As of this morning, @Pip still lives.

His breathing continues to be labored & I marvel at his remarkable capability of looking like he's at death's door and then just snoozles there for a while instead of passing through.

He doesn't appear to be interested in food, though. :(


@Harena @Pip

I'm so sorry. 17 is a good long life. I know you all love him so much. I hope whatever time he has with you is peaceful.

@barkstick @PipThank you. He's actually decided the upstairs bathroom is the Place to Be. He did so love sitting in that tub (even though he can't get in there by himself now)... and it is definitely peaceful up there.

@Harena Please let me know if I can help in any way.

@barkstick Just seeing your support here helps tremendously, thank you.

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