*hears something in the distance, and stares in that direction with very lorge eyes*

*gently pushes you off of my side of the bed*

that thing where you've spent time with a cat and it meows at you and you meow back and it meows again and you meow back and there's no getting out of it now
meow if you agree

Remember the ancient wisdom:
if you fall asleep under a sufficiently large number of cats, you become one

cats under socialism
would still yoink half the bed, as they are wont to do even now

cats? in this economy?
...bring 'em on! bring 'em in!

I had a catte sleep next to me
it purred
then I got up, and it kept sleeping in the same spot for six more hours, so I suspect my part of the process was very optional

When you’re evil, but you also gotta stop to smell the flowers.

*enters the room*
*leaves the room*
*enters the room*
*leaves the room*
*enters the room*
*leaves the room*
*enters the room*
*leaves the room*

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