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flock of birbs @dthompson@toot.cat

in addition to spending many hours sanding walls and trim, I also removed studs and chipped away messy mortar blobs on the chimney. almost time to build the mantle and shelves.

installed the shelves in the office. a bit sparse right now but I'll fill them up eventually.

the current star of my garden is the new england aster. 11/10 would pollinate.

building some floating shelves out of cherry.

Met this cute and sleepy wall chicken. tonight.

direct link: github.com/smcameron/open-simp

I mean, I was just gonna port this without trying to understand it 100% but my head is just spinning trying to understand any of it.

I saw a blog post about Godot adding OpenSimplex noise generation so users can do procedural generation. I thought I should add noise to Chickadee so I began reading the third-party C lib Godot includes and found the following comment:

"Gradients for 4D. They approximate the directions to the vertices of a disprismatotesseractihexadecachoron from the center, skewed so that the tetrahedral and cubic facets can be inscribed inside spheres of the same radius."

guess I'm not gonna do that.

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last night I ate too much Dairy Queen and my tummy felt bad for hours and then I slept through my morning alarm and almost missed my train and now my tummy is grumbling about the breakfast I skipped. make up your mind, tummy!

love to go the dentist and have them tell me everything looks good. it has only happened like twice and today was one of those days. I'm so used to scheduling a filling or worse every time I go in for a cleaning.

today has become a not so good day for a number of reasons and I was already not at my best to begin with.

the snare tone alone is just... wow.

today is a The Fury of the Aquabats kind of day. I first heard this album 10 years after it was released and it had a big impact on me. it was such an interesting change of pace compared to all the dark stuff I was otherwise listening to. it's worth a listen for the drumming alone.


boost if u are are impressed that Bear found the perfect resting place for his tiny little nose

the bottom rack of my dishwasher has been a pain in the ass to use for 2 years because some of the wheels were missing. took me 2 years to have the bright idea of just ordering replacement wheels.

Guile now has a JIT compiler that is about 80% faster than 2.2's VM. I hope to take it for a spin soon and run a 2D sprite rendering benchmark.