the cool thing they dont tell you about playing rock and roll music is you can stick to five notes and it will sound good, and if you play wrong notes followed by correct notes it will sound even better

I guess I did not search well enough, but I did not manage to find a paper-toy Mastodon.

So I thought I might make one.

Mastodon : unleash the paper toy o/

ps : it is based on the original 2D design. do you know who did it ?

#papertoy #papercraft #mastodon #logo #mastotoy

Toxic ableism 

I keep reading things like «In times of crisis you see who your true friends are». That is toxic and wrong.

Your real friends may be the ones that really need your help right now but can't find the courage or the energy to ask for it. So they don't say anything.

In times of crisis you can only tell which people are willing and able to give, and for everyone else you don't know, they might need you.

So if you can, go be a friend, and maybe make new great friends. People need it.

Vitamin D might help limit Covid19 damage 

I saw research recently suggesting that Vitamin D may help reduce the seriousness of Covid19 infection. Scientifically plausible, as D is known to help modulate the immune system, so perhaps it helps prevent the cytokine storm that causes so much damage. We also know that many people are deficient because we don't work outside so much anymore and fortified milk has fallen out of fashion.

I don't want to sound like I'm recommending a miracle drug, but hey, it's a vitamin for goodness sakes! A "vital amine." It won't hurt! It's not like I'm suggesting you take some bizarre malaria drug or something!

Vitamin D isn't water soluble so don't overuse it. I'm taking a 50 microgram pill (2000 IU) every other day.

p.s. the research I saw found that people with serious outcomes were more likely to be D deficient than those with less-serious outcomes. Hardly a controlled randomized trial.

Eid Mubarak! to everyone celebrating. I hope that those of you who can't be with families & friends have the best day you can despite this.

US pol, "This Modern World" 

I just saw the latest installment of the comic and one panel's dialog absolutely nails it:

Tom: Oh look, the president's latest tweet is both horrifyingly authoritarian and appallingly stupid.

Sparky: This must be a day ending in 'y'.

Tom: As if anyone still keeps track of "days".

(Subscribe, if you still remember what money is, it keeps him going.)

COVID, climate, - 

So I guess this is a preview about how the ruling classes are going to handle climate change.

Sacrifice the most vulnerable/important essential folks to prop up the economy as long as possible, withhold healthcare and disability benefits, and go hide in luxury accommodations while funding a corporate propaganda machine.

re: Reflections on Little Rock, antiblackness, historical/offensive racial term 

@lj_writes @ArtistMarciaX if schools aren't in the political realm, why is everyone who seeks power trying to influence education? 🤔

I met a snake yesterday! I think it was an aesculapian, which is nice as it's not a species I grew up with (we don't get them in the UK).

#wildlifephotography #wildlife #snake

impostor syndrome 

i have made contributions to several widely released video games across multiple platforms and a fairly prominent game engine and i still wake up every day having to shush an internal voice that says "you're not a real creative person, you have no talent, you're faking it and you don't deserve anything". you can never quiet that voice via achievement, it comes from something much deeper

Every year during , for the last 3 years, our town has had a public iftar, and I organized some music. This year, of course, we have no such gathering, so some of us made a virtual ensemble. Check it out!

(This has been a little monster of production that has been my life for the last 3 weeks or so.)

He's sleeping, though it seems like it would be hard to breathe this way.

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