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new alt account: lighthearted stuff 

decided that, because I know and trust the folks who run, I'm going to try and start moving my alt account here too. however, before I make an actual alt account, I decided to move some of the light-hearted stuff that I used to post there into an unlocked account, @ltht.

most of the stuff there will be out-of-context quotes from stuff I've been watching or reading, and it will be boostable for folks who are as amused as I usually am.

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streaming Enter the Gungeon now!

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evening off from work today, prolly gonna stream gungeon in an hour or so

ableist bs 

I love how catering truck just saw the spot clearly marked for a bus to pull over next to a stop and thought it was their own personal parking spot

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audacity telemetry shitshow 

this audacity thing is kind of a shitshow rn tbh.
there seems? to be a consensus that telemetry is okay as long as:
it's opt in
truely anonymous, not system-id crap or file names
fully transparent about what it does

and then there is those people: "just give the devs what they want" and I don't like how they can be fine with google telem inside a foss application

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There’s some activist advice that sticks with me. A simple but big thing that middle class or former middle class activists can do to forge solidarity with the working class is to serve food at the meetings.

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fediblock, racism, misogyny 

defederating from because the admin likes to harass Black women on Twitter

re: ordering food 

like sometimes I forget that meat eaters have so many options for premade food that they can just warm up and eat

whereas I'm like, best I can do is make oatmeal lol

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ordering food 

while it is 100% a privilege to be able to order food

it's often not until I order food from a vegan restaurant that I realise how much of a privilege it is to be able to eat food without the apprehension of, how sick will this make me

although I'm not strictly vegan I know that basically any dairy or residual meat grease or whatever will potentially make me sick or just in general feel bad, whereas with vegan food made at a place that exclusively makes vegan food will 100% never do this to me

and I often forget how most people can just eat food they like cheaper and easier without any fear of like, will this make me feel horrible the next day

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Twitter privacy PSA (this one's bad but important to know about) 

Twitter just implemented a feature that effectively lets someone buy your address via a PayPal transaction.

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I’m currently looking for work. If anyone has any programming contracts available, please let me know.

At this point in time, if anyone can help me by supporting me on Patreon I’d greatly appreciate it while I persue a stable income.

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out of context 

"do you ever just stop to think of the meaning of it all?"

"look, dude, I'm just trying to play video games"

re: programming project 

(I'm quite happy with the weird atom-based terminology even if the term "molecule" doesn't quite work)

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programming project 

after messing around with my var-length integer library, I decided to make this:

so that I could just factor out the slices-as-ints logic to somewhere else

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patreon layoffs

Seeing the writing on the wall for Patreon. Apparently they laid off a lot of the folks that worked on their software, and took on a lot of debt from VCs. If you're a creator on Patreon I suggest you start looking into alternatives. Things are about to get really strained in the creator space.

English weirdness 

what's the difference between commentating and commenting?

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oh my god. I did it

(minor gameplay spoilers)

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Wow, Tantacrul is now in charge of the design of Audacity, which means for the first time in its 20+ year history, it will stop looking and functioning like ass.

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