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Alright, so tonight, I moved all the issues from the Entropic discourse into github itself, and I dusted off an old WIP project board that you can now check out to see where progress is at with the project:

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Do I know anyone who’s planning to be at FOSDEM and/or Copyleft Conf?

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I see we're talking about Jeff Bezos again and so I'd like to repost one of my favorite political education tools: the (short!) Twine game "You Are Jeff Bezos"

taking its cue from Kafka, you wake up one morning transformed into a monstrous vermin, by which I mean, Jeff Bezos. The only way to cure this awful curse? Spend all his fucking money.

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hello! ok, so.

i made a patreon page to support my work on free software. it's difficult to keep up when you can't afford your own time, so if you'd like to help me make accessible software and can spare some survival dollars, consider becoming a patron. thanks comrades ✊ ❤️

Also, in case you are a person who would like to try contributing to a Terraform provider, here's the welcome message I created:

In an attempt at Hacktoberfest readiness, I added all the maintainer docs I could come up with to a new shiny wiki

One of the highlights of my week was having the inside of my eyeball scanned for a medical study. Kind of a pain to do, but they let me see the pictures.

Also thinking about this bit from @christi3k
“If something is on GitHub in a public repo it’s open source. At the same time that more and more open source participation is happening in walled gardens. Shift away from wikis to google docs. From IRC to Slack. Open source has become a very literal definition and retains very few of the cultural aspects a lot of us were interested in previously. Open source doesn’t mean there is open collaboration.”

Pondering the differences between working on a corporate open source project vs a community one aside from my personal income

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I say my opinion is biased because I adapted a CoC years ago that leads with an enforcement process, and I've had IMMENSE success with it in communities, vs when I was using a Contributor Covenant-like CoC:

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Hey everyone! I'm excited to share that I'm hiring! We're looking for a senior engineer who can bring some leadership on the frontend/design side. We hire from all levels, so you'll have some excellent folks mentor!

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Treating today as kind of a self care day was a good idea. I’m baking bread, and I finally got around to taking some of my work to the frame shop

So far my climate strike experience is a nice cup of tea at home with the cats, and I’m into it.

This might be too niche a question, but are there open source projects that use Go and seem accessible to beginners?

How do folks feel about events like Hacktober as a way for projects to bring in new contributors? Do people tend to stick around after their first PR?

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rms, a defense of free software 

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