I watched Bad Trip on a whim because I saw it starred Eric Andre and was not disappointed.

I let my membership to the local botanic garden lapse during this whole pandemic thing, but I decided to renew it. visiting their greenhouses will be a nice january treat.

first time making sunchoke soup. verdict: it's good!

I get 100% of my medical advice from podcasters

joe rogan fans are the dumbest people alive

harvested sunchokes over a month ago to make soup with. just now making it.

covid, college 

or rather a low point based on where college enrollment was in previous years. this is the greatest decline since the vietnam war ended and lots of people who went to college to defer being drafted dropped out.

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covid, college 

according to the wall street journal, college enrollment is at a 50 year low.

I wrote inotify bindings for guile several years ago for an as-of-yet unreleased project, but this morning I decided to use that code in haunt to improve `haunt serve --watch` on linux. it used to use a really naive file scan approach to check timestamps on files. using inotify is much better.

had medlar jam for the first time today. it's good! now I want to grow medlars.

in the office for the first time in nearly 2 years. my desk is a time capsule. while cleaning everything out I found the original scrap of paper with the Haunt logo. selling as an nft for $1 billion or best offer.

wishing I had time series data for all of my temperature sensors like @joeyh. I have 4 thermostats, 3 remote temperature probes outside, and a thermometer in my office. would love to visualize all of that data.

took apart a whole ceiling fan trying to figure out why it stopped working. turns out it was because the remote desynced and I could have just held a button for 5 seconds to resync it but instead I had to reassemble the whole dang thing.

low was 1F last night. coop was 6. I wish I could get the coop to be consistently 10 degrees warmer than outside but 5 is okay and the chickens don't seem all that phased by it.

coop temp has dropped into single digits. it's 2F outside!!! ugh

tfw you're looking California but feeling Minnesota smdh

at a covid vaccination site and they are playing fountains of wayne, the singer of which died from covid.

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