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cars are definitely some kind of hoax. explosions that make wheels spin? big auto just doesn’t want you to realize every car is actually two bikes

@dthompson @sajith *Dave replaces baseboard with a bunch of old dead Linksys routers*

as an aside to this: does anyone have experience finding an exact match for a piece of old molding?

been in a bit of a rut the past few days where I couldn't accomplish anything no matter how simple. it culminated with me going to home depot at 9:30pm and trying in vain to find matching baseboard trim for my living room just to say I tried.

glad I'm not at AWS Summit NYC this year. I'll be at re:invent though.

Protest outside of Amazons AWS NYC summit today

This isn't good: the administration's Supreme Court nominee is a major opponent of #netneutrality, claiming that forcing ISPs to allow their customers full access to the Internet somehow violates the free speech rights of ISPs: https://u.fsf.org/2mn

band that I completely missed in the 90s that I have finally discovered: Hum. they are very good.

all the very deserved criticism Elon Musk is getting lately brings me back to April 2017 when I was deciding which electric car to buy. the Chevy Bolt looked very appealing, but Tesla fanboys said "no it sucks the Model 3 is cheaper and better" so I looked into it more. the Model 3 wasn't even out, just a waiting list with thousands of people on it, whereas the Bolt was on dealership lots. so I bought a Bolt and I've yet to see a Model 3 on the road.

tl;dr Tesla fanboys are dumb

this drum lesson from Michael Jackson's touring drummer is neat. the emotion in his playing is undeniably impressive. worth watching even for just skipping around to the 3 MJ songs he plays.


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Old house find: this early 1900s lock of some sort I removed from a door frame.

"sure smells like pizza"

"that was their intention"

a coworker showed me the "Almost Pizza" sketch from SNL and I'm dying.

"pizza that's practically pizza in every way, except a few key ones."


I'm really behind in the news.

#Guile 2.2.4 & #Guix 0.15 released 🙌 👌 🤯

I have never been into comic strips, but Olivia Jaimes' Nancy is very good.