learning how to use freetype but I don't have real rendering hooked up yet, so here's what the "a" character from Google Noto Sans Regular looks like rendered with ascii blocks in my terminal. now I know that my guile bindings are working.

damn, the seed garlic I ordered months ago was cancelled due to it testing positive for garlic bloat nematode. at this point everywhere is sold out of seed garlic so that's that then.

guile-sdl2 slowly but surely chipping away at the sdl2 api. just pushed a patch from a user that adds support for some blend mode stuff.

it's not a huge deal, probably just an opportunity to educate a bit.

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hmm found some gpl code that is clearly based on mine, though significantly modified, and licensed lgpl as part of a larger work that includes proprietary pieces.


one of those days when you just want to quit but you can't because you're the sole source of income for the fam.

aaaaand that's a wrap folks! Spilljackers by @luckystrike and myself is complete, and the #lispgamejam is over.

the game runs in the browser so give it a try: technomancy.itch.io/spilljacke

you can even edit the code and maps without downloading anything.

My submission for the #lispgamejam is done!

Just wrapped up the last few levels.

If I have time tomorrow I will flesh out the editor, to make it more user friendly.

A bunch of great submissions for this year's #lispgamejam

@selfsame made a bullet hell breakout mashup. Really gets the heart pounding,

@technomancy and @luckystrike created a 3d trip through a hellish future internet. Watch out for the internet coppers, they will cut you in two.

And of course my game, involving puzzles and sheep


remembered that I had a big bag of blackberries in the freezer so I made jam because that is all I know how to do now.

made 12 more pints of grape juice and I still have a large amount of grapes left. I think I'll try jelly with the rest.

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canning supplies are still hard to come by but the situation is slightly better than a couple weeks ago. scrounged a few nearby stores and got a 12 pack of pint jars and a 4 pack of weird wide and short half pint jars. regular half pint and quart jars are what I really needed, but I gotta take what I can get.

just wanted to say thanks again to everyone that donated to my niece's fund back in the spring. thanks to people like you we were able to squirrel away nearly $20k to help pay for college or whatever she chooses to do post-high school.

thought a hawk took one of our chickens and I was crying until I found her hiding in a patch of asters.

holy SHIT the concord grape juice I made 2 weeks ago tastes incredible.

GTA 3 homebrew port for the Switch, made possible by reverse engineering using the debug symbols accidentally left in the original PS2 binaries.


also they reverse engineered the renderware library that all the PS2 GTA games used, as did a ton of other games.


pretty cool!


trump is attacking the republican governor of my state (MA) on twitter this morning and now all the "riding for biden" liberals are jumping to his defense because being anti-trump is all that matters to them. nevermind that he has endorsed susan collins for re-election or that he voted straight R on his midterm ballot even though elizabeth warren's challenger was very openly racist. liberal MA just loves their republican governor because the bar is so fucking low.

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