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@wxcafe @Sylvhem my use case isn't pusing it to some faceless horde of humans, it's for myself, my workshop, my org, and anyone who chooses to embrace better tech.

I could care less about wide adaptation.

I care a lot about wide adaptation being possible.
I care about decentralized and useable systems that the end user (by which I mean the nontechnicals in my org, among others) can use without understanding any of it, for communication, collaboration, and especially safety.

Named data networks (to bring this back to your example of DNS) are a step in this direction, and it neatly solves rather a lot of problems inherent with centralized systems, and because I have a group of 100-1000 to test it on...the wider picture is irrelevant because I can fix problems for this subset of people in a way that other problems are easier to solve.

Again, not either/or, but all together.

Tech cannot be the only solution in a social world.

Social change cannot currently happen without tech.

Both (and other forms of change) are necessary.

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police violence, functional resistence 

Two years ago, I was waiting in my tent in the mountains for a cougar to move away from my campsite, not knowing that in a few hours I'd be personally experiencing police brutality.

I said it before, and I will say it again.

I am now resisting.

And I hope you are resisting, too.

Every small, difficult choice matters. Every stolen moment of corporate time spent boosting poc on radical social media. Every $5 spent directly to an artist instead of Amazon Music. Every moment you consider, and rephrase, because kindness is our power, and rage is our shield, and we refuse to turn that raw energy on a trenchmate.

I survived.

Please, survive.

Help eachother survive.

That is how we win.
We survive, and we keep being kind.

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functional unity 

@velexiraptor the unity we hope for, and plan for?

Mutual aid.

Mutual decency.

Mutual kindness.

Cooperative infrastructure, ownership, and purpose.

A global mesh network of township-or-county-sized communities, where the structure is intentionally egalitarian and minimal-interference, uplifting the marginalized and providing a minimum living standard for all, with shared policies in that prioritize paths towards publicly owned orbital transport and extra-orbital manufacturing infrastructure.

Translating the disparate sentiments of the left-leaning and beyond into a unified plan of action that results means of production in communal workspaces.

These are pieces, parts, and my thoughts are being compiled into a wiki as I organize my local group and beyond.

I want this to be collaborative, and we're starting with tools and mutual aid, eg

What're your thoughts?

Why might this not work?

I'm an engineer, we can iterate.

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the year is 2020,
have some friggin hindsight, ya?

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pol meta 

When a system of governance attacks a subset of the persons it governs, that system must be evaluated to ascertain if that attack threatens all persons.

When the weakest, the most marginalized, the most vulnerable, are targeted,
it is a warning sign that the system of governance has become toxic,
and correction must be enforced.

Left unchecked,
an attack on one
become an attack on all.

And should the system
become more corrupt than can be changed,
burn it to the ground and start anew.

Doth the phoenix know the pain of fiery rebirth?
Or do fledglings spring from ashes,
whole and unmarred by memory of the flame?

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current mood:
...resisting the urge to smuggle fruit back into a shop and give the clerk an additional three cents in payment just as the clock hits 1620 local time.

(How is your week treating you?)

Boost if you want a cooperative that builds open source means-of-production tech for mutual aid.

Fave if you want to join mine (in PDX).

Comment if you think it'd be a good idea but want more details.

Probably offline for a bit.

Please choose kindness and empathy.

Peace on your path,
in these troubled times.


Revolution is my religion.

I/we will preach it
until the falsehoods of inequality are thoroughly remediated on every functional level, until there is nothing else for us to punch up against,

and all are truly free at last.

Neither you nor i/we can change the past (yet?), so our eyes must turn towards a better future, and not one where our personal privilege and salvation precludes our participation in the Higher Resistance.

The kyriarchy is pervasive in ways none of us can see without the mirror of externally prompted self-examination.

Resistance means pointing our word-weapons intentionally away from friendlies.

Be kind to yourself today,
in revolution's name,


Thank you for scrolling,
this is a meme that seemed relevant
(origin unknown).

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trans services, trauma & disability meta, 2020 continues tabling about wildly, uspol-adjacent? 

There is a brutal efficiency to surviving.

You must care for your immediate needs, and where possible long term health, before engaging with needs placed on you by others.

You must care for your community next, before concerning with the cares of others.

You must care for your allies last, before concerning about the cares of others.

Survival asks you to consider that the expectations, and feelings, and cares, of others, can be data and fodder for decisionmaking...rather than the sometimes-passive-but-often-active oppression that they *functionally* act as.

When someone without means becomes destitute, as their options narrow, so must their willingness to act become less narrow, else they perish.

Paring away the fragments of embedded programming takes time, and energy, which we often are unable to find for the task when our daily survival tasks are complete.

Limited spoons, too many forks, and not enough support is where we're all, kinda, at rn.


Please keep these contexts in mind as you interact & communicate with potential allies.

Especially for those of us who cannot pass as neurotypical, or have some other

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uspol, praxis & thoughts upon 2020 continuing to table about wildly 

If we only willingly participate in our own personal salvation (from this week's catastrophe), we break trust with every kindness that helped us along the way.

