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Sargoth (cat aspect)

Cat: *stares intently at something beyond visibility, doing nothing that could even be described as being in the overall direction of a bap*

I get bapped down
but I get up again
more often, tho, I get gently and affectionately lifted down, from kitchen tables, sinks, bookcases, just about every piece of furniture there is
but I get up again

yea, I studied STEM
Exceptional nomming
My chair now

*walks along, the suddenly collapses into a sprawling mass of snooze*

Me, irl, randomly showing up somewhere, utterly unconcerned about making a good first impression Show more

*is startled by a subaudible noise, and scrambles to collect all limbs from their nap position*

if you are having a thought that is making you sad i will chase it away for you!
*runs around you jumping and batting at the air a lot*
go away! grrr!

Cat of the day: Frisky! With bonus Frankie making this look like an album cover.

2D cats
3D cats
4D cats
5D cats
6D cats
7D cats
8D cats
and, of course, last but not least
ordinary cats which you encounter in everyday life