dining room painted. I actually did a thing today. (okay there's still some touch-ups to do and a few radiator covers to paint but the walls and trim are done!!!)

I am painting my dining room now, at least. getting through it.

me during the week: can't wait for the weekend so I can work on my own projects.
me during the weekend: depressed, sleep in and do nothing.

Here are some free software alternatives for some simple digital tasks:

Note keeping ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Rich text editing ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Todo lists ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Spreadsheets ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Calendars ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode

Hope this was of help!

love to be awake from 1am to 4am and then dismiss my alarm at 7am and fall back asleep and then wake up in a panic 10 minutes later and rush out the door. definitely going to be operating at 100% at work today.


these wings were made for flappin',

and that's just what they'll do,

now these peeps are gonna peck all over


one of my eggplants was born with 3 cotyledons. I wonder how common this is? haven't looked into it.

once I start watching Nyango Star videos it is hard to stop.

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the riff at the end of Rosemary by Deftones always gets me. it just comes out of nowhere. the whole song is great, but skip to 5:00 for a very heavy riff.


one significant downside to having baby chicks in the house: I can't play my dang drums!

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I will not be at LibrePlanet this year. I'll try to go next year.

every time someone refers to their "DH" (dear husband) online I curl up and die.

my commuter rail train was broken down so long that I nearly completed a run of Frozen Bubble puzzle mode before we were moving again.

today I discovered the first of the non-bulb plants sending up new growth and I am very excited. this is the bud of a fuki plant. the bud is edible, as is the stalk, and they are used in some japanese dishes. it is perennial and grows massive (2-3 ft) leaves and loves wet, shady sites. I planted this as a bare root crown in the fall next to a downspout on the shady east side of my house where not many other plants will thrive. I think nature is telling me I chose a good location.

I don't know why but I'm having a hell of a time finding cheap windows for use in a shed/barn/coop. neither Lowes nor Home Depot have anything. Tractor Supply doesn't sell windows of any kind that I can tell. Menard's, a mid-west Home Depot-like store, has super cheap windows that are perfect but they aren't available to buy online so if I want them I need to drive to Ohio. I'm thiiiiis close to going down the rabbit hole of making my own.

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