Upstairs neighbor got a cat, and it's been a journey to hear its tiny little paws grow into not so tiny little paws as it meanders to and fro :3

*sneaks into the room*
*nibbles exactly one nom*
*sneaks out again*

I went outside and met a catte :3
whomst purred on me :3

I have cat hair on my pants
as was foretold by the prophecy

*meows from the other room*
*meows from the other other room*
*meows from behind you*
*meows from outside*
*meows from an unidentified yet clearly audible fifth dimension*

*headbuffs you from a distance slightly too far away from being petted*

My buddy: so I got on mastodon and I don't know what's happening. All I see is cats. I scrolled for so long, just cats

*meows from across the room*
*headbuffs you*

*stares with great challenge directly into the eyes of a mote of dust*

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