Hasbro has changed the branding and packaging so that "Mr. Potato Head" and "Mrs. Potato Head" are now variants of the same main "Potato Head" brand, and anti-trans bigots are still furious at this for "canceling gender", and I am laughing my ass off.

Done :) I'll take a better pic of it in daylight tomorrow. Diamine ink in oxblood red with a dip pen and brush on 200gm A4 size paper.

I'm resisting the temptation to add gold to it, I think I've overused the 'add gold to it' technique lately 😂


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Stop everything for 26 seconds and watch this.

Footage, with sound (!) from the surface of another planet.

Just incredible.

Head of Giraffe, body of horse and stripes of zebra, #Okapi are endangered with an estimated 25,000 left in the wild.

Is It a Zebra? A Giraffe? No, It's an Okapi | HowStuffWorks animals.howstuffworks.com/mamm

re: Some software gratitude 

Also, last week I was working on an old laptop and I decided to install the GNUmeric spreadsheet package, and AbiWord while at it. Wow, these packages are compact, load fast, and do the job beautifully. And they've been doing it for many. I've always turned to LibreOffice, which is fine and has more features (and a presentation module), and there's logic in having one package that does it all. But I'm impressed that these packages have been soldiering on beautifully without much credit for many years.

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Some software gratitude 

I was pleasantly surprised by software on F-Droid recently (Free Software repository for Android).

When I got my Android phone some years ago I looked for Free (Libre) e-mail clients and all I found was the venerable K-9. It's worked fine but I've been having trouble physically interacting, especially as Android buttons (back, switch) lie on top of K-9 buttons. So I checked F-Droid.

We now have quite a few e-mail clients. I installed SimpleEmail and FairMail. They're similar and very nice; both accessed my picky obscure Posteo address easily.

SimpleMail is (I think) in a line of "Simple-" apps that are all easy and pleasant to use. FairMail gave some useful configuration advice; I felt like I was being looked after. They're both attractive, pleasant, and mature. Time to send some cash for the software I use!

The bundle of holding just released a new bundle _strictly for charity_ that features free games. All the money after fees will go to the RPG Creators Relief Fund.

One of the games is a storytelling game about The Suffragettes (in particular) and activism (in general) called "Deeds, not Words", written by yours truly! 😄 🤯


I'm really hyped about this, check it out!

US pol, Cruz, violence mention 

Apparently Ted Cruz flew to a Cancún vacation Wednesday, even while many of his constituents lacked water and heat. Marie Antoinette would be ashamed.

Now many Texans are outraged and I wonder if he will fear for his safety once returned. Ironic, after he lived through the Capitol coup attempt knowing he was not a target of the mob, and showing little concern for those that were. This is what it feels like for a mob to come after you, Ted.

I don't condone or advocate for violence. Really.

The US Mars lander is supposed to touch down in about 15 minutes.

I'm not sure of the time delay or whether that's factored in.


y'all gotta stop referring to the winter storm currently going on as "once in a lifetime" or "once a century". its diminishing the severity of the situation. these are the consequences of man made climate change and this is the most normal the weather will be compared to whats to come.

#MadeAThing …and a year later @brainblasted finally got it out into the world (Thank You :-) )

Typography is another little “tool-app” from the @gnome Design Tooling Team as a companion to (Colour) Palette offering buttons to copy various css classes/characters you may need in your app/mockup

Along the way we got a couple of gtk4 bugs ironed out, thanks @exalm et al for the help with that

As ever some nice artwork from @tbernard


I told my dog i didn't think I could make it to the mailbox because the snow was so deep. She looked at me, stared for a sec, and slowly forged a path in front of me to the mailbox. 💜🐶

Learning that people suffering from the storm and blackout in Texas were using the guide in our book Recipes for Disaster to build a rocketstove with which to heat food and water, we've put the directions online here in their entirety:


Please circulate.

the cool thing about graphics programming is that unlike other applications of linear algebra i get to make pretty pictures for people to look at

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