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Hey everyone 💖​👋

I'm Danielle, and setting up this account to move to Mastodon (again-ish).

I'm a software engineer and photographer from Berlin, but I'm currently getting into filmmaking 😅​. I'll probably toot about bikes + bike maintenance too.

Excited to have a bit more data ownership and spending less time being frustrated by random Twitter UI changes.

Birbsite notifications are hell today bc of open source drama and I would like to Log Off

FFXIV (no spoilers) 

finally rolled credits on A Realm Reborn, now time for Heavensward.

damn that ends in some kind of way.

i like having 10+h battery life in a smol computer, but damn macos why you hate me

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The JustWorks operating system decided that I actually want all my audio balanced to my right ear. 😭

i miss pulse. Why no ARM laptop with good linux support? 😭😭😭

welp i took a mental health day and now I have a rust toolchain again?

“ArE yOu WiLlInG To ReLoCaTe To SaN fRaNcIsCo?”

no. actually. Why are we still asking people that in 2022? 🙃🙃

riding on an e-gravel bike continues to be an unreasonable amount of fun when you go even vaguely off road tho :3

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the Mitte <-> Buch cycle route is really nice these days but damn there was so much pollen in the air 😭

I have ~5 different projects I wanna shoot this summer and I only hope 1 turns into something I can print as a lil zine.

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Yaaay film arrived for two of the photo projects I wanna shoot this summer :3

The worst part of photography is not quite feeling like an artist (sure I make a lot of conscious choices, but I'm capturing light that already exists), but also wanting to make more artsy friends 😩

(shot on Lomography Metropolis with a Minolta XG-9 @ 50mm)

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Nordbahnhof when shot on the right film has some pretty cool vibes apparently 😅​

I developed my first roll of film myself yesterday :3

and... it worked?!

I assumed I'd mess up a few rolls trying to get it right, but instead I guess I'm developing a few rolls of ridiculous things like this (a double exposure self portrait/photo of a dumpster):

Do I know anyone who self-develops film in Berlin?

Where/how do you dispose of used developer+fixer?

If you had to pick a favorite Berlin U-Bahn line and station which would it be and why?

so uhhh if anyone knows places hiring Kubernetes Maintainers... I might be available 🙈

An airport is extremely not the time you want your jeans to tear 😬😬😬

Valencia has a massive park running through the city that used to be a river, full of trees/benches/water fountains and it's _lovely_.

I wish berlin parks had even 10% of the seating bc then i'd work from them all the time

also I have no social skills left which is a whole other complicated problem 😬

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