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means-of-means meta, survival 

A while back, I briefly talked about means-of-means-of-production, and then a few days ago I saw an elon musk meme along the same lines.

A machine that makes bread, or cars, is a means of production, and is as complex as it is.

A machine (or set of tools & environment) to make the machine that makes bread/cars is exponentially more complex, and it is this second form that monopolizes my headspace these days.

One such example of this cascading complexity is that any means of production requires a location over a duration of time to produce anything at all, as well as the raw material and human inputs, but the toolset for sustaining production (maintenance, upkeep & repairs, upgrades) is much simpler than the ones to create such an environment in the first place.

Means-of-means is the focus on tools, processes, and repeatability rather than the artisan or manufacturing level, and it overlaps with civil infrastructure engineering rather a lot.

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the year is 2020,
have some friggin hindsight, ya?

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pol meta 

When a system of governance attacks a subset of the persons it governs, that system must be evaluated to ascertain if that attack threatens all persons.

When the weakest, the most marginalized, the most vulnerable, are targeted,
it is a warning sign that the system of governance has become toxic,
and correction must be enforced.

Left unchecked,
an attack on one
become an attack on all.

And should the system
become more corrupt than can be changed,
burn it to the ground and start anew.

Doth the phoenix know the pain of fiery rebirth?
Or do fledglings spring from ashes,
whole and unmarred by memory of the flame?

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subtoot "world leader(s)", salty engineer about logistics analysis misunderstandings's not a "chip shortage" y'all,

it's an "unsustainable consumption and e-waste creation" problem.

seventeen uninterrupted minutes of inarticulate screaming into a pillow, regarding the difficulties of communicating with others regarding disability accommodations

PDX/Trimet locale, source for herbal pills?, cursed site link for example 

I'm looking for a Portland-area shop that might have plum flower (Tian Ma Gou Teng) teapills for sale, ideally that I can bring my own container for.

I can get plastic containers of the tea pills from Amazon ( but would rather, local.

Please boost if you've got friendlies in the area.

warm take, world pol, trajectories, bit of a rant 

The people who stormed the US empire capital would be more comfortable if the nation's trajectory looked more like Myanmar right now.

We are preparing for this to spiral out on a worldwide scale before it gets better, and mutual aid, organized action, and decentralizing food production are necessary.

There's a crash coming, for many of the people living westernized lives. The crash where the supermarket does not bring enough food, because it depends on contracts that cannot be held in a world where trust is broken between individuals and society.

There is a crash coming, when the rent tries to come due, and the people in the gutters roar with ruddy fury that the houses cover only the cruel and greedy and generational wealthy.

There is no room for the pursuit of the economy or other silly games in a world with hungry, unsheltered people.

But it's not as bad as somewhere else, so what are we going to do about it?


What are we, you and I, going to do about it?

Will you think, and integrate, and choose to act towards the undermining of the kyriarchy, both inside your head and without?

Or are you unwilling to get your hands dirty unless it's your own survival being compromised?

tech (version control), positive (+) 

That moment when you use "filter-branch" to successfully un-bork and merge the months of unrelated history between portables.

re: us(pol?), pandemic, strain(n+1) 

...and by "second strain" I mean "whatever it is that will cause the peak of the next pandemic-wave that the top of the financial food chain is only just now acknowledging might be possible:

The age of the pandemic is here, and it will be a while before that changes.

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This is a glorious abomination, and solves a lot of real-world engineering problems.

pdx pol, organizing, meta-ish 

Seeing "April 1st rent strike" graffiti in my neighborhood.

If you're going to strike, please act in groups. If you act alone, you isolate yourself, and too many of us are too frail to withstand the fully focused attention of the kyriarchy.

The system is fragile, and the administration is tepid.

We know what we want.


We can break the isolation without spreading the pandemic.

Hope is possible.

us(pol?), pandemic, strain2 

Buried on item six is what we're bracing for.

"...only 76 cases of the variant have been identified in the U.S., researchers estimate that is roughly 50% more transmissible than the more common strain."

