everything is game of thrones now and game of thrones was boring tbh


it's been like 1300 years can we Please get over feudalism

ohh! people distrust each other and abuse their ill-gotten power! but wait, some people might use their ill-gotten power for good? haha, what a twist! they didn't!

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give me the epic stories of life in north america two thousand years ago, like, there is no shortage of possible stories about not-feudalism but some people just can't get enough of Landlord Adventures

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@garbados we'd have to get better as people and it's taking a long time

@amphetamine i swear we will kill the fleshless beast that made us this way

@garbados i think it's just us. we just need to heal us, from all of the distortions and patterns that lead us back through the cycle. if we can protect each other for long enough to do that, we'll break loose eventually.

@Dayglochainsaw o i have. le guin kicks ass. i'm reading parable of the sower right now. there's a lot of great books to read. i guess i'm mainly upset about the heterogeneity of televised media. see also: the whitewashing of the earthsea show

@Dayglochainsaw @garbados Fffuck I didn't know Le Guin wrote fantasy. i must get my hands on these books

@zardoz @Dayglochainsaw THEY ARE EXTREMELY GOOD. i have the first couple in PDFs if one is inclined for such format

@garbados @Dayglochainsaw that might be fine. I don't want to resort to buying them off Amazon.

@garbados the rennaissance and early modern eras of Europe were much more historically interesting anyway. Battles between the noble and bourgeoisie classes over state power? Expansion of international trade networks? That's interesting stuff.

BUT I think one of the big reasons why fantasy is so closely tied with European feudalism is that the whole genre is more or less based on imitating old European epic poems, which of course are steeped in the feudal power structures of their time.

@zardoz @garbados I think also there is a thing where late stage crapitalism is developing into neo-feudalism and on some unconscious level that makes stories about feudalism into stories about now.

I would add Kim Stanley Robinson to Le Guin as an author who wrote about something else, with the Red Mars series. I think Le Guin is by far the better writer though.

@artsyhonker @garbados yeah, nowadays KSR is carrying the torch of being "the" left-libertarian sci fi author.

I say "the" in scare quotes because there are obviously many, but very few with widespread commercial success.

@zardoz @artsyhonker the specter of commercialization looms everpresent

@garbados "what a twist! They didn't!" Is peak late capitalism fucking hilarious

@garbados how about feudalism where nobody wants to be the Noble, because the magic brings the consequences of every decision you make back to you? But somebody's gotta represent the committee... And the committee itself may have to make a decision entrusted to it by a rather large group.

@WanderingBeekeeper i think, thankfully, that wouldn't be feudalism

@garbados @WanderingBeekeeper

feudalism by committee isn't feudalism? I honestly don't know, people scare the shit out of me

@solder_on @WanderingBeekeeper idk i just meant that feudalism is about serfdom and landlording through military might. if the landlords derive their power from a popular mandate rather than the ability to wantonly commit murder, it stops being feudalism.

@solder_on @WanderingBeekeeper like there is a big difference between medieval living and feudalism

@garbados @WanderingBeekeeper

the larger popular mandate seems nearly impossible to determine to the satisfaction of enough to prevent systematic and often horrendously destructive issues

which makes me terrified

@garbados @WanderingBeekeeper

(but rly, it's commentary. and probably wrong to examine for reasons I might not get anyway, sry if that's the case)

@WanderingBeekeeper that's basically frodo's relationship with the ring for most of the book

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