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So I'm going to say that if there's something that makes me hesitant about embracing and encouraging people to join the Racket community, it would be that I casually mentioned "improving diversity" on the list and got chastized by one of its leaders!topi

Karen's in, Eugen's out
scroll up now scroll down
refresh refresh
tell me who I'm gonna block now

(deeply sorry everyone, got the brain worms)

a limp bizkit parody song about reading the TL "keep scrollin scrollin scrollin scrollin"



cooked the first egg that our chickens laid. it was very tasty.

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Towards Guix for DevOps

Great blogpost by @jakob ... and great hacking over the course of this summer, too!

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gamedev frustration 

I just cannot write decent code lately.

hearing reports that a website might be down

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Omg my dad just texted me to remind me of something extremely important:

Today is Wotan's birthday! 🎉
He is 3 years old today!
And I think at this point, Wotan has earned some birthday boosts :Wotan_shocked: :wotan:

one of the girls laid their first eggy! so proud of her.

stranger things 3 review: it's good and the finale is full of feels.

I am now relaxing in my yard to the pleasant sounds of multiple lawnmowers. food not lawns mother fuckers!!!

its "two for Tuesday" and free delivery at Bertuccis. it would be irresponsible to not get pizza under these circumstances.

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