man I am not going to catch up on like a month of masto in one night, I should go to sleep so I can continue to maintain my 7-3 schedule >_<

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calling it the feminine diminutive "corvette" implies the existence of some larger, more masculine "corvus," yes, a great metallic bird of chrome and steel, capable of tool use and construction, its gargantuan wingspan casting a silhouette of the chevrolet logo as it drops a ford f-150 from 1000 feet onto a paved highway to more easily feed on its shattered entrails,

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@guerrillarain A FOSS dev who doesn't tolerate bigotry walks into a bar.

He trips 'cause it was set so low.

I mean clean sheets are lovely and all but I've been trying for 20+ years to fold a fitted sheet properly and I still haven't got it figured out

When you wash your spare sheets and you're like "I could fold these OR I guess I could just change my sheets and _not have to_ fold a fitted sheet.. uh sold"

Pro tip: if someone reaches out to you as an event organizer expressing privacy concerns about RSVPing on, maybe don't respond with a condescending lecture. They almost certainly have thought more about their threat model than you have.

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Deep Space 9 rewatch season 3 - The House of Quark Show more

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Just set my VPS to PST after 6 years on EST. Guess it's official.

I figured out how to use boltctl to get ethernet working with my Thunderbolt dock and my two laptops and I'm feeling like a Linux WIZARD 🔮

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Okay so aside from the obvious flaws of working 7am to 4pm, suddenly I am in a position to enjoy happy hour specials like never before

Had a revelation today trying to quickly take notes while interviewing a candidate:

authn = authe*n*tication
authz = authori*z*ation

I don't know how it took me so long to realize these were just abbreviations!! Now you know too 😄

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Can't wait for this Buster thing to just be released.

I know it's only day 3 of living in an apartment with no furniture but it feels like day 300 😥

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...does anyone in the Seattle area have an air mattress I can borrow, because this might take a while.

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