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new alt account: lighthearted stuff 

decided that, because I know and trust the folks who run, I'm going to try and start moving my alt account here too. however, before I make an actual alt account, I decided to move some of the light-hearted stuff that I used to post there into an unlocked account, @ltht.

most of the stuff there will be out-of-context quotes from stuff I've been watching or reading, and it will be boostable for folks who are as amused as I usually am.

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What if, and hear me out on this one, what if we forgave any back rent due and abolished landlords?

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Mastodon meta 

Aged like wine: “(…) Then it struck me – the community and Eugen weren’t working together to make a better software. We were in a constant uphill battle with a person who constantly promotes Mastodon as the ethical alternative to Twitter, to convince him to incorporate important aspects of software design to make it accessible and inclusive. That isn’t a partnership – it is a covert state of conflict.“

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honestly, the main reason we compared fediverse instances to web forums/BBSes is because you don't join a web forum because you want to be on phpBB

you join a web forum because you want to join a community that you have friends on, or a community associated with something or someone you like

we spent a /lot/ of the mid-oughts on phpBB forums, and if there was ever a flagship phpBB forum, we never heard of it

why would we have? we wanted to talk about our webcomics

- Packbat 🎒

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'Irreconcilable Differences' by me

My thoughts on the Mastodon iOS app and the frustrations within with a side of our long standing problems with Gargron.

political venting 

billionaire: unions are expensive. I'm taking all your money and that's not negotiable, but then the unions take more so, yeah, I guess they're the problem

chess/science shitpost 

no: guaranteed checkmate
yes: crossed the event horizon

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Free ideas; Take and do them without attribution if you want 

A vegetarian option in a restaurant

For HUNGRY vegetarians

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i remember when i first joined the fediverse a few years ago i wasn't expecting much

but then i made my first post & the lovely people of (which still had its "a" back then) started responding immediately! i was shocked!

on most social networks, it feels like you're posting into the void until you build up a community yourself

joining a small mastodon instance is like joining a pre-existing community. i think that's special. and the local tl is largely what allows that to exist.

tech hell 

first the user clicks a link, then their browser makes a request to the server, then the load balancer redirects to a cluster proxy, then the cluster proxy redirects to a pod proxy, then a pod proxy redirects to a container proxy, then the container proxy redirects to some random bad http server someone wrote when they were drunk in college, which serves up a pristine new modern app which has 2 GiB of dependencies which are mostly readmes and comments explaining that you should read the docs on their website which--

re: tech hell 

in case you're wondering:

apache: makes every request require 20 billion file lookups and also just sucks in general, plus it's a web server and not a proxy
nginx: supports most use cases but paywalls some of them, and makes adding variables to your config files have a runtime penalty
lighttpd: doesn't support modern http protocols and compression but has most everything
haproxy: basically a subset of nginx and nginx isn't good enough so
traefik/caddy: designed for kubernetes and notes passed around the office
sozu: "join our gitter channel and ask if we've finished it yet, and why you should use it anyway"
coding your own solution: no thanks

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tech hell 

option 1: nice and simple program which terminates tls but also doesn't support specific options for doing so in an actual reasonable manner
option 2: modern behemoth which terminates tls between computers, containers, and notes passed around the office, installable in 14 easy steps

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My take is that Steam trading cards is essentially a form of crypto currency. No I'm not taking further questions.

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Mastodon sponsor hypocrisy, fuck gargron 

Exhibit A: the join mastodon dot org prohibition against sponsors creating adult content like casinos, porn, etc.

Exhibit B: sponsors that create adult content like casinos, porn, etc.

I don't even care but at least be consistent to your principles. Greedy fuck.

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some ppl seem to think FOSS means "i permit you to contribute free labor to MY project" rather than being a collaborative effort

re: foss hell 

plus like normally I'd search to see if there's any relevant discussion first but that is basically impossible on an email archive which doesn't even provide plain text search

like what the fucking year is it

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re: foss hell 

btw email lists are actually one of the most useless ways to actually have a conversation. like, there's a reason why back in the day we had web forums, and now we have github

in email I have to rely on my email client to group threads together and even that might fail, whereas with a managed system I can actually just easily click on a list of discussion threads and choose what to discuss

would it be nice if there were a decentralised, standardised way to do this? hell yeah

there isn't

and email isn't sufficient

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foss hell 

actually tried to send a thought-out email to the openssh-unix-dev mailing list explaining a thing I found and talking about a potential code change

after carefully spending way more time than I should have to reading the web 0.5 pages openbsd has, understanding that I need to be a member of the mailing list before submitting, so, I subscribed to it

including the usual hostile garbage on the page that says shit like "RTFM before asking questions"

and apparently you need to be approved by an admin to submit any email to the mailing list with no actual confirmation sent from anyone, just

submit email to void, maybe void will let you respond back

like when people complain about how bad it is to submit code to foss bros over plain-text email, this is what they're complaining about.

the fact that it's plain-text is not the issue. honestly, even the email part isn't that big of an issue. it's the fact that I have to jump through 80 hoops and get invited to the secret email list club to even talk to someone about maybe potentially doing something

when I literally am trying my best to provide the most constructive help I can, even though I don't have a full code change. like, literally saying "hey, this function needs to be modified"


like they're trying to avoid emails like "wut is an ssh" and here I am writing up paragraphs patiently and even then it's an enormous load of horseshit.

computer hardware 

Ben Eater has been working on an ongoing series about building a very rudimentary computer by scratch, and recently he's been talking about how USB keyboards work and basic stuff from the USB spec

today's video he talked about some cool stuff about how newer keyboards solve problems with "ghost" keys, and break the standard USB restriction of only tracking 6 keypresses at the same time

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On-call is violence, if it's so fucking mission critical you need 24/7 coverage, hire enough to cover 24/7 shifts.

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