uspol, pdx shelters detaining children 

there must be consequences for fascists and their collaborators

> Public records indicate Morrison Child & Family Services has received $53.7 million in federal funds since 2009 under the Unaccompanied Alien Children’s Program.
> Metal bars on several exterior windows of the shelter serve as a reminder that the migrant children are in federal custody. They can’t leave.

uspol, pdx shelters detaining children 

@garbados There's a fairly believable comment from somebody on reddit about this shelter that offers some info on the operators. Please forgive the reddit link. It's worth considering. I am sick over the inevitable abuses that will happen to the kids in this so-called system. But there are definitely adults trying to make it less horrible too. IMO need to ensure that the PDX shelter is staffed with those.

uspol, pdx shelters detaining children 

@scattergather thanks for linking this. it's an important point. i'm reminded of the nuanced conversations that happened in the 1930s about relative good and harm reduction in the context of collaboration. i feel like both efforts -- doing right by the folks caught in the machines, and dismantling the machinery forevermore -- constitute meaningful prongs of a broader front against oppression. both matter? maybe? 🤷 🤷 🤷

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