on the subject of keeping things warm, I'm trying to improve the chicken coop and run before things get really really cold around here. I ordered some clear tarps to wrap the run to block wind and snow, but also to create a greenhouse effect that will warm up the run a bit. I also have some gaps around windows and doors to fix with more wood trim that I've been procrastinating on for quite some time. overall though the coop is quite a bit warmer than outside thanks to the insulation and deep bedding.

I have a big old house that I'd like to heat as little as possible, so very localized heating solutions for rooms that are actively being used are appealing to me.

winter makes me wish that americans would start using something like a kotatsu because they seem really cozy and efficient.

I tried my quince jelly on a piece of sourdough this morning. my wife and I both liked it! I've never had quince jelly before so I don't know how it compares to others but I'm mostly just glad that I got the jelly consistency right on the first try.

found hazelnut spread filled m&ms. sounds great, right? nope. they suck.

I don't think I made the quince paste quite right, but it should still taste good. I looked for a few other recipes and the pictures are quite different than what I have.

2 pints worth of quince jelly. first time canning ever. hope it turns out okay!

cooking quince in this cute new stock pot I just bought.

*chanting, quietly at first, slowly growing louder* asian pears, asian pears, ASIAN PEARS!

bought a cuisinart stock pot for canning. the label said it was stainless steel but upon bringing it home a magnet most certainly does not stick to it and so it won't work with induction. boo.

omw to hail to the king. that's right, y'all. King Diamond.

if the wegmans website is correct, the store near my house sells quince. gonna check tomorrow.

re: gnu 


oh and I also have 2 seedling pawpaws (not grafted so flavor is in nature's hands) and 3 seedling american persimmons (also not grafted). it will be a very long time before either fruit if they survive.

that leaves 5 scraggly apple trees that have been somewhat productive and a sour cherry tree (cultivar unknown) that produced more cherries than we knew how to handle this year.

I plan on cutting down several trees that were planted by previous inhabitants that just aren't producing: 2 peaches of unknown variety that never to seem to really ripen and just get moldy on the tree. 2 cherries of unknown variety that aren't very productive and are also way too damn big.

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