no kids for the weekend. date night at the ramen place.

the drum case I bought for my floor tom is just a bit too small. the next size up will probably be too roomy. I'm freakin goldilocks over here

gotta love car dealerships. got told by a salesperson that I'd have my truck by the end of June, haven't heard any updates in a month despite being told I would get updates, then when I ask they say it's coming in at the end of July.

Hi! Come on in! Sorry my house is a bit messy! 😅

I went with for my first run of band stickers. exciting!

anyone have recommendations for t-shirt and/or sticker printing services? ideally looking for places that accept SVGs or otherwise provide clear instructions for what resolution a raster should be.

I think I figured out my art thing. I'm going with serial experiments lain style power lines. I took a picture and heavily edited it to just have the silhouette of the pole and wires and used inkscape to trace the raster into a path. pretty happy with the results. inkscape rules!

decided that the paint color is okay enough to not spend thousands of colors getting it replaced with something else.

painters sprayed the first coat on the house today. we hate it. this is gonna be fun.

I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm trying to hunt for inspiration at the very least.

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context: trying to explore options for a shirt I am designing that has japanese and english text on it. I'm not much of an artist so I am trying to find something cool and non-copyright infringing that already exists. I am also looking into other things like black and white photos.

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looking for freely licensed black and white manga drawings. anyone know a source?

my first cabbage success. now can I make it to harvest without the cabbage worms destroying it?

got reminded of and man I miss that place.

also the package just had a single drum head. the drum head is manufactured with rather thick cardboard packaging. instead of slapping a shipping label on that it was instead wrapped in paper, wrapped in bubble wrap, and then put in a bigger box. it's a matryoshka doll of waste.

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I suspected that guitar center and musicians friend were the same company and sure enough: one of my packages was shipped directly from a local guitar center.

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