. the virus must be denied opportunity to spread. end of.)
  • vaccine mandates (because too many people are too far gone on their misinformation cocktail of choice to be reasoned into getting vaccinated and they have no right to terrorise the rest of society.)
  • mask mandates (we had those and they worked, and then we decided to not have them anymore for… no reason at all. also, see above.)
  • continued wastewater surveillance (because it’s an effective early warning sign for an uptick in tests)
  • where cases go up, everybody PCR-tests every x days, period. (because testing after symptom onset is too slow and traceability goes instantly out of the window.)

none of these are severely restricting. definitely not when compared to people like me having to hard-isolate for >2 years now because our response has demonstrably been an ongoing desaster. a complete failure.

aaaaand predictably, the chuds responded to a sum total point of: everything that means they have to be personally involved, or even acknowledge that covid exists, sounds too bad to do, sorry, and wow, imagine looking at a country whose covid policy yields better results than ours and thinking ‘this is good.’ because wow, i sure must be stupid to insinuate that china has better policies than we do, because the chud said himself that we have the best possible policies. duh.

and i’m so so tired of this unwillingness to face that this is still going on. they fully convinced themselves that whatever minimum response we’re doing, is the best. and facts will get twisted and mangled until they arrive at this previously determined conclusion. the enemy sure couldn’t do better than us because we’re the protagonists of reality and they’re the bad guys.

but mostly, i’m tired and in despair over how willingly and gleefully these assholes will kill people because they don’t feel like acknowledging covid anymore.

in no particular news whatsoever: i’m doing some prep work for a surprise thank you drawing for a person, and my respect for furry artists just increased from an already nontrivial level.

dang, i can do animal studies just fine, but to make a compelling anthropomorphic character out of them is *hard*.

(update: did do hangboarding with added weight! finger feels ok. yay! but i’m probably still a while off from training at the weights i reaggravated the injury with.)

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