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My Random Pattern Generator is now up on Mastodon at @patternrandom

I would say just leaving Twitter due to this is not a good idea. Get onto more than one platform so you do not get in trouble if you cannot stand twitter for a while. Mastodon is really great as an alternative compared to all the alternatives

You are too much of a noob to be anthroPROmorphic.
*Turns you feral*

we managed to make some weird soap volcano and the dream ended

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we arrived at the copy of the kitchen in our house and tried mixing every household chemical we could find and hoped we found out something useful to fight with and our mom just appeared and asked what we were actually trying to achieve as

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skeletal dinosaur. Eventually we managed to find some house that we possibly built and as we entered it we discovered it was instanced and bigger on the inside and the house was made out of stone and had tarps everywhere and construction lights and sand on the floor. Eventually

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We dreamt that we were in a place that looked in the main original part of the inner world which is a grass plane with a grid of streets between sections. It was cold, cloudy and windy. Something was chasing us like some kind of monster that was quite big and was possibly some

in the middle of the argument we split again. What we were doing inside the dream when all this happen was trying to collect papers in a mineshaft while our grandmother was yelling at us to get out of the mineshaft since she wanted to have a conversation with us

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We dreamt about splitting again. The dream started with some headmates had discovered other headmates and hid them away from the rest of the system to not cause distress but they were discovered which caused a huge argument in the system and

*Pulls out a soul from the void to animate your body but you already had one so it animates you a bit more making you plural*

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Does eating your theriotype make you a cannibal?

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Imagine eating your theriotype

I dreamt that a friend called me and wanted to have a political debate where they said that they realized that soulism is just another form of fascism and I was like WTF how can you even believe that when it is a form of anarchism

*Gives you a spell to summon an anglo-saxon barbarian into battle*

Maidenless? Why not maiden more? Become a plural system so you can be more than one maiden

I am going to make landlords into crashlords

Becoming a posthuman since being human is so yesterday

Did you know that violence is the most efficient method in politics?

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Non gender left man

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.