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OMG this is AWESOME!! You can get it to generate images from hundreds of categories & even interpolate between two images.

Here's a cross between a border collie and a bullfrog, and a cross between a garter snake and a stopwatch

Sexism and tech jobs (research) Show more

Sexism and tech jobs (research) Show more

Sexism and tech jobs (research) Show more

I proposed an alternate version called "Fire Yourself: a radical solution to diversity in tech" which unfortunately did not get picked, but maybe that's what I do with the last third of this one

I decided that maybe watching the previous version of my talk would help (but I wish there was a direct transcript)

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I love speaking but the lead time between proposal and presentation can be hard Show more

For this week's Recompiler Podcast we're going to be talking about learning and teaching technology. Listen in about 10 minutes at

I turned off the unread count notification badge on my email app to see if it would help me focus on other things, but it's a little too weird to not have that info.

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npm weekly 171: javascript is the most important programming language in the world via plus exciting news about tink

What's interesting in tech news this week? We're picking topics for the podcast.

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[to the tune of “take on me”]
don’t @ me

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look at the possum... cleaning itself like a little kitten.. beautiful... (apologies for the window smudges this was taken at dog nose height)

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Another genderless insult you can use in your time of greatest need Show more

I started to worry that I was dinking around on twitter instead of doing work, but searching for “startup about page with white guys and dog” is actually a thing I need to do today

So today's achievement is switching Calagator's specs from PhantomJS to Chrome headless (I hope I have the CI setup right this time)

I don't think I realized how burned out I was on software development until I'd actually recovered, just this year. All sorts of things that seemed unreasonably hard are suddenly easy again. It feels really good to dive back in.

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