*rolls over*
*rolls over again*
*rolls over a third time*
*sees a rock*
*rolls yet again*

*levitates, but makes the taptaptaptap sound whilst moving to avoid suspicion*

Cyberpunk cats
they will attach to your open wifi
and the not so open ones
have no doubt about it

It's raining cats and dogs: archaic, not universally understood

It's raining cattes and doggos: immediately and intuitively recognized

They say if you use proper speech instead of baby talk around your baby, they'll have a more mature speaking pattern...but all mine says is "meow" :kirby_walk:

the final frontier
*looks at it*
*baps it*

*notices a minute twinge of discomfort*
*levitates, rearranges, then lies down again*
prrrrrr :3

*notices that someone is around*

whomstsoever pettes this cat becomes king of my castle

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