Go switch to Signal.

yeah, I'll wait.

You aren't in danger today, but someone you know will be prolly within the next 2-4 months, and using Signal could *literally* save their life.

Plus, you can send extra big gifs to your contacts, and it has encrypted calling.

Seriously, stop waffling and go switch, it will import your texts and nothing changes for your non-Signal contacts.

Using Signal could have saved the lives of some of my LGBTQ/kinky/furry/etc friend's lives in 2016-2017.

Please go download it once you finish reading that.

If you need Signal to stay safe, you need the person on the other end of the connection to be safe for you to contact.

This is not about you...!

This is about keeping everyone you and I and everyone else cares about safe from modern threats to their lives.

Inoculate this cause of death.

That's how we win.

Hey, you.

Yeah, you, reading this.
I am speaking directly, and uniquely, to you.

I love you.

Help me get people to switch to Signal.
Use any means necessary, within the moral bounds of "literally trying to save lives".

Some of my friends are gonna feel like I'm being super pushy, and I'm gonna tell them to suck it up and save a life.

If you, and I, and everyone else convinces just *one* person per day, everyone on earth will be converted to use Signal within 16 days, give or take a week.

So, here is my ask:

Until the Quadrantids meteor shower ends on January 17, 2018, I want you, personally, to do this with me.

Help me start saving lives. In the next two weeks, by expending literally less than 10% of our day, we can make a significant, measurable improvement in our 2018 quality of life.

68,719,476,736 <-- 8^12 (eight people per month, 12 months)
8,000,000,000,000 <-- appx number of people on earth
20,922,789,888,000 <-- (1 person per day, 16 days)

I will do my best to respond to anyone who has questions or comments or criticisms, but I will also be very firm and direct about my purpose here.

Short of you being willing to tell me, directly, these words with absolute sincerity:
"Yes, I firmly believe that my objection is more important than the safety and health of your friends and loved ones. I'm okay with them dying."

I will hound you. I will push you. I will be blunt with you.

I will also be kind.

Please be kind to eachother, loves.

This effort is dedicated to Neil Gaiman, who inspired my heart to resist dispair many times in the last few months, and to who will always live, bright and happy, in my memories.




I did that math wrong. That last one is supposed to be labeled "16!" not...what it is. Sorry.

16 days of doubling two is 65536 people. Still neat, but not a "win".

@eryn although I suspect its not perfect security wise (nothing is) because of the dependence on a centralised server (but I genuinely believe Signal does *not* hoard data nor telephone numbers as phone numbers often belong to countries govts and there are rules about their use by third parties it also has the advantage in many countries that if you send even a cat pic to your friend over MMS it can cost €0,50 on your phone bill, whereas LTE data charges are way less or included in bundles. 1/2

@eryn I've even seen tweets from customer service representatives of UK and EU mobile phone providers (especially those with more developed LTE networks) actively *encouraging* use of Signal and other similar apps for guaranteed real time comms *above* their own SMS services because SMS is a 26 year old techology that can have capacity problems and delays especially in busy times/areas...

@eryn in Wire you can sign up without phone number. Same in Riot/Matrix. But Signal is something.

@eryn What have you found is the best way to convince someone to start using a new app like Signal? Often, most people I try to tell about it just think that I'm being paranoid or that cyber security isn't much of a big deal.

@eryn Doesn't support Linux... is it more secure than Wire?

@eryn (Then again, I *think* Wire only "supports" Linux in the sense of having a web UI... so as long as Signal has one of those, it's probably a near-equivalent.)

@eryn I do use Signal, but I'm wondering what happens if I have marked a contact as being a Signal user and I don't have a data connection. Can I still send SMS?

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