Feeling very sad right now. Pip seems to be on his way out and we are not going to be able to even think about getting him to the vet till after Monday at the earliest.

He has always been a problematic cat, but I am sniffling as I write this. This house won't be the same without him when he goes. :'(

Picture is of him in July of last year.


@ehashman Thank you... I failed to note in my post that he is 17 years old, so he has had a good long life.

I just lost my familiar of some 17 years a bit over a month ago... it's difficult, but it's the nature of living. We love them a long as we're able, no matter how big of doofuses they can be.

@JulieSqveakaroo omg & how. @Pip was the King of Doofuses. We regularly joked about the vacuum between his ears & I would tell him not too think too hard, he'd burn out the mere two brain cells that he had ;D

Butyeah, hard, especially when he's been around so long. My 19yo observed earlier today that he literally has no memory of a time without Pip. He has Always Been There.

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