Are there any web developers out there who would be willing to help me talk through a project?

I know what we need, but I've been out of the game long enough that I need some help with implementation, best practices, and creating a realistic timeline.

You would have my eternal gratitude. I can also offer in trade: time, friendship, mad editing abilities on a variety of media types, and other skills.

Some guy on LinkedIn just messaged me to write his academic paper for his master's. Ummm no. I'm not able to help with this and he didn't even offer to pay. Seriously. Some people have such nerve. I had to tell him three times I'm not able to help.

Sometimes I just want to toot for no reason other than it's fun.

I'm going back to work tomorrow. I hate to leave @GucciPiggy, but I just for this job and I don't have much time off.

How do I ask the downstairs neighbour to stop making noise?

So, @GucciPiggy and I had a fun time at an Asian mall, I found a Sailor Moon poster for $2.25!

Now, we've come home and the downstairs neighbour has guests over and they're loud as fuck. Their living room is over our bedroom, which is where we spend the majority of our time, and all we hear is loud swearing and donkey laughter. Sigh.

We were in line Star Wars, but it became too people-ish. We decided to leave and go to our favourite Asian mall. We're going to walk around and look at fun things. It's so relaxing and enjoyable. Maybe I'll hey bubble tea. Hopefully, they have a Sailor Moon item I don't have yet. Hehe. Both @GucciPiggy and I have decided we're not going back to movie theaters ever again. Honestly, it's just too much.

We don't celebrate Christmas, so today we're going to see Star Wars!

Sometimes I get a little upset about holidays where I see people happy with their families. I haven't spoken to my sisters in over four years and I don't intend on starting. I emailed months ago with my Mom and Dad and that was bars enough. I hate how my family has deteriorated for me, but it's safer this way doesn't my mental and physical health.

Doggo wants to go outside and that's what's happening shortly. Nevermind sleeping in today.

Waking up to dog butt licking sounds is vile.

I don't know if it's the holidays or the fact that @GucciPiggy is freaking magical that's put me in such a good mood.

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