(from whatthefuckjusthappenedtoday.c)

The second strain is coming.

data collection meta, microfic, the year is 2022 and the emoji wars have pitted Amazon's drones against MuskForce (from the SpaceX/SpaceForce merger after the Virgin Galactic Uprising of 2021) and their fleet of autonomous subsurface hypersonic tunnel-bores 

while staring into my cup in the tavern

...hundreds of times, i/we used the bread emoji, to indicate things that brought me the strength to survive the day before me.

drinking deeply, then coughing into my regulation automask before going on, voice slightly more clear now

And there's probably thousands of times that the black heart emoji got tapped, and it shows up just fine...

gesturing towards the iJuke emplacement blasting silent coherent photons into the carapaces of any fliers that get too close to the iWall marking the boundary between the iCity and the Forbidden Outside Platform, hard light burning charcoal hearts through their airframes, one after another

...but when it goes on shuffle...

another drink from the mug, draining it deeply, then another protracted bout of coughing

...there, see?

across the iWall, the near-Vantablack heart shapes become dull yellow, a circled thumb and forefinger, three fingers outstretched in the symbol of the "OK" emoji

moments later, my iCollar whispers with Siri's gentle announcement that the use of that specific emoji will result in the suspension of iStore access, and that the user has six seconds to mark compliance or face escalating enforcement

...and they can't figure out why, but say that the update next year will fix it within the first few patches, according to a forum the doctek found when we went looking for someone who had even heard of this model.

smartphones, Purism? 

...remind me why we don't like Purism/Fairphone again?

help request, Colorado Springs locale, vehicle related, please boost 

A friend needs help paying for DMV license plate tags to make their trip home a bit less dangerous.

They had hoped to be back before the nationwide protection for having expired tags ended with the end of the year, but they were delayed by family matters.

If you're local to Colorado Springs, and have enough to help out a friendly with expired vehicle tags, please reach out and I'll connect you.

They are unable to accept digital payment or money transfer without potentially putting their disability payment status into limbo, and they're trying to avoid that at all costs.

If you could help them, you would be helping me as well.

(Please boost if you're not local to the Colorado area, someone can meet this need if it's spread far enough.)

Portland, Oregon, the year is 2021, first full month in housing, (long?) 

This is not a story.

This is a record of perceptions, without particular order or structure, of the things outside our door here on the edge of , and thoughts on the places they come from.

Our mail comes by night,
and people are divided by misinformation and fear.

Several days ago, while scavenging metal before our maintenance person hauled the excess of someone's moving triage, they (the maintenance person) told me of their belief that masks are causing false positives, and that (he spits near my car, his unmasked face nearly within arm's reach) they are causing more deaths than the viral pandemic, though these recitations are interspersed with rhetoric about alien mind control and thinly-veiled dogwhistles for whatever news/personality/authority they've been listening to lately.

Clearly, i/we listen to different podcasts than the maintenance person.

Please wear a mask if you'd like to not kill the others around you.

It's been a full year since i/we started watching a virus emerge overseas, and it's been ten since seeing the first cases "nearby".

We've lost housing stability six or seven times, and changed work circumstances more than ten. Thankfully, our food and shelter is secure for now, and we have time to find ways to build bridges with our neighbors. Our upstairs neighbor, or perhaps their father who visits occasionally, has called the police on our neighbor across the hallway. My hearing still hasn't gotten a coherent name from them, but we've chatted briefly, and shared some laughs. If not for the pandemic, we'd be offering food and other basics to our neighbors, and we've attempted to join the local housing union.

My last month here has been...a lot. Our work vehicle got stolen, found, needed halfway to four figures of repair, and then our car got towed the day before we'd be getting the work truck back from the shop...and we have have some additional work, with the report we got back from the shop.

The police barely respond, if at all, and financially-motivated crime is rising fast.
There are camps, full of people who used to live in places that were covered.

Cascadia bioregion is full of people huddling in the rain, waiting for the system to finish blowing their candle out.

...and i/we watches, and does small things, and tries to help alleviate some of the suffering, but there is so much and i/we are so small...
...there are things that have to happen now, or further collapse will happen...and there's too few willing to help carry their responsibility for a better, more fair future for us all. the world is waiting for someone to tell them what to do, and it's that feeling of seeing everyone with the same problems, with the same sources, and everyone too afraid to see that the fear in eachother's eyes is from money, not eachother.

They still won't let me touch the land here, and i/we haven't asked. There's enough wild spaces nearby to hide twice the plants that have been laid into the soil, and it's your guess if any of the green will survive the next years of fire.

Believe in one another, and be kind.

This is not the beginning, or the end, but a middling of both ways.

Our network will be down for repairs, and services hosted locally will be offline for the duration.

Stay safe.
Keep one another safe.

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Current century can drink now, things are gonna get SPICY.

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hard data, shyte that's royally fooked, finance/capitalism, poll 

finances for anyone below the 10%~15% mark:

Show of hands.

Who here is shocked?

re: PDX (SE Stark), stolen vehicle, photos, reddit link 

Pictures of our vehicle:

Reddit post:

My ability to do paying work depends on having this vehicle in operating condition, if you have suggestions, I'm listening.

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