*meows in one direction, and when that does not work, in another*

i try to live by cat rules. make myself comfortable, eat when i want, drink when i want, play when i want, let people know when they've crossed my boundaries, and if they continue to do so, make them bleed

*climbs atop a nearby human in order to stare at dust motes better*

Aw, Sid came for a snuggle briefly ;w;

Luv this boy, even if he only likes me very rarely.

*folds in on self on the windowsill, and watches the world go by*

I tried getting up earlier this morning.
But this fellow insisted on occupying my chest:

I'm not saying we should build a pocket dimension and fill it with cats, but, if we somehow stumbled into a situation where we could pour billions of dollars into making this a reality, we might want to consider the option

cat update: she's fast asleep after an exciting day. we've decided her name will be zelda!

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