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Open source housing, renewable energy, and helping someone escape capitalism are the topics for this project.

If you want to fund activism, if you want to give someone a chance to start over in an intentionally off-grid area, if you want to see what a couple of motivated engineers can do with a cargo container and a solarpunk vision, please read and share.


Very cool.

A tip, you may know this already- we used a shipping container as an office once and had big problems with the metal sweating considerably in cold weather.

@StarArcady we're planning on that, actually.

Water is a somewhat scarce resource for us. The design we're using has a subfloor, and a dehumidifier to deal with the un-pumpable liquid.

Greywater recycling via a three stage filter, and a bioreacter to deal with human and food waste.

Today, it's garbage and wet walls. Tomorrow, it will be a garden.

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