I want a bumper sticker that says "my cat is an anarcho-syndicalist"

*adopts the properties of a liquid on a flat surface*

I'm not saying that cats are metaphysical beings which flicker in and out of existence in localized, sustained bursts of cuteness


*sneaks up on the napping spot and catches it unawares*

*wakes up from a nap, taptaptaps to eat a single nom, then taptaptaps back to the napping spot*

Sometimes I can't get over how Cosmo is like all tangly limbs #cats

I really enjoy how it appears that Mushroom just has one front paw extending directly out of the front center of his chest. It’s like a bad photoshop.
#cats #catstodon #mastocats

every kitten needs lots of love

if you give a kitten lots of love it will give you lots of love back :blobcatheart:

*feels a single unit of hunger*
affection time

*helps you find the thing you're looking for*
*by taking a nap on it*

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