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My Random Pattern Generator is now up on Mastodon at @patternrandom

Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss
Gaskeep Gasboss Girllight
Girlboss Gaskeep Girlboss
Girlboss Gasboss Gaslight
Gasboss Gateboss Girlboss
Girlkeep Gateboss Girlboss
Girlboss Gaskeep Girllight
Gaslight Girlboss Gatekeep
Girlboss Girlboss Gatelight
Gaslight Gaskeep Gateboss

Lewd reference, InspiroBot 

InspiroBot gave me this and I cannot stop thinking about sex like if you are empty inside you need to be filled with something

The special weapon was a flying chair that could fire rockets so I fired at the cave where the enemy was hiding in and requested air support so planes started bombing them and the dream ended

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we were getting hit. I tried to shoot down our flags to show that we were not British but the reload time on the rifle was so slow and the flags had so many ropes attacked to them that I decided to use a special weapon.

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I dreamt that I was traveling in a a boat to a tropical island and when I arrived I got on land while holding an extremely old style rifle and I immediately started to get attacked. Some woman that was with me pointed out that we were using British flags which could explain why

I find it surprising that some of my headmates have better memory than I have
- Sara

Imagine if all chat systems had some built in profile change thing with separate profile pics and names like a built in plural kit how incredibly useful that would be not only for systems but also for RP and stuff
- Ellie

Sara: *Meows*
Someone on an otherkin server: Why are you meowing if you kintype is not a cat?

I am not sure I should be surprised that my ex has once again tried to get revenge against me for breaking up
- Sara

I swear if I ever become a superhero my hero name should be "Budget woman"
- Sara

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Ever since I read a tulpamancy guide about imposition and tried stuff I have gained a skill I refer to as "budget xray vision" where it shows stuff that is behind walls and even behind eyelids but it can obviously not really xray stuff so it is just a best guess
- Sara

Have you ever been so drained that you cannot be co-conscious?
- Ellie

Sometimes we just think about yinglets

I am quite surprised that I almost have 240 followers on Twitter at this point
- Sara

Possibly ableist language, Meme 

Literally me
- Ellie

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If I was a vulcan I would simply mind meld with someone to put them in my inner world and beat them up there
- Sara

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