Remember to uplift one another, and be kind to one another, and raise joy above the fear, towards hope for a future without oppression.

There must be balance between acts of creation and destruction, and revolutions come when consensus builds healthy community, not from statues being torn down or buildings burned.

Social media distorts.

Be mindful of your community's increasingly overlapping conflicting access needs as this crisis escalates.

Be the one who asks the friendly "what do you need from us right now", rather than someone who asks them to validate their distress.

Emotions, trauma, and conflict will always exist, online and off.

The words (and other actions) we choose matter, especially in a medium where extra contemplation costs little and gains much.

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uspol, pdx (etc) tear gassing, expired munitions 

query, from a friend looking for corroborating sources:

"Starting to hear stories that there's tear gas that's making people sick.

Like really badly sick and nauseous, even causing seizures...which sounds like it's decayed into cyanide or cyanide based chems when it expires."

...has anyone else been seeing/hearing about this?

uspol, thoughts upon 2020 continuing to table about wildly 

Be mindful of the distinction between eliminating threat and lashing out beyond retaliation.

Brutality does not become us.

Neither does destruction of life categorically.

Our restraint in our wrath, alongside our limited options, are what distinguishes us from oppressors.

Destroy systems, not their individuals.

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janky hacks, disability & fedi-meta, coping mechanisms?, that one weird trick (add your own?) 

using my fedidrafts as a series of bookmarks twenty twenty dot jay pee jee,

i/we are

"comment that we wanted to make but are an individual with a communication disability and so my/our input in a conversation/space with Someone Noteable Whomst Influences might get us noticed and our entire everything get scrutinized and eventually result in us getting canceled for literally imagined 'disrespect' unrelated to functional (and intended) reality"

tag yourself XD
(...and maybe suggest mechanisms for engaging with and deconstructing self-censorship, if you've got any?)

uspol 2020 perspective (~_~) 

We're about to go into the worst of the pandemic, for those of us in the self-proclaimed "Number One Nation".

And everyone down here, outside of the increasingly-small middle class, is about to lose everything, regardless of what the talking heads pretend to think.


We cannot work safely, and so death will follow, and fear will spread, and the loss will be more chilling than the financial destitution that has hovered for entire generations.

There's a fire coming soon.

For those of you with the privilege to do so:

Please choose to be a cultivator of green spaces, waterfalls, and firebreaks, rather than an arsonist.

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2020 perspective, pre-covid-19 thoughts 

the feeling of deeply connecting with a post you made before lifechanging events altered the entire world for humans in nonlocalized cultures.

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Rosegun Vibe will always be the best band, at least to me.

paypal sucks, legal name changes 

It's been two and a half years, and is STILL doing the song and dance over fixing my deadname in their system.

I've sent documents (whoops their UI is broken, can't upload normally gotta use the old site via a special link from the live chat agent, who changes literally between messages), had long careful conversations, and expressed my frustration to (supposedly) empathetic people...who do nothing to help me functionally.

Every time, I get things uploaded, confirmed, and...then a massive dead-air nothing.

"Seven to ten days for a response from our review team." which never ever materializes.

They purge messages older than 90 days, which means each time I go to try to fix this, I'm starting completely fresh, and nobody ever follows up, no matter who or how many people I send the documents to.

If you give a shyte about anything, use instead. Still arguably horrible (like all money processing BS is), but they at least accepted my docs immediately.

So very, very exhausted with the emotional labour of finding ways to avoid using deadname accounts, but the alternative is spending hours doing pointless tasks for a megacorp who literally cannot even be bothered to respond to legally mandated support messages.

Oi, friendlies.
Leave your snitchphone at home.

Put it in airplane mode, if you just really can't tear yourself away from it (or if it's your only way to document the protest-breakers).

Seriously, this like half a step away from enabling realtime targeting.

Protect yourself, protect the people you're fighting for.

I need a command-line fediclient, any ?

Raspbian environment currently, but I would hop to something else if it's bootable on my hardware.

deadnaming retraining, support materials for your trans allies, boosts appreciated 

Via @sesshire, on how to train parentals to use your chosen name and identity.

uspol, finance 

meanwhile, the trumpistanian finance picture just keeps getting more convoluted.

So angry.

If I'd gotten 200k per year or more starting at the age of three, the things I could have done...the people I could have saved...

rewards of mediation, good news, hope?, re: police violence, functional resistence 

We're able to breathe this week.

Despite the terrible things happening in the world.

Our bank has processed the check which our lawyer provided us, and after two full years of waiting... enforcement has (finally) paid up for beating me up (back in 2018).

We've spent a few days...crashed hard...and then started pushing forward to obtain land, purchase infrastructure, and make a place of safety available to rent refugees and others in need.

Our short term goal is a place to rebuild and research, the medium term goals are sustainable means of production focused on housing to begin with...and long term, the sky is the limit when enough engineers have enough room and resources...

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