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The fight for diversity, equality and inclusion is the fight for software freedom. Our movement will only be successful if it includes everyone. RMS does not speak for these values.

triscuitdeckaphobia - fear of dropping your triscuits on a deck

we can't stop here, this is Basque country.

watched 48 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay that was shown at TGS and though I still don't totally understand the game, it looks really interesting and fun. you're basically a post-apocalyptic delivery guy.

wellp I finally did something I've been wanting to do for awhile. bought an induction cooktop and convection wall oven to replace a shitty old conduction range. gonna be nice once it's all installed but first there's electrical work and cabinet building needed.

guix/guile community happenings 

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counterpoint: I still say pronounce "gif" as "jif"

"data" may be plural but saying "the data are on the hard drive" will never sound correct and shouldn't be used.

product idea: 14 bean soup mix that has 14 beans total

can't remember the last time I really liked a modern punk band. pup is an exception. this stuff is good!

is "git reflog" "git ref log" or "git re-flog"? that's some galaxy brain shit right here

the other day I discovered that whoever built the addition on my house only put R15 insulation in it. I don't know a lot about this stuff but the cheapest insulation I could buy for my chicken coop was R13 so I'm gonna say they cheaped the fuck out.

train report: saw some teeny tiny turtles on a log and some turkeys.

6:10am: automatic chicken door opened and the girls are all out in their run. this door is already worth the money spent.

another shot of the run because I like this one more than the last one I posted.

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