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Sargoth (cat aspect)

*pets cat head*
this good boy contains all the purrs. just listen
[purring increases at petting continues]

Cats of the past
Cats of the present
Cats yet to come
Cats <3

At a friend place :3

Animals super often comes to me for petting, I love it so much ^w^ ❤️

remember: if you fall asleep under a significant enough number of cats, you turn into one

*jump atop the kitchen table in search of new and interesting things to nom*

*loafs on an object*
it is mine now

*takes up 79% of the bed despite being a smol round floof*

ask not for whom the cat meows
cats only mew to kittens or to humans, so there's a good chance it's you

have you considered feeding it?

*jumps onto the windowsill to stare out at the world, and wraps tail around self*

[the gentle sound of taptaptap in the other room]

what are cats
[is kneaded by a smol, four-pawed furball]
we just don't know

Everyone. I have been blessed by this plant nursery cat and I hope that you too are blessed by this garden witches guardian :_catblob: