I have found a new home. It is nice and comfortable, I think it is where the big white smelly thing with spare food in it usually goes but that isn't there now so I am here instead and I will stay here forever.

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This morning started crankily so here, have a picture of Yoga Pip to calm my brain down a bit ;p

...but I *like* sitting on your mouse. It's nice and big and hard and round and comfortable and I like it because it's there.

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We shall not be moved.

We shall be skritched.

Well, me anyway.

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Ladlemen, genties, and denizens of all other points in genderspace, @Pip has left the lap.

But we took this photo to prove that he once was here! We shall look fondly upon this photo as a sweet memory of those all-too-brief times we spent together and...

...oh wait, he's back now.

toot.cat/media/n-odXMRb9EEbiMV toot.cat/media/pmS2uF1PSqNSbk1

This lap seems to have all the appropriate accommodations and is also warm. 10/10 would interrupt again.

I will let you know when I am done with the skritchings.

I am still using them now, though.

I'll be done in awhile.

Don't wait up.

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Oh hey, a lap! Let me see if it's safe.

Don't worry, I will test it for you.

I will let you know if it is safe.

This may take some time.

Okay, got two paws on now... so far no explosions or yelling...

UPDATE: I AM SITTING ON THE LAP! But I think it needs more testing. Let me see if nuzzling the hands makes the skritchings work.

I will get back to you.

I haz finded a lap. It is mine and it belongs to me.

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these cats were made for boopin'
and that's what they're gonna do

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@Pip all schnurfled up against me.

He didn't like me creating an account for him, though. I think he senses trouble ahead.


In Memoriam.

On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.