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upon having used fediverse for A While, advice 

Here's our advice in the context of the fediverse as an imperfect social network:

*) Always boost aid requests.
- Someone will meet their need
- the spot on your feed may make that connection
= even if you or your immediate friends cannot.

*) Use unfollow, mute, and filters for mental health.
- does it spark joy?
- prune your follow feed for your own needs
- remember you can mute people
- you can also unfollow someone's boosts

*) Remember to play nice when among friends.
- conflicting access needs run rampant among those who have experienced trauma
- kindness is distinct from lack of consequences for being a consistently shitty person
- be gentle with callouts
- be honest about your own actions
= be mindful of the spoon-cost and fork-inducement of your asks.

Be yourself.
Be willing to change.
Be willing to apologize.

Be careful,
this network is unencrypted,
and the admin sees everything.

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re: off-grid for a bit (back, ish) 

No longer off grid.

Still overloaded with survival.

No longer separated, which makes the struggle easier.

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means-of-means meta, survival 

A while back, I briefly talked about means-of-means-of-production, and then a few days ago I saw an elon musk meme along the same lines.

A machine that makes bread, or cars, is a means of production, and is as complex as it is.

A machine (or set of tools & environment) to make the machine that makes bread/cars is exponentially more complex, and it is this second form that monopolizes my headspace these days.

One such example of this cascading complexity is that any means of production requires a location over a duration of time to produce anything at all, as well as the raw material and human inputs, but the toolset for sustaining production (maintenance, upkeep & repairs, upgrades) is much simpler than the ones to create such an environment in the first place.

Means-of-means is the focus on tools, processes, and repeatability rather than the artisan or manufacturing level, and it overlaps with civil infrastructure engineering rather a lot.

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pol meta 

When a system of governance attacks a subset of the persons it governs, that system must be evaluated to ascertain if that attack threatens all persons.

When the weakest, the most marginalized, the most vulnerable, are targeted,
it is a warning sign that the system of governance has become toxic,
and correction must be enforced.

Left unchecked,
an attack on one
become an attack on all.

And should the system
become more corrupt than can be changed,
burn it to the ground and start anew.

Doth the phoenix know the pain of fiery rebirth?
Or do fledglings spring from ashes,
whole and unmarred by memory of the flame?

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Act together, or not at all.

This has not changed, though the urgency for acting together, cannot be overstated.

Life is not fair, and We fix that when we act together towards better days, better ways.

"Each day, we call her Dawn; daughter of Yesterday, mother of Tomorrow."

We are enough, when we work together, with awareness of the power we hold in the present moment.

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news / pol, holistic justice, pacifist perspectives on direct action (long) 

i'we writes this from unceded Santiam lands, where colonizers allow me to live in a lockable box, inside their exacting boundaries, upon a machine of thinking wires that burns my soul to interact with.

Today, it is time for i'we to write, and write i'we shall. Please pardon my brevity and bluntness.

Before you , and there will be much , there are several things that i'we would ask you consider.

Yes, you, specifically, dear reader.

My message today is for you alone.

Please take the time necessary for these words, expressed with deep intent towards better futures, to be digested by your mind into understanding, and strive to hear the understanding that burns in i'we to write so many words, in this medium, today of all days.

The first, being that direct action is meaningful, and aligning with others of similar values is essential in any venture, the next step, deciding on what you will do together and when to take those actions, rather than being driven to it, is the distinction between riots that work, and a terrorist attack.

Those are words which come charged with meaning. Please, consider that this is not my first language, and likely is not yours. Listen beyond what you hear with your heart. Listen with your mind. Listen with your body. Listen with your spirit, and let whatever you experience, be what it is.

When you choose to do something, do it well. Do it thoroughly. Do it with knowledge that it could result in some, or all of you, ending up dead. If you cannot make decisions in that sort of an environment, avoid riots, and work from the outside, learn the tactics that weaken and overload the system in the current local lens.

If you try to fight everywhere at once, you will be defeated. Choose where to burn your energy, and burn them you shall.

To those who burn out, alone and fighting for the last...i'we are one of you. Please know that you are never alone.

My words are said with heavy heart. Words are such impractical things. Especially across networks we cannot trust with our most vulnerable selves. There will never be the perfect victim, and you break the chain by asking "why" instead of assuming that your feeling of the moment could not lie. That which passes the test of skepticism and simplicity will stand the test of time.

All this to say, before we go further into my point, that i'we, the tessalation formerly known as the commonwealth of @jakimfett (, for those of you who are in to that), says the following things with *love and support to those of you in the shadows and in the streets, in support, and in functional, practical solidarity of action with those who are vulnerable in these upcoming times.

If your riot would burn down what someone needs for survival, please reconsider it.

Know who your damage hurts, and be ready to mitigate the worst of it.

And, if the billionaires of the world are hiding behind me, take the shot without asking. Balance future survival of our world with actions that destabilize things in your favour.

