I spent a little too long browsing vintage sewing supplies on eBay the other week and ended up buying $10 of random snaps and other notions. But the selling point was really these sock patches:

Issue 11 is shipping to subscribers this week, and we have a few extra copies in the shop shop.recompilermag.com/product

I’ll write up a longer thing for my blog, but this social media vacation has led to:
- finally getting a natural bread starter going again
- learning cribbage
- finishing a bunch of books (have you read The Empowerment Manual? Extremely useful!)
- writing actual letters on paper
- finishing a baby blanket
- eating meals that aren’t toast (but also a lot of toast because I’ve been baking)
- lots of thinking

Hope you’ve all been well and are having a good new year!

I’m trying to find some details on the longest possible shelf life for baking yeast because we have some old packages in the fridge, and this is the kind of experimentation I can get behind cooking.stackexchange.com/a/29

The other thing I'm looking for tips on is things to read about distributed systems -- I'm more interested in geographic distribution (maybe CDNs) and definitely want a practical/hands-on approach over theory. but it's a lot to get a handle on, so where might I start?

In my vacation from social media-type things, I've been reading a lot more blogs. Do you have one? Are there any other places you keep tabs on interesting topics?

I'm focusing on catching up with people in person and writing letters (the kind on paper!). If you'd like to correspond, you can use the mailing address for The Recompiler: PO Box 8883, Portland OR 97207

I'm not looking at most social media through the end of the year (I'll check messages here every couple of days), so if you want to see what I'm up to you might like to subscribe to my blog: lifeofaudrey.com/notes.html

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I’ve been sitting on this essay on open source citizenship for a year because I know there’s more to say, but it’s a start lifeofaudrey.com/essays/rethin

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So @audrey made a link roundup lifeofaudrey.com/2019/11/24/li on #FLOSS and ethics: "pieces I’ve been reading on the topic of modern free and open source software practices, licensing, and ethical concerns."

#freesoftware #opensource

Thank you, Audrey!

Also: in early 2016 I rounded up posts about structural imbalances in funding and use of FLOSS: harihareswara.net/sumana/2016/

I’ve been sitting on this essay on open source citizenship for a year because I know there’s more to say, but it’s a start lifeofaudrey.com/essays/rethin

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Are you in the US and have been prescribed stimulants (e.g. for ADHD or autoimmune stuff)? FDA is seeking public comments (deadline 11/19), here’s a commenting guide from a friend who’s a disabled lawyer fighting all the crap that makes it harder to get the right medications. Please read and consider commenting, even if you’re not going these messages atm, or perhaps a dependent or family member needs them. patreon.com/posts/31604740 please boost, literally lives at stake here

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Alright, so tonight, I moved all the issues from the Entropic discourse into github itself, and I dusted off an old WIP project board that you can now check out to see where progress is at with the project: github.com/orgs/entropic-dev/p

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Do I know anyone who’s planning to be at FOSDEM and/or Copyleft Conf?

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I see we're talking about Jeff Bezos again and so I'd like to repost one of my favorite political education tools: the (short!) Twine game "You Are Jeff Bezos"

taking its cue from Kafka, you wake up one morning transformed into a monstrous vermin, by which I mean, Jeff Bezos. The only way to cure this awful curse? Spend all his fucking money.


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Also, in case you are a person who would like to try contributing to a Terraform provider, here's the welcome message I created: github.com/terraform-providers

In an attempt at Hacktoberfest readiness, I added all the maintainer docs I could come up with to a new shiny wiki github.com/terraform-providers

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