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know the difference:

satire: some centaur dude

satyr: french author

sartre: hahaha it's just a joke lighten up

If you can point me to someone who knows how Ubuntu LTS releases work and how to make sure your packages aren't broken in it I'd be grateful 😶

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quick reminder: if you're influential or useful to a project, you are a worthwhile target to people trying to disrupt that project

so if you create X and bad faith actors are very smart they're gonna show up and be your friend, but make it look like other key friends of yours are wrong about key points

this is how people who can do good most effectively get paralyzed by bad actors -- indirectly

so if you start a project and people know it in general

be ready

it'll happen

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who the hell puts wheel of fortune on before jeopardy?

I had a fabulous time at . Incredible program, and it's the first conference I've attended where the location wasn't incidental: we really got to see some of the city.

Bravo, @ericnormand! See you next year? 😄

I just am not really a fan of my plane doing the whole KANSEI DORIFTO thing you know??

me: *calls the BQE the QEW*

...just Canadian things?

😰 that landing, yikes. Weather >___>

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@jeffcliff true, BUT I can take the gene from a human and stick it in a donkey, and vice versa. Gerry described this as evidence biology is compositional.

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@ehashman Now try the same thing with humans and donkeys. It doesn't work so well.

Clearly speciation occurs at the distro level. Ubuntu / Debian-derived mixes probably still mostly work.

Gerry: To be trusted, autonomous agents must be open to criticism, testing and argument, and easily modified by people other than the creators. That's not possible without free software.

Gerry: Should we fear intelligent machines? Not if they can explain their actions, be a party to an adversarial proceeding, and be corrected or disabled.

Gerry: Ignoring the major threat of "The End of Work", the residual threats from AI are to privacy and civil liberties.

Gerry: If I took half the code from Ubuntu 14.04 and half the code from RedHat and squashed it together, would it work? No!

But take human DNA and do this, and you succeed most of the time!

We don't know how to code.