I probably should have known this would happen when I got like 4 emails before 9am

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I woke up this morning thinking "if today isn't a normal work day, I'm going to have a breakdown"

and it wasnt

so here we are >_>

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I need a drug that suppresses my re-occurring urge to tear down my whole life and start over again. My life is doing pretty fine, actually


7️⃣ 🎡 🎫 📒

my room is a messy disaster zone, and also a very accurate reflection of my physical state rn

I need to yell

What's a thing I can do instead of yelling, that will satisfy my desire to yell

as a general measure of how busy I am - in the last 24 hours I've transferred like $6k to / from 5 people

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Please direct your friends to joinmastodon.org or another instance of your choice like octodon.social, toot.cat or toot.cafe, etc. mastodon.social is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.

im all these feelings b/c of a few very specific reasons - but I'm moving soon and I'll definitely be better afterwards

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I'm also having to do something for grounding (ex: burn incense, play specific types of music, spray perfume) like every 12 hours because I'm like constantly feeling very... out of place

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I spend like 5x more time crying / almost crying than a person reasonably should

can someone's november praxis be helping me get out of a terrible contract gig?

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