I'm sure I will make many more edits but in case it helps anyone here's my simple planting diagram for some annual veggie beds. this doesn't take scheduling of spring vs. fall crops or succession planting into account but it has been a helpful visualization for me.

I've settled on building 6 8'x4' raised bed boxes, oriented north-south, with 7' tall remesh trellises at the south end of each. I started my plan by placing climbers and large plants and it felt like I was quickly going to run out of room for everything else. but now I am struggling to fill in the last few open squares whilst simultaneously wishing for more trellis space.

I'm finding the square foot gardening method to be very helpful in putting together a rough plan for what plants will go where in my raised bed kitchen garden. also searches for "how many ___ plants per person" are helpful as a starting point as far as quantity goes.

CR Lawn, founder of Fedco seeds, is kinda like the RMS of agriculture. thanks to @joeyh for sharing this excellent talk he gave last year. if you are into free culture, I think you'll really like what he has to say.


seems I'm going to watch over an hour of a presentation about a seed catalog?!



sorry for this momentary lapse in cw etiquette.

he's gonna be president and liberals will just have to suck it up and accept that poor people will be able to see a doctor, too.

every time someone tries to smear my main man bernard I send him another $27.


here's how ham I went:
Provider Bush Green Beans
Scarlet Runner Pole Beans
Oregon Giant Snow Peas
Sugarsnap Snap Peas
National Pickling Cucumbers
Longfellow Slicing Cucumbers
Waltham Butternut Squash
Coral Early Carrots
Scarlet Nantes Main Season Carrots
French Breakfast Radishes
Clear Dawn Yellow Storage Onions
Gildenstern Iceberg or Crisphead Lettuce
Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce
Tom Thumb Butterhead Lettuce
Fordhook Giant Chard
Bali Chard
Piracicaba Non-Heading Broccoli
Mammoth Red Rock Red Cabbages
January King Green Cabbages
Red Russian Siberian Kale
Dazzling Blue Dinosaur Kale
King of the North Sweet Bells
Purple Blush Tomatillos
Amish Paste Tomatoes
Sweet Basil
Jewel Mix Nasturtiums
Mammoth Mix Sweet Peas

@dthompson I do wonder when the cross-pollinization from the FSF occurred..

addendum: the nice thing about seeds is you can go absolutely ham and buy a million packets and still spend less than $100.

finally committed to a fedco seeds order. bought 27 different kinds. am I crazy? we'll find out!

found out that christmas tree shops has lots of cheap plant pots so I bought a shit load of them.

well I burnt the bread because I misread an instruction so nevermind!

I keep watching it and I keep noticing little details. it's a masterpiece.

someone took the Code Geass opening theme and made a Bernie Sanders opening credits sequence and it's quite possibly the best thing I've seen in a long time.


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