oh dang, there's a lisp game jam coming up. if I was writing any code at all in my free time these days I might actually have been able to participate since I have so much extra time right now.


I bought asparagus crowns (purple passion and jersey knight) without really knowing where I'd plant them, but I think I figured it out. I will probably build a 2'x10' wooden raised bed to the south of the house to contain them. I have 20 crowns so each will get 1 square foot of space.

still in a hella mood. this album actually has vocals and it is really neat. youtube.com/watch?v=4YXP40UnmF

so I made that nice homemade egg sandwich and now I'm eating cookies and cream pop tarts. yin and yang. flotsam and jetsam.

all of my tomato and tomatillo seeds have sprouted days ago but I'm still waiting on the peppers and eggplants... don't make me worry, seeds!

food pic 

my local nursery posted pictures of their seed racks on instagram so you could call in an order and they'll put it outside for pickup. I got sylvetta arugula and tokyo market turnips.

my asparagus roots and wine cap mushroom spawn have arrived. unfortunately the spawn is only half of what I ordered, need to get that fixed, but it's plenty to get started with!

transplanted red russian kale, dazzling blue dino kale, gildenstern lettuce, tom thumb lettuce, salad bowl lettuce, and clear dawn yellow storage onions into the new garden beds. sowed a mix of leaf lettuces, mesclun mix, astro arugula, bloomsdale spinach, and coral early carrot. I am excite.

Here's a list with many different online #permaculture classes! Most are paid and not exactly cheap, but there are 2 free ones too.


you can hunt for bunny day eggs in animal crossing now. fun!

RIP to all the house plants in offices. I overwatered mine before I left but I did not anticipate being at home for *months*. they gonna die.

good thing I set an alarm days ago, because I completely forgot that I had scheduled early morning database maintenance when I went to bed last night.

made pumpkin bread last night and now I've got a caraway bread in the oven. when life hands you a pandemic, do a lot of baking.

it's officially 4 weeks away from the last frost date here in central MA. I think I will transplant my kales and such tomorrow.

despite everything going on, amazon is still delivering my copy of persona 5 royal today. also, I preordered a physical release of sayonara wild hearts for the switch last year and just got it yesterday.

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