*looks left*
*looks right*
[coast is clear]
*sailor moon transformation scenes into the Floof Galoot*

*sees someone taking a nap, and flomps into them with a purr to join in*

How to make any podcast better:
have cat sounds appear at random intervals

*overclocks, and purrs at twice the previous rate*

I'm still thinking about the catte that adopted me the other day
I wonder if it will remember me when I walk past its home again next week

Siegfried is actually a very happy boy. Don't let his expression fool you

boost if you also automagically meow back at cats

today I almost catnapped a kitn
it started to follow me as I walked by, and kept following me as I kept walking

I had to turn around to make sure it got home again. and also that it got its allotment of pets for the day

re: thing that happened earlier today 

thing that happened earlier today 

Well recursion works on my web parser. Would ya look at this gem of a sentence it generated.

> the cat on the cat near the wonderful dog with the wonderful cat near the dog with the dog jumped

*opens mouth to emit a meow*
[a resounding honk emerges instead]

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