Thinking a lot lately about how the whole "quit and you'll get more money" thing in the Bay Area tech industry just perpetuates all the abuse that unions could protect us from.

I've had a chill time at my parents house but I'm ready to go back to DC

My parents finally accept my pink hair! 💖 it only took 3 years

this memorial day, honor the bravest troop to ever serve our country

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Handy gamer tip: if you find a bed, you can "fast travel" to being fatigued on a different day



hi, today I woke up to myself choking while sleeping --- Sleep apnea suuuucks, and I can't wait for this sleepy part of my life to be over 😑

🌱🌱🌻 🍄🌵🌱🌱🍄🌱

alright, today im going to focus on trying to code as much as I can to crap out yet another very similar rails api backend challenge

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My mom is talking up Joe Biden 😤 meanwhile I hope he fucks off for being creepy as fuck and misogynistic

When you procrastinate on coding challenges by sleeping

I feel empty after finishing the new season of Sabrina

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