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Sargoth (cat aspect)

Cat: *falls asleep on me*

Me: I understand and accept these new terms and conditions

When I said I wanted to draw a space bun I meant something else but I don't want anyone to be disappointed so have a tiny REAL spacebun for now. 💜

Tired: truth or dare
Wired: boop or bap


how even are cats that soft?
it's like
they took the very concept of softness and distilled it into materiality, but then somehow kept going, upping everything up to 11

tfw a cat comes at you and just

boops for the boop god
baps for glasses placed near the edge of tables ...god

Of course the only place he wants to sit is on my sternum. Thankfully, once he's still it doesn't hurt. Love my green-eyed monster. #Jaspurr #Mastocats #SurvivingQuadrupleBypass

A comprehensive list of animals that are liquids
[1, 2, 3, 4 ... 1421]

Cats are liquids
Buns are also liquids