If it's something that we can fix, between us, reach out. That's how we get through this. Each from their ability to other's need, because 'interdependence' is something that is living on a scale much larger than me or you.

i'we says this with holistic intent towards replacing the with something better.

Build bridges, meet needs, and for fuck's sake, start planting seeds.

i'we says this with hope that you hear these words as my full support, as an individual who disavows ownership and violences of all sorts, to swing your fists.

If your is an excuse for inaction, you are doing the opposite of acting in peace and life...enabling war.

i'we hates war.

help i'we end it, for all of us.

fight better.
fight harder.
fight together.

Learn to un-clench, let go, put away your armor and weapons when you are with friends, practice being vulnerable and caring, containerize your need to externalize feelings to protect friends.

Be self-aware, and know where your weapons, especially words, are pointed.

And please, kick all neo-nazis in the dick. My own patient way is compatible with your direct actions, and if you do your best, doing what you can do best, so will i'we.

That is how we get through this.

This is where we prove collectively that "never again" is now, and we can learn from our past mistakes.

Believe carefully, and be ready to act whenever your privilege could safely protect you.

To those who are angry, and waiting for a leader:
Seek mentors that you already know, and learn to lead yourself towards healthier life-acts.
Act together. Live together.
Take care of one another, across boundaries of all kinds, physical or not.

Believe yourself, though not too much.
Disbelieve everything, though not too much.

Talk to older union persons.
Please cultivate the ability to listen to people speaking about their experiences without being threatened in yours.

Learn about and of the places where decentralized people have been allowed to exist, do your best to support them with your privilege and financial stability, and take their best ideas and use them towards bringing together your neighbors and the people with Sovereign right to the land you occupy.

Listen when people speak.
Digest and refine your own actions before expecting that of someone else.

i'we, and you, will continue to make mistakes.

We will all become better for it, and learn, and acknowledging incremental and ongoing progress will cultivate a better future for us all, where blame-finding will destroy what we need for our most basic survival.

Grieve, today.
Grieve when your heart aches.

But we get up again.
And we do our best.

Keep doing what only you can do.
Refuse to do things that harm others.

Believe in people, even if only a few.

Let go of the things where you no longer find meaning.


further reading:

mostly for white people:

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@statikshok oi, would you mind articulating your interest in my account?

re: war, genocide mentions, paths forward 2: Electric Boogaloo, setting the tone, personal 

I've got a song, on repeat in my head, even moreso than "Everybody Knows", which is a powerful loop of its own.

We'll get back to that.

Give this a listen, first:

What's special about this specific song?

The first time, listen to it for yourself.

Hear it for what it has to say to you. Ask yourself what it means in your town, in your neighborhood. In your family, your heritage and history, and the struggles your ancestors survived to give you life.

For me, this is about the oppression my Ashkenazi (euro-integrated Jewish) heritage did not survive, and the few powerful truths that did somehow last through the hiding.

For me, this is about awareness of those people who saved their own lives at the cost of my people's elders, their children, and the reinforcement of financial slavery over the world by destroying and controlling us, and how that mentality continues to detriment the world today.

For me, this is about using my privilege every way possible, whenever possible, and making space for others within the shadow of that privilege.

For me, this is about every person I've seen dragged away, every child I've lost contact with, every hope shattered by batons and billy clubs, or worse.

For me, this is personal, because it speaks to the place inside me that says "never again (will we stand silent when genocide is attempted)" in solidarity with ancestors.

Thank you for listening.

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re: paths forward, setting the tone 

I'm done proving to people that we can solve these problems.

I'm done listening to obstructionist perspectives on why we have to keep waiting.

And I'm done justifying my deep-set values instead of acting on them.

Everybody who is going to move now is already in motion.

Our actions are a better call to action than more words.

What actions?

Glad you asked.

First, manage yourself.

If you cannot be self-aware about how your expectations, convenience, and choices impact others, you are not ready to act beside me, because I will need to split my attention between guarding myself against you and targeting our collective enemy.

Second, manage what is above you where your privilege allows.

Expecting people to change within a system targeting individuals is just asking people to martyr themselves. Make a system for the system to wear itself out against, then cut it off at the ankles when nobody is looking. Never oppose force directly when it can be avoided, and always stack your deck twice and check your parachute again before you go out the door.

Third, find balance in your actions.

Creation must balance destruction, and unless you demonstrate both, you may not be ready for either.


Lastly, that until we are all free, none of us can breathe in peace.

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pol meta, personal, paths forward 


As referenced over at

This here on toot dot cat is the account where I will be yelling about the things that drive me towards better ways.

Some of this will make sense on the surface, some will take excavation of my long stances to realize full import.

Maybe review my pinned posts if you're newly jumping in, I've said some stuff that hasn't changed in the slightest.

Other shyte evolves rapidly.

