sending love and strength to DC antifascists today ✊️

UniteTheRight2, #AllOutDC 

hearing reports that counter-protesters outnumber nazis about 100x, cops outnumber nazis about 10x. tremendous physical veto.

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UniteTheRight2, #AllOutDC 

the fash are so outnumbered that many protesters have no idea they’ve even shown up lol

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UniteTheRight2, #AllOutDC 

@garbados What I take from this is that state power amplifies the power of nazis 10x. Without the cops to protect them, there would be no nazis.

UniteTheRight2, #AllOutDC 

@garbados this warms my cold little heart

UniteTheRight2, #AllOutDC 

@garbados 🌈

UniteTheRight2, #AllOutDC 

@garbados confused about math... by my estimation counter-protesters would outnumber the nazis and white supremacists with badges by ten to one :)

Cops and clan, hand in hand...

UniteTheRight2, #AllOutDC 

@garbados incidentally that's similar to the protest I attended yesterday - a main fascist flounced because of drama, but others said they'd show up. Maybe 50-100 protesters, 25-50 police, 2-5 actual fascists. You had better believe that without the cops protecting them they'd never have shown their faces

@garbados ACTUALLY: Something-something joke about Antifa's Monster!

@freemo is it not? πŸ€” antifascism seems like a pretty solid ethical position, the alternative being either fascism or complicity with fascism.

@garbados Antifa refers to the organizations that have organized under the name "antifa". The ideal itself is a good one, but just as so often is the case the actual people who organize under the name "antifa" do not act in a way that is "good".

@freemo you might be thinking of black bloc, and i still disagree with you. it was the bloc protecting folks in charlottesville from the fash. it was the bloc protecting protesters in pdx from the fash, and the cops when they opened fire on us. see also: clown bloc. antifa represent the broader coalition of antifascists, and together we are a united front ✊️✊️✊️

@garbados black bloc is a style of clothing often used by people who organize under the name "antifa". But no I am refering to people who tend to organize under the title "antifa" regardless of if they choose to wear the black bloc or not.

@garbados I support Antifascism, I do not support the majority of groups who organize under the title of Antifa however. The distinction is important.

@garbados Mostly because of a pattern of behavior. I've seen too much violence associated with people who are part of a local organization claiming the "antifa" title. Not to mention they also seem a bit over the top in their estimation of what is or is not fascism. Usually anything that they disagree with socially or politically they see as fascist.

With that said there is legitimate fascism that is worth speaking out against and I have no issue with protesters who speak out against such cases.

@js290 @freemo i think that user misunderstands β€œdemocratic” and β€œsocialism”

@garbados I feel like this image is a much worse argument than spelling out what antifa stands for like you did in the text part of the post

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