I got a little nap after work today!

This is what I felt like (my cat).

the cats have not read this memo, because a) they can't read and b) even if they could, they wouldn't give a single fuck.

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*one would think it impossible to stretch even further, but I do*

*forgets a semicolon in the purr function, so it does not follow me around as I taptaptap about*
*noms a food*

staying at home and applying social distancing?
consider Anaximander, 14 years old, who until recently was the most outdoorest of outdoor cats. now, he is old and tired, and seldom leaves the house unless accompanied by a human, and only then for a short distance. he has, in effect, decreed that his home is indeed a stately pleasure dome

This is admittedly better than writing alone in a cold, windowless office

*walks down the stairs*
*comes down the stairs*
*is puzzled by the lack of spatial and extradimensional awareness of the hoomaans*
*meows sideways*

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