@woozle Do we have a place for reporting suspicious account? I got a follow request from one with no visible toots, no followers, and 112 following: @Sorreltyree.

Oh, rats. I keep forgetting to post here. Lesse: I've been going to raves in the woods. They're pretty good.

Aw, damn. I keep forgetting to post here. Happy Pride, everyone? The Trans Pride march had huge turnout and no... incidents. I had a lovely Dyke March and date in my new corset. And I recommend the Wildrose in Seattle for after the everybody parade.

This toot brought to you by dining in Ballard and (ahem) recreational activities in Tukwila.

Pet theory: all the cool stuff in the Seattle area is getting squeezed into industrial parks and wide arterials, i.e. places too unwalkable to be expensive.

So. I, uh, had two dates in one day on Saturday. I think that's a personal record. It turns out I just love both toppy little Burner lawyers and big, lewd Vikings who attack my castle.

I have claimed my ex's car for the queers: one trip from Seattle to Olympia for a date, two to Everett for dinner hosted by a cute bi lady, and one makeout in the front seat in Seattle.

is the queen of the whole-word typo: whole word deletions & insertions, one correctly spelled word substituted for another, etc.

wouldn't mind driving from Seattle to Olympia & back for dates quite so much if Tacoma weren't in the way.

@woozle More followbots? @/moanlisa@daffodil-11.org and @/gunner@daffodil-11.org

And oh by the way, Leather folk are pretty patriotic: there was an a capella rendition of the national anthem at the start of the contest, and the veteran in front of me saluted.

So I went to the Washington State Mr. & Ms. Leather and Bootblack contest on Saturday. I... don't really get it. But the femmes in all their finery were fine entertainment! I think we were all agreed on that.

Good: surprise dates! Bad: a girlfriend who gets night terrors.

Things I thought would never happen: seeing pop locking in a burlesque show, running into the rabbi who married me while out clubbing.

Exhausted tonight. Dinner & Bawdy Storytelling 2nd date tomorrow night. Aw, yeah.

got her eye checked, did her taxes, did two loads of laundry, and did some stuff for work over the weekend. Do I get an adulting prize?

@audrey Oh, shoot. I was in Portland last weekend and I forgot to tell you. We did what people do in Portland: eat, buy books, go dancing.

writes a packing list for a road trip to Portland for grooving to Paul Oakenfold with her sweetie. :)

Confession(?): I fucking love the original TRON soundtrack. I used to own it on vinyl.

I have a happy colon. No more polyethylene glycol for ten years.

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