So, let's queue the music,
and actually do something about these "interesting times" we live in.

To the best of my ability, this will be made accessible...content warnings, tasteful abstractions and image descriptions...but i am fallible and will listen if you tell me a better way.

I may disagree, but I will ALSO default to trusting that you know what you're calling me out for, until objective facts convince me otherwise.

Let's be excellent to one another, and still find ways to motivate towards punching up.

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work, avoiding overtly toxic orgs 

Someone at my new workplace shared a link to "Violation Tracker", a database on corporate misconduct.


world pol, hoarding, pandemic 

This URL nearly speaks for itself:

The richest countries hoard vaccines, millions have died, and an international court wants to hold nations accountable for this.

sourcing a 3d printer, Ender3Pro alternatives?, boosts appreciated 

What's a 3d printer / kit / parts supplier that is unlikely to walk off with the savings that I've hoarded for this?

Have been recommended (by multiple sources both online and off) the Ender 3 Pro, and after a bit of search engine poking, I have no idea what a legit 3d printer selling site even looks like.

(For the Ender owners out there - where do / did you get your Ender 3 Pro? What do you like / dislike about your unit?)

Open to discussions of non-Ender alternatives, but the point of this is to get something we can plug-and-play to start printing parts for a Delta build.

I've got a box truck that is becoming a mobile makerspace, and we need to source a rock-solid basic 3d printer for keycap printing (gchoc), cases for sensor nodes, and a smattering of small-run stuff like handles/cranks/gears/toys or positives for scrap aluminum casting, etc.

space opera reference 

@falkreon after years of following you, your screenname finally makes sense bc I finally saw that one star trek episode.

re: off-grid for a bit (back, ish) 

No longer off grid.

Still overloaded with survival.

No longer separated, which makes the struggle easier.

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That feeling when you get followed by someone you respect a lot, and the brainspace does a kernel panick & reboot at being seen.


medical billing wtf, swearing at occupier government bullshit 

...the so-called state of Oregon just retroactively decided not to pay for our prenatal health coverage, birthing, or really anything since last October...and this, after we jumped through months of convoluted hoops to fix their original "we merged a database and put you into the wrong CCO" fuckup. this is my slightly-tinged-with-anger declaration that EVERYONE DESERVES ACCESSIBLE HEALTH CARE how is this even legal...

...plot twist it isn't, but when the organization responsible for doing the problem is also the one enforcing the rules...and those rules exist to enable the monetization of health care coverage...of course it's in their best interest to avoid covering people who aren't financially viable (read:exploitable) entities.

Gonna just...go to bed now. Appointment tomorrow should be all sorts of fun.

9year anniversary life update, medical (+), Nugget ( ;_; ) 

@sesshirecat had their post-op followup today, and things are looking good.

In Nugget News, we are Very and it's making feedings An Ordeal.

Tried for an hour, got 1/5th of a bottle down...and now we are sleepy-whimpering our way to a nap...hoping that some sleep will help them feel well enough to get a bit more than last time...

...and our sleep was about half what we needed last night for both us in-house parents...

...oh, and it's our anniversary! Have spent the better part of my adult life with my partner Sessha, and we are so much better together than apart.

Life with disability is more manageable when there's intersection of ability and need, and where I am unable, Sessha has my back...and I carry her (sometimes literally) when she's unwell.

Together is better.
Thanks for being here with me, Sessha-kitty. <3

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life update, medical (+), finances (+?), mh (~), personal 

Lost power and network for a bit over the weekend.

Still dealing with the fallout from that...several otherwise-reliable things have become oddly-flaky after the fluctuations that preceded the loss of the grid.

Being back at the place where my bio-parent's cult brainwashed me is...alternating shades of "why am i back here" and "...because we had no other choice that kept us all alive".

Our (first) stimulus checks finally arrived.

We now get to decide which of our bills to pay, and which parts of our lives we can afford...on both a monetary and ethical hold onto.

Surgery for @sesshirecat went well, and they're healing well. Dealing with some new diet restrictions, and also keeping up with a teething-at-three-months-old little bundle of joy.

Baby Nugget is a happy bright spot in all the chaos of the last 11 months. They've begun to hold their arms up for me when they want 'up', and will happily fall asleep in the nook between my chin and shoulder when left to their own devices.

Our baby is happy, safe, well fed, and warm.

For the moment, that is enough.

open source software, problematic name, breaking changes? 

Anyone else use symlinks as your .gitignore?

Apparently, that behavior is no longer allowed in git v2.32+?

@yumh hey, I just found gmid, thank you for making that project available for others to use!

plural thoughts 

i/we cannot fix everything.

and, what i/we can, we do.

re: story game, probably like 2% in?, pol-in-art-adjacent, pretty good so far..., feels (~+) 

this game has some hot takes on immigration.

and after their friend gets a job, my crystal-wearing character just found art supplies, so things are progressing?

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