Maybe my mind isn't so far out of middle school or I wouldn't find this funny. But seriously, I think a society in which two people greet each other on the street with "How are you farting?" "I'm farting well, and you?" would be a society that's totally at ease with itself.

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One reason Esperanto hasn't caught on as much as originally hoped is that the standard greeting equivalent to "How are you?" is "Kiel vi fartas?" and no one in the Anglophone world wants to teach this to middle schoolers.

Jan 6 2021 insurrection 

Here's valuable reading for any American, or anyone who cares about US democracy. Long, detailed, and confirms what many suspected, but worth the read.

Summary: a coup attempt was unfolding, involving the rejection of state electors and the return of elector slates to Republican-led states where legislatures would overturn them. A handful of officials found the scruple to derail this. The violent insurrection was actually a sign of the coup failing.

But machinations are turning for 2024. Extreme concern!

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The entire day today, the sky over #Berlin was grey and boring. Only minutes before #sunset, the clouds lifted, allowing me to take a couple of nice shots. :awesome:👍

(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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My cat is giving me 'emotional support' while I do this job application by sitting by my desk, staring, and occasionally kneading my leg. What other reference do I need?

"Plz. give job, payz for treatz"

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Starlink works great until the cats find out that the dish gives off a little heat on cold days.

Politics, messaging 

Y'all gotta hear this. How the left can mobilize people, and how the Democrats are getting it wrong.

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Covid experience 

Here's a pattern we've seen with our children and many of their friends:
- Person has cold-like symptoms, maybe fever, headache
- Person gets negative PCR covid test, in some cases more than one
- Eventually they get a positive test, either PCR or antigen
- All the people I have in mind are vaccinated, in some cases boosted.
- Fortunately everyone had a brief, non-serious illness.

So, at this moment trust symptoms more than tests, and vaccines help!

My wife and I have now been heavily exposed, should probably be showing symptoms by now, but are apparently uninfected as yet. Time will tell.

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📈 A total of €611k has been donated through Liberapay this year. That's twice as much as in 2020. 🙂

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Holy crud! I was always reading about how hard it is to set up a working #Matrix / #Synapse server. I decided to help test the new pre-alpha #Yunohost (guaranteed to brerak production servers! :ablobcatrave: )

Much to my chagrin, less than 10 minutes later, instead of issues and backtraces to post to the folks at Yunohost... I had... a working Synapse server with Element Web using all SSL for multiple users... :mastostein: Uh....? This was supposed to be a breaking test?! Good job @yunohost !

Climate crisis narrative: 

Also, Amy Westerveldt is my new hero. Check out this interview:
And also Amy's podcasts "Rigged" and "Drilled" for many informative and maddening hours.

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Covid19 vaccine availability 

Patent-free vaccine released to the world--interesting how mainstream media didn't cover this.

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And now for something completely different: the Keswick–Threlkeld Railway trail.

Enjoyed this gentler hike with me Dad. In other news, I took the opportunity to experiment with some new Fujifilm recipes, so these images are completely made in-camera, no editing.

Loads more photos from this hike here, if you’ve got nothing better to do -> 👍

#landscape #nature #travel #architecture #history #lakedistrict #cumbria #winter #uk #britain #england #photography #photo

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pixie frog (pyxicephalus adspersus), mediterranean amphioxus (branchiostoma lanceolatum), and ghost bat (macroderma gigas)

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