About my name 


Hello, my name is FiXato.
It started as a handle, or more accurately as a moniker under which I would produce (online) content. As it's become part of my identity over time, I've come to regard it as my name, rather than a nickname though.
In mixed offline and online contexts, or where applicable, I might sign with a combination of my wallet names and online names ¹. While my wallet names are easily found online, I want to be addressed online by my online name, FiXato.

Shortened form(s)

People who've interacted with me for a while and who are looking to shorten the name, are free to refer to me as 'FiX'. Just 'F' is fine too, though my preference goes to 'FiX'.


The odd capitalisation of the name is a stylistic choice, which originates from early logo sketches ², where the X would act as an encapsulating centre glyph.
While the X in my name is capitalised, it does not affect the pronunciation of my name, or indicate the start of the next emphasis.


The closest approximation to my name's pronunciation I've been able to come up with using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), is: /fɪks'ɑto/.
If I had to write it phonetically, I'd probably describe it as fix-ah-toh ³ (or fix-ah-tow?).
This would be the preferred pronunciation, though I'm also okay with a more American pronunciation, similar to /fɪkseɪ'to/.
I guess it's similar to how 'tomato' sounds differently between British (/təˈmɑː.təʊ/) and American (/təˈmeɪ.t̬oʊ/) English.

The shortened form would simply be pronounced as 'fix'. (Though still written with its F and X capitalised: 'FiX'.)
IPA: /fɪks/

I'll update this post with a link to audio files when I have a moment to record them properly.


¹ The combination of wallet names and online name usually is in the following form: my meatspace ⁴ first name, followed by the initials of my meatspace second and third name, followed by "FiXato" (including double quotes), followed by my meatspace surname.
I.e. $firstName $initial1. $initial2. "FiXato" $lastName.

² In the earliest sketches and name choices it was actually 'FiXations', but the balance felt off, and it was already a rather well-used name as well as common English word, which would make searching for content produced under that name rather difficult, so I decided on "FiXato" instead. Of course I later discovered that 'fixato' is also an Italian verb, and that search engines later on decided that it must be a typo (even when explicitly capitalised) of 'fixator', which is a medical device...

³ no, not 'fix a toe'; the 'ato'-part is more a single syllable, and not as separate from the 'fix' part either.

⁴ Meatspace: a term to distinguish the offline from the online life. Meatspace is the aspect of the world where we interact physically. When it comes to my name, I might also use the term 'wallet name' instead; i.e. the name that's on the cards and such that are in one's wallet.
No, I don't consider 'in real life' a good alternative to indicate the offline interactions. It has the negative connotation that our online communications are not actually part of the real life, while it merely is just another means of communication.


re: About my name 

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Is my name pronounced differently than you imagined?

About my name 

@FiXato I do like the term "wallet name"

re: About my name 

@Siiw so do I, though it does kind of restrict it to 'official' names. For example, I would not consider a shortened form to be wallet name.
E.g. in my case I would consider 'Fil' to be a meatspace name, but not a wallet name.

re: About my name 

@FiXato Yes, but many people go by nicknames and shortened names in many contexts online and offline. Only the full name is the wallet name, and I know people who prefer to be called something quite different than what their card says.

On another note, I'm glad that the customer register at work lets people edit names to their own choosing. Any combination of letters and numbers is OK.

re: About my name 

@FiXato hmm...Any unicode, but it needs a first and last name.

re: About my name 

those kinds of restrictions, and lack of field to indicate how they should address me, are part of the reason why I likely will never officially add FiXato to my wallet name unfortunately.

About my name 

@FiXato tldr, but reminded me of my own name. 😘
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