Pedicab'd for 10 yrs. There was a duopoly for 10 yrs. The two companies raised rent to $120+ per day to go work. Plus, they had 60 - 100 riders to 25 cabs. Even cab vets couldn't get enough shifts to make a living.

We brought up the option of unionizing. But soon the city distributed pedicab medallions in a lottery. 13 companies spawned, one to three plates each. Rates dropped and availability went up.

But maybe a union, or an assoc or even collective of sorts would improve things


If the owners had collective garage and tool space, with limited access, it could save costs and provide resources.

I dont know if a union is relevant in the situation where youre leasing, not employed.

Taxi drivers and Taxi owners both have associations. I dont know the specifics of how those work, but it would be nice to provide some baseline standards for pricing and conduct.

Because another problem we have now is companies leasing to reckless and unethical drivers. Looks bad..


re: nsfw 

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