saw a very bright rainbow today and the cat was visited by a dove even though we were not intentionally bible larping

the cat got squishes and was content with squishing until the squish reached a secret limit and then: stretchhhhhhh; so it goes

yep this is better, and noticing better is important because of the negativity bias

panic, depression, trauma, thoughts 

After a long time (months!) not using social media, used social media a lot yesterday. Woke up panicked this morning, realizing the feeling was a taste of the depression that has been much better recently thanks to mindfulness and medication. [privileges! noted] Will be reachable as always but there are no more toots on the phone. Heard a definition of trauma recently: "anything that's too much, too fast, and/or too soon." Be good to yourselves please & tyvm 💚

eat the rich, but 

that Phil Collins sure can drum

the cat is very warm and appreciates any chance to get even warmer

feeling slightly or even much better is something that can happen at any time for any or no reason, so that's good, also there's a corollary to this we won't go into rn

of course it was In the Air Tonight in bright sunshine. naturally the workers were holding each other while weeping, quietly rehashing the wrongs done to them and the wrongs they had done to others, attempting to grapple with the paradox that the greatest strength is found in vulnerability. don't even worry about it, goes without question

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don't worry. the answer is yes: they're playing Phil Collins on the construction site

self is a network, not a node. self is a biome, not a fruit. avocado is a fruit. you're so much stronger than you give yourselves credit for.

let's maybe gather together and share as
let's talk about how our minds work. let's see if they're all maybe the same mind working in everything. let's find out if maybe it's not work but play. the light in an avocado greets the light in you.

who else here is meditating also this seems to be the first toot with

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