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hello, dear people!
i’m raphael, and this is my toot over here. :)

i like a variety of things (python programming, rock climbing, puns, dark wave, drawing, archery, tea, cats, chocolate…), tend strongly towards the nerdy/shy, and am coming to this instance from

hey y’all! <3

other people: keep loose track of which size clothing item from different manufacturers fit them how well.

me: collects sizing info from all the brands into a .csv and plots the shit out of it to determine underlying ideas of apparel sizing.

@garbados have you seen this? they made crow-inspired tweezers and they’re kicking regular tweezers’ asses!

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If a woman is the publisher of a popular magazine dedicated to printing salacious rumors about deformed tree trunks... she's a burl goss girl boss.

holy wowzers, yvon chouinard gave his company, patagonia, to an environmental non-profit. that’s an interesting move for sure.

tolkien, misguided bigots, catholic metaphysics and its arab roots 

that feeling when you see the same folks who came out of the woodwork to find some objective fault with jackson’s films that tolkien himself would’ve disliked, come trotting out the same nonsense for the amazon show. banger arguments like: ‘tolkien said his legendarium is fundamentally catholic, and every adaptation that doesn’t espouse catholic values is a failure.’

and you just finished reading the nature of middle-earth and see that the legendarium’s ‘fundamental catholicism’ means it borrows heavily from thomas aquinas in assumptions about the relation of god to the world, matter and form, evil as absence of good, etc. – and that means the legendarium is at least as arabic as it is catholic, since thomas is just the christianised end point of a long line of arab philosophers integrating aristotelianism with an abrahamic religious worldview.

@clarfonthey as per ‘feel free to constantly pester me to work on this, since I know that it’s going to be hard to get motivated’ in multipurpose server, part 0:
*delivers 1 standard size pester*

due to construction road blockages, i won’t be able to hit this crag for at least a week, so i took the camera and filmed what i’m currently doing. (actually better than in the video: i did parts 1 and 2 in one go already, it’s really just doing the dyno at the end *after* having done all the moves before that keeps eluding me.)

y’all, i’m currently reading zofia reych’s ‘born to climb’ and it’s so so good. longer review incoming when i’m done, but don’t hold your breath, i’m trying to make it last.

tfw you are indecisive about whether to type everybody or everyone, and type everybone.

how do librarians feel about authority control?

here’s an update on The German Way to deal with these things, as told to me by the post office lady:

i related my misfortunes, building a box that fit the thing, then seeing it’s under minimum size for the smallest parcel deal, and having to build another, and she replied: ‘that would be bulky goods and more expensive.’ – me: ‘come again?’ – her: ‘yup.’ – me: ‘so if it’s smaller than minimum size…’ – her: ‘yeah, it’s counted as bulky goods and you have to pay extra.’ (pause) me: ‘that is the most german thing i have ever heard.’ – her: ‘i know right?’

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i really like standards for things, but there are instances where it’s really *really* annoying.

like when the post office has a minimum package size and i’m taking all this time to make a cardboard box that fits the intended contents *exactly*, only to notice it’s too small to fit the smallest parcel size’s minimum size and i have to make anOTHER FREAKING CARDBOARD BOX.

(correction: the UI apparently is for some time next year, not the just-released v102. doesn’t make it less shit, though.)

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my goodness, i hope that new UI for v102 isn’t mandatory. or at least not so unconfigurable that you’re forced to waste this much space.

like, that bar listing individual emails is useless. it looks like it can show ~10 items on a 1080p screen, and it’s not easily scannable visually because they didn’t make it a table.

fuck pretty. i want useful.

it just occurred to me how hilarious it is that a society as enamored with financial success and as puritan as the US is speaking english, where ‘succeed’ sounds like ‘suck seed.’


oops, i might have accidentally picked up a new hobby… pictured here: attempts 1, 2, and 3.

musician death, possibly sui 

oof. julee cruise died.

‘left the world on her own terms’ said her husband, which i’m seeing a lot as suicide, but might just as well have been some form of assisted suicide.

@cavallette hey folks – i hope you can maybe offer some help. appears to be unreachable for me right now, and different ‘is it down or just me’ tools give conflicting results. (notably, even loaded a screenshot of the home page)

(this observation brought to you by me being upset over tracking for a package being stuck at ‘the parcel is on the way to its destination country’ for >24h when it’s a ~2.5h flight)

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it’s a blessing that package tracking allows us to see the otherwise invisible progress of international shipping.

it’s a curse that it makes us click refresh every half hour, continually asking ourselves if something went wrong if it doesn’t update every couple of hours.

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