guess I should probably get back to using this given Recent Developments on the hellsite

I have once again been forgetting to use Mastodon. Argh. I got sucked back into the hellsite :/

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sadly I’ve reopened an account on That Other Site and it’s promptly absorbed all of my social energy

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if coronavirus doesn’t kill me first, I am going to bring disco back

Catch it, bin it, kill it, and unionise to keep the world safe, comrade

Looking for a small to medium sized #golang project to review live on a Twitch stream. Who's brave enough? 😂

The plan isn't to criticize whatever it is you're working on, but to demo how I approach new projects and codebases, and to constructively show how one can easily improve their Go projects with the help of a few CLI tools. Don't be shy!

[Boosts appreciated]

Balance of Power has randomly become my favourite ELO album, thanks to the peculiar mental machinations that brought you my love of Depeche Mode’s A Broken Frame, Yazoo’s You And Me Both, and Queen’s Hot Space

Derpy Matt left his USB-C charge cable... somewhere. No laptop for Matt today.

once again I find myself singing Beauty And The Beast, but with the lyrics changed to just 'Condoleezza Rice'

oh, that's good. GCC crashed trying to do ./configure stuff for compiling GCC. Oh GCC.

today on Building Lots Of Compilers:

- ran out of hard drive space because the default clang9+ build is 50-60 GIGABYTES of build tree
- GCC4.9 compile failed with 'configure: error: cannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile', which is quite possibly the most 'seriously?' compiler error I've seen so far

A-Z of music tastes:

Dollar (or Depeche Mode)
Genesis (Collins era >~<)
Hot Gossip (with or without Sarah Brightman)
Information Society
Kraftwerk (or Kate Bush)
Lene Lovich
Meat Loaf (but not his politics)
Nana Mouskouri
Pet Shop Boys
Queen (ofc)
Roxy Music (or Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Sheila B. Devotion
Tina Turner
Ultravox (with or without ‘!’)
XTC (or Xymox)
Z… fuck. Zappa, Frank?

Remind me to write do one or more of the following in re my old compiler adventures: write a blog post; make any patches public; make a script that tries auto-fetching and/or compiling the compilers in a principled manner…

update: after having the Pi compile gcc overnight, I stupidly moved the build directory before make install-ing and nearly ended up building it again in the autotools confusion

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