If you ever consider using cohttp, just don't. There is no stable version, and there never will be. At least, that's what they should put in their package description, right on top, in *BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS*, blinking and red.

After ten years of having to put up with problems building it, I'm giving up now. Like, 95% of my difficulties of getting a fresh build environment (say, to get new security fixes) go back to it or one of its dependencies not not building. If not more.

Its developers must be complete morons, and the same holds for some of its dependencies' (I'm looking at you, mirage-project).

I'll spend my time writing my own webserver component instead. /me starts to rip out all code that uses it.

The following ultra-short intro to (co)homology is a reaction to this recent article which appeared on quantamagazine here:


Thanks to John Wehrle for sharing, and to Andreas Geisler for making me think about it:


Theoretical sciences and hypothesis building are branches of applied mathematics. So it's the other way around!

Much of the humanities is mostly information collecting, similar to astronomy, but with some modelling.

Philosophy is literature: a form of art when being written, and belonging to information archaeology thereafter. In which modeling is mostly used to make catalogs.

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It seems you are moving, @isaackuo so... welcome back? You may want to follow this account instead of my mastodon.cloud one, which I have kind of abandoned. If you are in for some maths, you might want to consider following @RefurioAnachro as well.

For you others reading this, Isaac is an artist, and has recently picked up posting digital drawings again. I like his sketches of ideas drawn with a quick but experienced hand. Follow Isaac!

3/4 of the stars in our galaxy are red dwarfs. Lower-mass red dwarfs can stay on the main sequence for trillions of years. We can barely detect distant red dwarfs because they're so dim, but dimness is relative; even the dimmest red dwarfs have a power output of ten trillion gigawatts.

If you were building a Dyson sphere, a red dwarf would make a much better central object than a G-class star. For one thing, it wouldn't wreck all your hard work after only a few billion years.

Just got to your RC3 talk "Mindfuck Vol 4", @blinry! You got to talk at RC3! Nice! Glad to hear there are other musical keyboards than the classic claviature. Thanks!


@visitar is , let's give a warm welcome to a great supporter of local culture and a good friend!

Gentile blubbering Steve Reich-y electronic space.

Patch Notes: Hélène Vogelsinger -

Testing wether mastodon.cloud still replaces links in notification emails by tracking urls which don't even contain the original link as clear text.



Reading Noether's seminal paper... Could someone please tell me how to explain Noether's theorem without resorting to Lagrangian mechanics? Is that even possible?

The UN's senior expert on free expression, @davidakaye, warns the EU that the copyright censorship provisions of #Article13 violate international law. twitter.com/edri/status/100730 source: twitter.com/eff/status/1007408

Following up on the #github fiasco, maybe on top of only using #FOSS software, and federating as much as possible along #selfhosting, what we really need is agent-centric naming and #identity system (also to allow for nomadic identity for #Mastodon and the fediverse).

I wonder if we could use something similar to IPNS (in the #IPFS project)? github.com/ipfs/specs/tree/mas

Or maybe simply opennic.org


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The things you do because you want to boost something you wrote, but can't see from your other account @RefurioAnachro ...

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Escher and Coxeter - a Mathematical Conversation - Professor Sarah Hart - Gresham College - 53 minutes talk


What gives. Here's all their math stuff:


Customer: It's beeping!
Me: It's the UPS, the battery has died, you need a new one.
Customer: Will our fileserver run without?
Me: Yes, but...

Customer: The fileserver is gone!
Me: Auw, now you need a new server as well!
Customer: R.U.Kidding?!!?!
Me: Here's a kitten in a cardboard box. I've transplanted the heartdisk. Don't expect any further help from me!

Tooteritoo! has been down for more than a week now. Now I'm here, thanks @woozle for having room for me!

Here's where I have been hanging out lately:

It's a cool free and open course on by John Baez! You can still join and partake in the fun discussions!


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