imagine if everyone in advertising were doing literally anything else

@garbados working nearby industry-wise and can attest to this toot

@garbados I'm a tech worker at a market research firm and frankly it's a massive waste of human potential.

@Mainebot the part that turns the lights in the grocer too high to induce anxiety that induces spending. the part that devastates the web with relentless jittering adboxes. the part that meticulously crafts and reinforces fear in order to create profitable crazes and reliable loyalists. from diamonds to razors to software and hardware, it is a vicious infection and a sign of the capitalist’s festering reign.

@Mainebot beware equating yourself with the machine, for it is a difference of degree as vast as oceans that divide us

@garbados oh the shitty part. I barely even see that as advertising. That's just torture.

@garbados Personally I'm asking creaters to put work into advertising their own work, but advertising came to mean "businesses you already know about shoving themselves in your face" which *reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllly* isn't helpful. Probably even harmful.

"Promotion" is a much better word anyways.

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