*drake shun* *heavy wet snow*
*drake approve* *light fluffy snow*

snow tomorrow, and probably a lot of it. might be fun but it's also been nice to not have to shovel yet this winter. I hope its not the wet heavy stuff that makes me want to die.

"what popped up would change computer programming for the next 30, 40 million years"


finished reading Edible Forest Gardens Volume 1. for a book entirely about ecological theories, it was surprisingly engaging. now, onto volume 2 which covers how to put the theory into practice.

love when someone tells me my card is declined when i know that cant possibly be the case and then I go somewhere else and it works just fine.

omg @GwenfarsGarden I just found out about a PDC in my state that I think I could make happen. 1 weekend per month for 3 months. that's doable! permacultureseries.org/

has anyone around here had success finding free sources of organic matter for mulching garden beds? I read about people being able to get leaves and wood chips from people that are just getting rid of them anyway but I have no established relationships with anyone that could give me those things.

the best joke in the history of the world is cutting a piece out of a cake and then taking the rest of the cake.

why is every youtube video thumbnail some white dude making a stupid face while holding something with giant clickbait words overlayed? I hate it.

my wife bought taro cakes from the viatnamese grocery store yesterday and I've never had them until now and they are so good

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home improvement rabbit hole: we want to paint the dining room, but first we want to remove the ugly wallpaper border. so we start removing it only to find that there is another border underneath. however, someone installed crown molding on top of it so to fully remove it we have to take down the crown molding. upon peeling off layer 2 we notice that there is yet another border underneath it. every project I ever do turns out to be vastly more complicated than it seems.

got this in the mail yesterday (in a past life it was a library book in Portland, Oregon) and I've already finished reading it. it's a story about a garden, not a manual, but there is a lot to learn from it.

big ol' reasonably priced monsters at wegmans? hell yeah!

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