shoutout to everyone out there

constantly going through a lot
in poverty and underpaid for your skills and services
without help for disability
chronically sick

y'all are the real heros, simply for surviving.

someday I will have money, power, or some measure of influence,
and I will do my inhuman best to uplift you in any and all meaningful ways.

but for today, I salute you, and hope beyond hope that you able to keep being brave.

@eryn Thank you. This, so much...
whenever I struggle, I try to remember that any achievement, whatever tiny it looks, is a victory. And I want to achieve any other goal, after it, too. To become able to do all the things and help others, too. I refuse to give in and to let this planet be ruined by greedy, multi-privilged. We all in a whole can do better, together.

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