We have been watching monarchs this summer, so I read Anurag Agrawal's "Monarchs and Milkweed: a Migrating Butterfly, a Poisonous Plant, and Their Remarkable Story of Coevolution" with a lot of thrill. Milkweed is trying to kill monarchs with latex and cardenolides, but monarchs sequester cardenolides for their own defence.


The hardbound edition is excellently produced, well-written, and I want a copy for myself.

Agrawal's blog is great too:


the first finish I ever used was oil-based polyurethane and it was difficult to apply. you have to carefully brush it on and wait a long time for it to dry, and you need very good ventilation due to the fumes. spray lacquer, by comparison, is much easier but you need to wear a respirator due to the even stronger fumes. then I tried danish oil which you just wipe on with a rag. it's so easy and makes the wood look nice but it doesn't offer much protection. Osmo seems like the best of both worlds.

ordered a small can of a wood finish called Osmo. it's a German product that is not very well known here in the US. I've heard very good things about it. it's plant based (unlike shellac which is made from insects or polyurethane which is petroleum), it soaks into the wood because it's an oil (unlike polyurethane/lacquer etc. that just make a plastic-like coating on top of the wood), it also forms a protective wax layer, and you don't need to wear a respirator when applying it.

saw Overlord last night. I enjoyed it. some really intense moments and a good amount of B-movie zombie-ish action.

hanging on the alternate side of the 'if' expression clause
trying to holler at me

(this is horrible and I couldn't think of a ending line and I am so sorry)

no, I don't want no branches
a branch is a code path that I can't optimize

I can't draw but here's a quick sketch of what was in my head. it's not an original design by any means but it's modern and simple, the tapered legs being the most complicated cut required. a shelf instead of a drawer further simplifies the build. I think it would look sharp in black walnut.

Chris Webber, the co-editor of ActivityPub (which enables Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, etc.) is inventing the next generation protocol for decentralized social games & online collaboration.

It is really important work.

I am convinced that there are institutions out there that would give him a grant to work on this.

Foundations? Boston-area universities? If you know of one, please consider nominating him!

Please boost!

I woke up at 5:30AM, couldn't go back to sleep, but my brain came up with a design for a nightstand for my stepdaughter so that's cool.

playing that game where you put a bunch of stuff in an ikea cart and eliminate things until you qualify for the $9 flat rate shipping.

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started the second to last project in my woodworking course: a small bookcase. it's my first attempt at making a cabinet-like thing and it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. gluing 5 large pieces of plywood together and trying to make all the corners as square as possible before the glue sets was stressful and I definitely didn't do it perfectly.

spent about 40 minutes trying to optimize my spatial partitioning code again this morning. still a lot of mystery garbage collection caused by converting floats to ints even though the procedure that does so has been memoized. also hash table access may also be a problem? I can't really tell. maybe alists would perform better.

there are multiple protests happening around me tonight, but I've gotta watch the kiddo at home. :blobcatpats: to everyone out there tonight.

my first picture frame. need to work on cutting more accurate 45 degree angles but it came out okay. my stepdaughter will be making some art for it.

the plants I ordered from edibleacres.org/ came in yesterday and I got them in the ground before work this morning. I love ordering from independent nurseries because they always throw in an extra plant or two. all the plants are new to me: fuki, turkish rocket, hyssop, welsh onion, bronze fennel, and hardy geranium.

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