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Hey y'all, I've updated sponsorship levels!

tl;dr: all levels under $300 are for non-corporate use. That is, the perks only apply when dealing with community and free software projects, not day job stuff.

At $300 you're paying for 1hr/month consulting :)

This message brought to you by me enthusiastically volunteering to run the release process while the person who normally does it is visiting another continent. Very educational!

Having to do so much onboarding in the last year has really solidified my belief that you should let the new/inexperienced people steer. There are things everyone learns from this: having to describe steps in terms appropriate to someone else’s knowledge, how to ask good questions, plus: the docs get way better as a result.

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The gender today is the smell of coffee and sound of a vuvuzela.

Video games, again (psvita) 

Hey, Saturday night, that’s a great time for career angst

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Greta Thunberg departs Plymouth, onboard the Malizia II, a solar-powered racing yacht, bound for a climate conference in New York 

Video game complaints 

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Tweet from Burgerville Workers Union (@BVWkrUnion), at Aug 9, 4:22 PM - We are ON STRIKE! Montavilla, Hawthorne, and 92nd & Powell have walked off the job. 13 cents is not a raise! #1u #BoycottBurgerville

Toe injury update/outdoor ambitions 

Are the tests failing because I did something wrong or because no one ever runs them? Fun questions for legacy codebases

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Word for the amount of time you spend waiting for a dude allegedly carrying the same level of responsibility as you to do a shared task when you know you will just eventually have to do it yourself anyway

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to be differently-specific: running a community is frequently fairly rewarding with little effort required for lots of good times, but then occasionally someone takes a dump on the floor and you have to put on the latex gloves and clean it up and put little signs around the affected area, and you have to be willing up front to do this an unspecified number of times at almost any time of day. none of this is in the software manual.

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the thing about digital community software is that setting one up takes about 0.00000001% the energy it takes to actually run a community

My goal for each one is just to have at least a minute of music with a beginning, middle, and end, and also try at least one new thing each time. This turns out to be a really good formula for me to learn from.

Turning 40 was harder than I expected 

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