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My cold turned into the flu (although a teammate says he kind of hopes this is Covid-19 because then I’d be done with it) so I’ve been playing a lot of ACNL while I wait for the new Animal Crossing game to come out. The Pocket Camp tie-in is cute too :)

Leaving the house with a cold right now is certainly an experience

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Catch it, bin it, kill it, and unionise to keep the world safe, comrade

One of the odd results of trying Apple News for a couple of months is that I’ve learned how widespread articles about things to buy on Amazon are

I’m writing my first RFC at work, so now the entire company can appreciate my deep-dive on syntax highlighting schemas

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my coworker gave a great breakdown of how my team at work is helping clear marijuana convictions in California, how it impacts folks with records, and how petition-based expungement isn't cutting it—govs need to automate

also I'm happy to finally have something to share that clearly talks about what we've done to help with AB1793! no ML, no AI (depending on how you define it). just good ol' spreadsheets in, good ol' spreadsheets out, with a little algorithm in between.

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It’s very rare that I can say I'm unabashedly proud of something. This book is it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written, one of the best things I’ve ever created in any medium.

It’s a story about love, grief, food, music, and the people who accept you exactly as you are.

It's also got queers and an autistic love interest and gen-Xers and a found family in a coffee shop. It's bursting with everything I am and all the folks I love.

Learn more about it, or on its own website, Buy a copy, if you can. I highly recommend the print edition, but the digital is good, too.

Spread the word when you’re done, if you’d like to support me and the book. Thank you.

Back at it today with the syntax highlighting festival of recursive regexps 💪🏻

The answer to "what color do we paint the bike shed?" is blue

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The @OpenSourceOrg License Committee has made a recommendation to approve the Cryptographic Autonomy License, Beta 4

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once a year or so i reach out to artists for covers for LSQ. here are some things that make me paying you for your work easier:

- have a portfolio that's not social media.
feeds are terrible for sorting your art from your general posts
(artstation works fine!)

- make it easy to get in touch. a working email address link is essential.
if you don't have DMs open on social, you need to have another place for me to reach you easily

- post more than fanart if you've got it.
my magazine can't afford to commission original pieces, but we do pay reprint royalties. if you've got stuff in your portfolio you're proud of, you might get paid for work already completed! yes, even that student stuff.

- respond to me.
you would be surprised how many artists are super slow (like weeks) to respond. i will move on to someone else if i don't hear back within a week or so.

please please please make it easy for folks who want to use your work to get in touch with you!

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Netflix have enabled a feature to disable "autoplay" of trailers when you're just browsing:

About time.

What skills do you think are under-explored when it comes to current issues in technology and society? I’m thinking perhaps: labor organizing, non-beginner FLOSS maintainership, legacy code stewardship (always!), building distributed systems like Solid and Tor ...

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Please share, I'm looking for help on upcoming projects for The Recompiler -- paid positions for editing, print and ebook design, and research support

Please share, I'm looking for help on upcoming projects for The Recompiler -- paid positions for editing, print and ebook design, and research support

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I'm writing up a help-wanted post for The Recompiler, would any of you be interested in giving me feedback?

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If you're at all interested in #Python, thinking about coming to #pycon #pycon2020 ? Today's the last day to request financial assistance.

See art displays & performances, meet people at all programming skill levels, dip your toe into a new project, see talks to understand what's up and what's next, and/or chat with recruiters. First-timers and new-to-Python folks always welcome.

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