Get my Moderna #2 tomorrow. Yay!

I had to do the hardest thing yesterday. Rest well, my darling Bebe.

DC Parks and Puck are chillin'. Still hunting a home for DC.

Hey @KidAKidB *boop*
Give the critters some pettins, hope you and yours are well.

Listening to The Correspondents tonight. I got word earlier this week that one of my friends passed away. He let his demons win, from what little I know. May the Great Cat protect and guide him in his next phase.

Puck is very much learning to cat. On a laptop xD

My wallet hates me. But 6 kitties are getting snipped, so win.

I hate how quickly heat saps me. On the plus side, I got some gladiolus bulbs in the ground before I got too toasty and had to quit. The garden area up front is going to look quite nice when I'm done.

Made chicken tikka masala for dinner tonight from scratch. Turned out surprisingly well. Had it over cauliflower rice. Need to make paneer tikka masala at some point too.

Boof. Working on cleaning up the yard, got the mower back from the repair place, so knocked down the front, and took the mulberry down by half because it was rubbing on the house.
Tired, but good tired.

Housemate and I were supposed to head to Kzoo to spend some time with a mutual friend whose dad just passed away. Come home from work and housemate is sick :(. Blah.

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Why am i so fucking terrible at beeing an adult? I just wanna get up to a normal time, do the things i want to do and fall asleep at a reasonable time.

Construction in the office today, nothing like hearing the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR of either a hammer drill or sawzall over my headphones >_<

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