the reaction to the song is great, too. mad conservatives and people complaining that the lyrics are too direct (who are likely conservative.) as if the only good lyrics are mysterious or ambiguous ones. straight to the point lyrics are very good.

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Every Time I Die's new song "planet shit" rips. love me some direct, overtly leftist lyrics. one of the best new songs I've heard this year.

got my loxjie a10 amplifier. it's great! can definitely recommend it if you also want a very simple, small amp to power some bookshelf speakers. one rca input, 2 speaker outputs, and a volume knob.

haven't made a local vm in a very long time. gnome boxes is really nice! downloaded ubuntu for me and did an express install.

Coheed and Calabria - A Favor House Italian

my 2 ellison's orange apples went bad on the tree. raintree said they ripen in october but I guess here in the northeast I need to pick them in early-mid september. they got very mealy and it sucks. hopefully there will be lots more to eat next year.

ah it's fall, time to be sad that I couldn't get a wood stove last year.

I really don't know what I was thinking. I wanted a small amp that could power power a small pair of speakers and also have a headphone output. instead I bought a headphone amp with no speaker connectors. now that I'm looking for something that actually has what I want I am finding that there are very few products that fit the bill.

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aaand I'm dumb and bought something that doesn't work with my setup. d'oh.

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now that I have my electric drum kit in my office, I'm thinking I might be able to squeeze in my acoustic kit if I put them back to back so they share the same throne.

speakers: ✅​
speaker wire: ✅​
banana plugs: ✅​
usb dac: ✅​
amp: coming today!

sweetness by jimmy eat world is good no matter times I hear it.

trying to get chickadee 0.8.0 out in time for the lisp game jam. really trying to make this version much easier for beginners to use.

and for fun, here's square-limit. this one really exposes some performance issues with the current vector graphics implementation. when I look at this picture, I see two draw calls needed: one to draw the filled circles, and one to draw the stroked circles. however, to make the computer recognize this truth is complicated! so right now it's 2 draw calls for every filled circle/stroked circle pair. I'm only getting about 45fps rendering this, as a result.

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corner-split a la SICP section 2.2.4 using chickadee's vector path rendering. using a gradient filled circle for simplicity here but it could be any arbitrarily complex vector graphic.

second chance by shinedown is a certified bop sorry haters

it's a full moon and I just happened to see the ISS fly by. cool night

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