*dives into a pile of your freshly dried laundry* warm.... :blobmiou: *sheds tiny white pixels all over it*

A lot of people wonder why Alexis spends her free time turning clouds into cats. I think they’re asking the wrong questions. Why wouldn’t you do this? Bunch of weirdos if you ask me. 🐈 ☁️ 🌙

*puts one paw in front of the other*
*keeps doing it*
*at an ever faster pace*
*it's quite an elaborate dance*

meet beautiful singles in your area
when you see them:
stand still
reach out your arm
wait for the single to approach
accept headbuffs if given
accept that they might walk away, too
if they stay, pet them for a spell and tell them how cute they are
after a moment of purring, continue with your day, having been graced by the presence of cat

*floofs majestically for a moment, then goofs as you reach for your camera*

become the current cat status you want to see in the world

*walks into the other room*
*meows once*
*walks back in again*

did we do it?
did we migrate the media?
have we become upgraded?

why is this your immediate reaction when you see my computer... please

this is Anaximander
every time I see his stupid floofy head, my heart goes
stupid floofy head <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

*looks straight at a very particular point in the air*

9 signs that you are actually a cat 

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