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Sargoth (cat aspect)

a pro of new apartment for cats: in our old place, our most playful cat would constantly lose his favorite mouse toys under the stove. here, the stove, fridge, and basically everywhere else don't have space under them for him to lose things

con of this: he now wakes us up early in the morning, meowing for us to play with him

cats that start purring as soon as you approach them, boost if you agree

I get bapped down
but I bap up again

And you may ask yourself
is that my beautiful cat?

and the cat will be like
so for the moment, yes

I'm lying on my bed looking at my phone and the cat is just like...

#dailycatpic #cats #catsofmastodon #mastocats

*looks outside the window*
[it's a squirrel]

*sees a cluster of genders frolicking around*
*gently boops one of them*

*sees someone*
[is not petted]
*gets up*
*flomps again, closer this time*
[is petted]

Alien: tell me about this thing called love
Humanity: *gives no good answer*
Alien: tell me of this thing called cats
Humanity: *gives a solid answer to the previous question*
Alien social scientist: yes, good