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I have two more spots for our Purr Programming page in the next Recompiler issue! Exchange computer-themed cat photos for stickers: email

Christie and I had a bunch to say about why we don’t want AMP in our email, and how hacker culture can protect and celebrate harmful people

I want to understand what topics were covered, communication practices used, and kinds of leadership and participation

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If you can point me to someone who knows how Ubuntu LTS releases work and how to make sure your packages aren't broken in it I'd be grateful 😶

Are there any good writeups of the practices and activities of general assemblies during Occupy?

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So I have to come up with $600 by the end of the month and about $400 the week after that, and I could use your help. Please contribute or boost. ❤️

I did tshirts! With fluffy cat butts! (artwork by a lovely artist named Kaja)

I’ve been really proud of the conversations we’re having on the podcast. You’ll have to wait a few days for our discussion of Gmail and AMP, but the other week we talked about all kinds of tracking and surveillance.

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I wrote about the 2010 rise and fall of Google Wave, and lessons we can learn from their attempt to roll up email and chat and wikis into a single federated tool:

If you're in the Portland area, we're throwing a party to celebrate Calagator's 10th birthday!

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You know what I want out of Dat/IFPS/whatever? A shared calendar (say, family-wide, or workgroup-wide) that doesn't need a centralized server. And accessible on my phone, even when offline. Is something like that possible?

Are any of you interested in trying out Brave? They're doing a promo deal right now where they'll pay The Recompiler for referrals

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One interesting thing about running a sock shop is that the new year festival has started in China, and absolutely nothing will ship until it's over. Not a problem (ePacket is pretty fast for overseas delivery) but it gives me a reminder that "global" means all sorts of different business cultures and practices.

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Wie sagt man “corrections welcome”?

Mostly noting that because I’ve never tried to study more than one language at a time and I think it’s interesting how it works

I guess at least reading the news in German slows things down a little for me. I’m back on top of my reviews for WaniKani too, and alternating them isn’t giving me a headache or anything.